cutie cas

ADPS: Dean/Cas

Fandom: Supernatural

Dean stirred in his slumber when the warmth pressed against his shoulder moved away from him. He turned his head, trying to follow the soft skin.

Hands gripped gently onto Dean’s upper thighs, and he half-smirked, becoming a bit more aware and more interested in what exactly Cas was doing.

Dean didn’t open his eyes as Cas moved down, laying over Dean’s legs and leaning down to kiss his stomach.

Dean twitched.

Lips pressed against Dean’s stomach once again, and he shuddered.

“What’re you doing?” Dean mumbled.


He felt Castiel’s smile against his skin. But it did nothing to ease Dean’s ever-growing feeling of nervousness.

“Morning, Dean.” Cas spoke quietly, resting his chin on the pudge just under Dean’s belly button. Fingers came up to gently trace along Dean’s soft sides. He squirmed under Cas.

Dean hesitated, trying to decide if he was awake enough to put a stop to Cas’ weird shenanigans or tired (and curious) enough to let it go and see where it leads. The light dusting of fingers along his skin set his nerves on edge, almost amplifying every touch.

“Okay, seriously, what are you-” Dean quickly held his breath, cutting himself off.

Hands spidered over the upper part of his stomach just as Castiel’s mouth dropped back to nip at the soft curve of skin on his lower belly.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” Dean added when he regained his composure.

Castiel dug into Dean’s sides, tickling as Dean twisted side to side in the bed, trying to kick his way free but hindered by Cas’ own body over his lower half.

“Yohohohou ass! You’re so dead!” Dean laughed, fully awake now.

Cas took a deep breath, continuing to move his fingers up, tickling Dean’s ribs.

“No no nonono-” Dean insisted when he realized Castiel’s intent.

A loud, goofy raspberry suddenly erupted on Dean’s soft skin, making him jolt with laughter. He about thought he would lose his mind when Cas started squeezing his hips as well.

“Cahahahas! I’m gonna kill yohohohou! Stahahahahop!” Dean cried.

“Why would that encourage me to stop? Knowing your intent for revenge?” Cas questioned. “You should better practice your negotiation skills.”

“Yohohohou are such ahahahan asshole!” Dean retorted.

“Name calling is also not a practice I would suggest.”

“Gehehehet off mehehehe!”

“You’re in no position to make demands.” Castiel teased.

Dean finally regained some focus when Cas moved his torture back up to Dean’s stomach, ribs, and sides. It only took another minute to spot an opening and take advantage. Dean kicked one leg up and managed to flip Cas off of the bed. He dove after him as Cas scrambled to get up.

“Trying to run now?” Dean scoffed. “Can’t even take what you dish out can you?”

He easily caught Cas in his arms as he headed toward the bedroom door, tossing him back onto the bed.

Cas gulped, his eyes wide.

Dean stalked over him with a predatory grin, climbing onto the bed.

“You’re so dead.” He warned.

Cas bit his lip, already starting to laugh as he tried to squirm away on the mattress.

Dean lunged, flinging himself onto Cas and wrapping an arm over him to help pin him down. The other hand came to spider all across Castiel’s tummy, making him squeal and giggle as one of his most vulnerable spots was teased and exploited.

“You’re gonna regret waking me up like that…” Dean smirked.

“Yohohohou love it!” Cas gasped in reply.

Dean blushed, suddenly amplifying his tickling in retaliation. The embarrassed hue was lost on Cas as he laughed and squirmed on the bed, not regretting his actions for a moment.

i will never, ever, tire of

-Dean being a stubborn cutie pie

-Cas being so over his shit

-Sam being so over both of their shit

-Team Free Will having issues with each other but working through them rather than sneaking off from one another

-Dean affirming Cas


-Dean wanting to march off to his death just to make sure Cas is okay even though he’s still really pissed at him

-Direct parallels between romantic couples and Dean and Cas

-Dean touching Cas a little more than he needs to

-Dean admitting to having feelings

-Needy ass feelings

-Needy ass feelings re: his angel

-Dean calling Cas constantly

-Did I mention I really like it when Cas gets affirmed?

-Once more, for good measure, Cas getting affirmed

Honestly, that episode was just … everything. Like I know us Destiel shippers talk about subtext all the time but I honestly don’t understand how one can view an episode like “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” and not see that Cas and Dean’s relationship is something … special.

The main plotline re: Lily Sunders (Alicia Witt was fantastic) is absolutely great, both on its own and as a parallel to Dean and Cas.

But the whole episode was just consumed with Cas and Dean’s relationship and their feelings towards one another.

And then there’s Sam like a giant neon sign of caring about them both but in a fundamentally different way - that despite all the talk of Cas’s friendship with “Sam and Dean,” the relationships are wholly separate entities.

But honestly, yeah, the feelings Dean and Cas have towards one another are complicated and messy and beautiful and this episode is a perfect embodiment of why I ship it.


Moar little red au  (*ノ º □ º )ノ ♥