cutie and the bullie


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Characters: Y/n, Draco

Pairing: Draco x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL)

Word count: 1743

Warnings: Angst, bullying, partially deaf reader. Sadness. Crying, u know, the stuff that comes with bullying. Then fluffiness and cuteness with our cutie pie Draco.

Summary: The bullying comes to a head for Y/n.

A/N: This was a request from @bloodcat0​ - If you dont mind could I then ask for a Darco MalfoyxMaleReader? The MReader is Harrys Brother and deaf but not fully, he gets bullied for it like from the other students and in the end Darco steps in and protects him, fluff, sadness and cuddling. (It would be in there 4 year(?)) Umm, so I’m not deaf and I don’t know anyone who is. So…I did a bit of research, but u know, it might not be completely accurate. Hope there’s nothing offensive here. If there is, sorry. Not my intention. Also, it became a gender neutral one. Hope that’s ok!!


Being a Potter wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Most people would’ve loved the fame and being known as ‘the Chosen pair’.

Of course, you hated it.


Because of what it did to you.

Harry was simply left with a scar. Other than that, he was perfectly fine.

But you?

Well, it did a little more harm.

You were left deaf.

Not fully deaf. Just partially.

But it still made you different.

Harry could easily hide his scar. But you couldn’t hide the fact that you were partially deaf.

In school, it was the reason you were picked on.

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For the design challange how bout: Platinum Aegis

MEET PLATINUM AEGIS! He’s a young adult pegasus stallion and a royal guard in training. He’s stern and follows rules well, but he has a short fuse. Sometimes, he can be a total buzzkill. While he’s not clumsy, he’s not the fastest flyer, either; however, he tries his best. Overall, he’s very hardworking. He earned his cutie mark after protecting a group of foals from a bully. As far as his build, he’s muscular, but not too bulky.

IF YOU DECIDE TO KEEP: You can change whatever you like! Payment would be cool, but it’s not necessary. If you do pay (one dollar or above is great!) you’ll get a transparent, HQ picture of his cutie mark and a transparent version of him.

The Signs in Kindergarten
  • Aries: the bully that takes away everyone else's toys.
  • Taurus: hates taking naps. Runs around making weird noises while the others sleep undisturbed
  • Gemini: sweets, sweets, sweets, thats everything they think about. Has sticky fingers all the time
  • Cancer: totally clumsy! Drops everything, spills everything, runs against everything... makes them super cute and amusing
  • Leo: hates eating up their food, probably ends up starting a food fight
  • Virgo: really cute and timid. Doesn't speak up much and ends up being bullied by Aries (poor cutie)
  • Libra: super popular and gets invited to everyone's birthday parties. Already had their first "boyfriend/girlfriend" which they broke up with after a day
  • Scorpio: exceeding at video games. Beats everyone at Mario Kart on the Wii
  • Sagittarius: hyper 24/7. Runs around, screams, totally annoying
  • Capricorn: probably has an IQ of 160. Already knows their multiplication table by heart
  • Aquarius: such a bad boy/girl. Always picks fights and already has some lose teeth (badass 0.0)
  • Pisces: sweet, quiet, polite little thing. Loved by everyone and ironically gets protected by Aries from other bullies

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