cutie *.*

Oh, I think she would just take her in her arms and give her a big kiss.

Alex Kingston on ‘How would River react to 13th Doctor?’, Edmonton Expo, Sept. 24, 2017

“I’d love to say to her 'Hello Sweetie!” - Alex Kingston

I looked through a Swedish cat magazine yesterday bc I love cats. I found an article with Bill’s mother My and she talked about their animals. She told a very cute story about how they got their two cats.

Eija liked horses when she was younger and they apparently had one. Two cats she liked lived in the stall and Bill asked if they could get one of them because she liked them so much. Stellan didn’t want cats yet he adored how his brother cared for his sister so they got one of them. However the cats were siblings so Bill asked if they could get the other one as well which Stellan agreed since “if we already got one, we could have two of them,”. My thinks Bill planned that all along. Plus they still lives with My and a dog! Love it!

Very cute! 😻