cutie and the bullie


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Characters: Y/n, Draco

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Word count: 1743

Warnings: Angst, bullying, partially deaf reader. Sadness. Crying, u know, the stuff that comes with bullying. Then fluffiness and cuteness with our cutie pie Draco.

Summary: The bullying comes to a head for Y/n.

A/N: This was a request from @bloodcat0​ - If you dont mind could I then ask for a Darco MalfoyxMaleReader? The MReader is Harrys Brother and deaf but not fully, he gets bullied for it like from the other students and in the end Darco steps in and protects him, fluff, sadness and cuddling. (It would be in there 4 year(?)) Umm, so I’m not deaf and I don’t know anyone who is. So…I did a bit of research, but u know, it might not be completely accurate. Hope there’s nothing offensive here. If there is, sorry. Not my intention. Also, it became a gender neutral one. Hope that’s ok!!


Being a Potter wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Most people would’ve loved the fame and being known as ‘the Chosen pair’.

Of course, you hated it.


Because of what it did to you.

Harry was simply left with a scar. Other than that, he was perfectly fine.

But you?

Well, it did a little more harm.

You were left deaf.

Not fully deaf. Just partially.

But it still made you different.

Harry could easily hide his scar. But you couldn’t hide the fact that you were partially deaf.

In school, it was the reason you were picked on.

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BTS reaction when they have to perform on a stage with their idol crush (part1)

I decided to make this into two reactions. One when they have to perform with their crush and one when they ask them out so it will be like part 1 & part 2

you can find part 2 > here

Rap Monster

when he first hears about it he will be freaking out but will try to hide it around others. his members will probably secretly tease him because they know of his crush. on the stage during the performance he will try his best to not mess up and look cool. knowing namjoon he will probably pull some sexy moves and expression too


he will be so excited for the performance once he hears about it. probably gonna spend some time perfecting his dancing with the help of his maknae son but he won’t worry too much because, like come on… he is the gorgeous kim freakin seokjin. how can his crush not like him back? during practice he will be so caring and sweet and during the actual stage he might send a wink towards his crush and make some seductive expression while singing his part or something. 


he looks like the person that will be kind of shy but at the same time super charming around his crush. when he hears that he is gonna perform with his idol crush, he will be excited and a bit nervous but won’t show it. he will probably make some jokes here and there if he sees his crush being nervous about the performance and flirt a bit here and there


he will be so hyper and happy about the fact that he is able to perform with his crush. like leader-nim he might try his best to look cool around his crush. unlike namjoon he wont have to worry about looking sexy though cuz *cough cough* dancing machine~ but he might empathize the moves a bit more especially if there are any body rolls or hip thrusts. 


this cute bagel will charm up his crush. during the practice period he will probably be such a show off. showing off his dancing skills, high notes, biceps, thighs, bum, forehead and so on.  he might be teased a bit by the overgrown manchild bully, jeon, and the other 95kid, tae, but he will try to stay cool and probably get back at them at the dorm. he too might empathize hip thrust and body rolls a bit


like hobie, he will be super hyped up and happy when he first hears about the performance. he might try to show a sexy and cool side of him around his crush but at the end of the day he is still a cutie. the manchild might bully this kid too but bagel chimchim will have his back and encourage him to make a move


he is the person that will probably tease his hyungs the most if they were in this situation, but this kid is the one that might be the most shy and awkward one. he doesnt look like the most confident around girls so during the preparation practice he might shyly try to talk to his crush abit but he is probably going to creepily stare for the most part

during the actual stage performance though he will turn in a different person, just like every other time he steps on stage, full of confidence and charm

*i don’t own the gifs*

while doing this, i realized that it’s so much easier for me to write for bts. unlike other groups, i have no problem writing long reactions and i must say i had fun doing this. part 2 will be posted soon so please look forward to it! sorry if it’s not very good



and there is nothing i can do… every day i love these brats more and more and more
[D-523] waiting for my ☾[D-525] waiting for my ☼ 


Concept art of kindergarten Satsuki & Nonon, Elementary School Ira & Satsuki, Middle School 1st year Ira & Satsuki, Middle School 3rd year Satsuki & Elite Four and young Ryuko. 

Illustrated by Sushio in The Art of KlK Vol 2.

This is the first time we’re seeing young Ira, who was heavily bullied in Elementary School because he was half American.