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Imagine having an argument with Ash, and he storms off telling you he’s going to sleep in the guest room, but a couple hours later neither of you can sleep without the other and he slips in next to you, apologizing and kissing your face because he can tell you were crying before you both cuddle and sleep

oooft this one hurt

It’d have been a fight over something inconsequential but it had escalated to a screaming match and suddenly Ashton was storming away, shouting that he was going to sleep in the spare bedroom.

All you could feel was your heart being ripped out in anger and sadness as you crawled into the king sized bed alone, stuck on numb as you lay in the darkness, trying to get some kind of rest.

The problem was, Ashton was a source of comfort, and he wasn’t there.

He was two rooms away, mad at you over every little thing that had been building up for months and as it dawned on you, that was when you began to cry.

You couldn’t count how long had passed by with your tears.

You were exhausted, but sleep was evading you and you knew that going to work the next morning was going to be impossible, not in this state.

You were on the cusp of at least getting a nap that night, or early morning at least when the door creaked open and you felt the bed dip.

Lips touched your shoulder and you forced yourself to not roll into his arms, not yet. Your heart still hurt.

“I’m so sorry babygirl,” the remorse in Ashton’s voice was clear, “you didn’t deserve anything that I shouted. It was wrong and I am so sorry.”

You’d half expected him trying to use excuses or try to explain his anger but he didn’t. So you rolled over to face him, moonlight filtering through your curtains and you watched his face drop when he noticed the tear tracks.

“I’m sorry too. It was stupid and I know you’ve been stressed and that was the last thing you needed.” He shook his head, his arms wrapping around you and pulling you closer.

“We need to talk more angel.” His voice cracked as he pressed a delicate kiss to your forehead.

“Later. We need some rest bub. Are you tracking tomorrow?”

“Only a couple of vocals but we can just push that to the next day, it’s fine. You gonna call into work?”

“Yeah,” you admitted softly “we need a day to talk this out and get ourselves back I think.”

“I love you, babygirl.”

You felt his arms tighten around you, and you could feel the tiredness finally pull you under, the exhaustion hitting you both.

“Love you too Ash.” Came the murmured response before the room filled with soft snores.