cutie chibi

The BEES are LOOSE! My Bee Release is LIVE! Go to now to check out all my bumble goodies! 🐝🙌💕Some of the proceeds from will go to the Planet Bee Foundation to help build a new hive and educate thousands of kids on bee conservation! Plus today I’m giving away flower seeds to USA orders (sorry international lovelies but seeds can’t cross borders due to custom regulations 😓) so those who can should plant these seeds to give the real bumbles some food to thrive on! 🌷🐝 There’s lots of amazing goodies like new prints, stickers, plates, #oneofakind totes and scarves so just click the link and check it out! 👉💻 Here’s a tip- if you want to snap up a #oneofakind item, grab it and checkout!! Then go back and order more and Asami, my shop manager, will combine the orders for ya! 👍Hope you like my little cuties and comment below if you have any questions or just want to give a hi five 👋 to saving bees! 🐝😊💕