cutey patooties

Imagine if Loki accidentally turned himself into a bunny through some sort of magical mishap, and, not being able to properly care for himself, he kind of awkwardly nibbles on things and writes out what happened with the shreddings.

Tony is in hysterics, Bruce is really curious as to how the mighty trickster got himself into the predicament, Natasha is snapping photos like crazy, Steve and Bucky don’t know what to do, and Clint is being a malicious little shit and talking about how tasty fresh rabbit was in a stew.

To everyone’s great amusement, Thor seems to be the only one concerned with Loki’s strife. Not only that, but he’s also the only one who knows how to properly care for his rabbit-brother.

The only thing is: Thor constantly wants to dress Loki up in cuteie-patootie costumes like a mini sailor uniform, a tiny nurse/doctor, policeman, etc. And to everyone’s even greater shock and bemusement, Loki actually /let’s/ Thor dress him up in the cute little outfits. He shows clear favoritism to the ones that involve large bows around his neck.

A little chibi of Sombra I did for fun. I was just messing with a coloring style and think it came out pretty cute? I just couldn’t get her weird metal/ metallic collar to not look weird but meh, I’m tired of working on it. 

I need to do more of these, maybe as commissions, because they are pretty fun and I think turned out pretty darn good.

Episode 7 Flower Meanings

OKAY so I did some research for the whole flower thing in episode 7 cause I got curious on what the meaning behind the flowers were and so yeah, here :P

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The Avengers filed into the tower, going into the elevator and eventually entering the lounge area. Only Bucky seemed to explore the room with purpose. “Um… Jarvis, do you know where Y/N is?” He speaks loud and clearly, still not use to this form of modern technology.

“I’m here,” you cry out, your voice quieter than you wanted it to be. Everyone else turned to see you first, most of them letting out shocked gasps as they saw your state.

Bucky had left you on a six month mission but the night before you’d had sex, either you forgot to take your pill or the condom snapped or the two of you were just really unlucky, but now you were six months pregnant, showing, and really nervous about telling Bucky.

He turned around and when he saw you his eyes widened, “Y/N?” He gasped and you couldn’t tell whether he was happy to see you or not.

Without thinking you held out a picture which was a scan of the baby, “meet Bucky Jr,” he walked closer and took the picture out of your hand, his mouth falling open at the image.

“It’s a boy?” He asked, you simply nodded your head and swallowed air. The way he was acting only made you feel more scared. And then suddenly he smiled, a big grin that almost didn’t fit on his face. “It’s a boy!” He cheered, slamming his lips against your sand gently placing his hand on your enlarged belly. He moved down and nuzzled his head into your neck, having to work to hide the tears which you felt on our bare skin, those were happy tears. 

After sorting himself out properly he turned to the rest of the group, his smile once again growing larger and larger, “I’m going to be a dad!”

The Avengers cheered, each one of them congratulating you and Bucky. Though soon after the merriment Tony brought up what you were going to name the baby, saying that Tony was the most befitting name for a brilliant child. Then Thor spoke up, saying that his name was much better and for children that will grow up to be warriors, “like there mothers” he’d added, hoping that would sway you more. After that an argument began, everyone yelling over one another, trying to decide the best name.

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How about Zelda? Or any girl from the series.

Time for a speed round! Every Zelda from the series

The Legend of Zelda

Simple design, nice poofy hair, cute but not very memorable. Prototype design at best. Next to no character. 6/10

A Link to the Past

Much more thought out design, more iconic. Nice use of hair to frame face, simple yet consistent color pallet, the pink is a little garish. Not much screen time. 6.5/10

Ocarina of Time

Nice young maiden, good design, sad we don’t see much of her hair, but the do-rag is neat. The choice of pinkish-purpleish here is a little garish still. No tomboy show on screen 5.5/10

Grown fair princess captured well here. The pink from her younger self fits better with a deeper purple to contrast. Has a very royal air to her. Representin’ Hyrule for sure. Sheik is also pretty darn cool. No wonder she became the template for future designs! 7/10

Oracle Saga

Litttle cutey patootie. Simplified design from OoT, but still pleasing. Soft pastel color pallet gives a very warm, kind feel. Not much character tho. 6.5-soft 7/10

Four Swords

Apha-Wind Waker Zelda. Cute but didn’t make the cut. Further simplified design that’s still good. Unfortunately, there is a obvious ‘not-Zelda’ about her. It comes from the hair most, orange and tied back just wasn’t working for her. No real character. 6.5/10

Wind Waker

Tetra is best girl. Skin tone change is a bit disappointing, but I don’t dislike or anything, still a cute kid. Love the hair she has, blonde works much better than orange. The makeup is an interesting touch, guess to help her contrast with Tetra’s more tomboy personality. Wish we saw more with her. Nice color pallet. 8.5-9/10. Minish Cap gets the same score, happy to see her get more of a speaking role as the games progress since OoT.

Twilight Princess

Nice reimagining of her old outfit from OoT. Feels the most regal of them all. Really stands out at the brunette of the Zeldas. Total royal badass. 9/10

Spirit Tracks

Same as her grandmother, but with her own personality and attitude, very take charge. 8.5/10

Need I say anything? 10/10

Skyward Sword

Nice, cute, airheaded Zelda. Good friend, cutie-pie girlfriend. Comfirmed Canon Waifu. Good, simple design, not really a princess, so being regal doesn’t matter too much. Like her bang tape. 8/10 

Link Between Worlds

Nice, kind Zelda. Tries her best. Very caring, princess like. Somewhat regal, but mostly down to earth. Light, airy color pallet. 8/10

Goth Zelda. 10/10

Breath of the Wild

Without spoiling to much for myself, this Zelda needs a hug tbh. More of an advernturer than princess, which is A-ok! Her design fits her as a traveler with a regal background. Nice hair, like the thicker eyebrows on her. Speaking of thick

Mmm-mmm-mmhp. 10/10. Best Zelda. Yoga pants? Best Zelda. 10/10

Feel Free to request more anime/-ish girls, or even some that aren’t, for me to critique!