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Sakura decides the only time she loves the winter is here in Naruto’s arms. He’s practically dead when he’s asleep—she makes sure to rest her head on his chest right above his heart and listen for that strong beat—but god is he warm. That fleshy mark has always been sensitive and he always always always protests when she kisses it in the morning, accompanied by a shy smile up at him, but when he’s asleep, it’s the warmest spot and her favorite reminder that he really is alive and well in her arms. It doesn’t help that his lips twitch into a smirk when she does kiss it.

“I love you,” Sakura murmurs, pressing her lips to his heart. Naruto stirs, the hand tangled in her locks shifting to cup her cheeks.

“Mmmm, I love you too, Sakura-chan.” His voice is hoarse and deep and Sakura loves it too much. She leans up to kiss his cheek and sinks back down into his chest.

“Y’know, if you didn’t have me you’d get pretty cold in the winter time,” Naruto whispers, leaning his head back and grinning widely.

“Don’t remind me. I used to suffer.”

He has a certain smile she likes to call the shit eating grin and he wears it proudly, ruffling her hair and pinching her cheek gently. “Well, no need to suffer now, Sakura-chan. Plus, you know what they say.”

She looks up at him confusedly, thinking he was still half dreaming. He winks down at her though, and she beams back at him, laughing quietly. A part of her loves the devilish side of him—but only the exhausted part of her too tired to give him a good slap to the face.

“The best way to keep warm is to be in close proximity and fully nude, and well, you know—”

“Oh shut up, that’s such a lie—”

His lips are on Sakura’s before she can give him any sort of retort, effectively hushing her. “No. I’m hokage, Sakura. I know my stuff.”

He nuzzles her nose and settles down to sleep again, her eyes rolling and head pressing to his chest again. She left him with thinking that he was right, waiting a few moments for his even breathing before finishing her previous thought.

“The best way to stay warm is here, Naruto. Nowhere else.”

“I’m still awake, ‘ttebayo.”

“The more sleep you get the better, hokage-sama.”


I’m with Jerry on this one…

I’m really trying not to be stressed about things that might happen in my life soon, so I spent the weekend forgetting all my problems and playing WWE 2K14… and making some sweet ass custom entrances.


I’m fully convinced this indoctrinated something into my head unknowingly as a wee, impressionable young girl.