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*Misha talks*
Me : You’re doing great sweetie
*Misha says a bad joke*
Me : You’re doing great sweetie
*Misha dances*
Me : You’re doing great sweetie
*Misha laughs*
Me : You’re doing great sweetie
*Misha smiles*
Me : You’re doing great sweetie
*Misha breaths*
Me : You’re doing great sweetie
Me : You’re doing great sweetie

But Why?

Pairing: Cas x Reader
Words:  870
Requested by @legend-o-zelda:  Request for maybe lots of Castiel angst/fluff? Say..he finds out reader has depression. Sees some scars. Then the usual confused Castiel pops in, asking tons of questions? If not its fine <3 love your blog! 

Warning: depression (I didn’t add in the scars)

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          You hadn’t gotten yourself out of bed in a couple of days. Sam and Dean were on a hunt. You had opted out, claiming to not be feeling your best and not wanting to drag the two of them down.

           But once they left the bunker, you had just curled into bed and didn’t move. Didn’t do anything. Didn’t eat. Or get water. Didn’t want to. Didn’t feel like taking care of yourself. Didn’t feel like being, really.

           “Y/N?” Cas’s voice took you by surprise. You hadn’t prayed to him and you didn’t expect him to just pop him.

           “Yeah, Cas?” you asked, not looking at him.

           “Sam and Dean said you weren’t feeling well. I came to heal you so you feel better,” he said.

           “I don’t think you can heal me, Cas,” you said softly.

           “What? Why?” he asked.

           “It’s just not that simple,” you said, “Just go help Sam and Dean. Keep them safe on the hunt.”

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