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Dating Taehyung would include...

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-So many fucking cuddles.

-He’d literally beg to get puppies when you move in together.

-There was never a shy phase for him

-Maybe you

-but no, not him

-Him waking you up at 3am to say he loves you or to tell you some really weird facts.

-”Did you know there’s a frog called mountain chicken?”

-”Tae, just sleep.”



-Eskimo kisses

-So much nuzzling.

-Him laying his head on your lap.


-His voice comforting you whenever your upset.

-So much fucking PDA

-Like, he’d be ll over you

-If you’re like way shorter than him he’d rest his head on your head.

-Tickle fights galore.

-Dubsmash. just, dubsmash.

-Him trying to teach you the choreo but you two just start playing tag or some shit.

-Weird ass nicknames like Schnoodle doodle and cutesy wutesy

-Overall he’d be hyper af.

The thing that pleases me the most about it is that young people like it. It’s given kids from 6 to 16 an alternative view of music to what’s been available for the past 20 years. I think the popular music has gone truly weird. It’s either cutesy-wutesy or it’s hard, nasty stuff. It’s good that this has life again with the youth.
—  George Harrison on the worldwide success of The Beatles’ 1, AP

when did “x headcanon” blogs become “let’s see how many identity labels we can stick on random ppl” blogs,,, do people realise that non-lgbt headcanons exist

did u know u can make a headcanon that isnt “theyre gay” “theyre trans” “theyre autistic” “theyre some other fuckin bullshit lgbt or mental illness because tumblr thinks that bullcrap is oh-so-cutesy-wutesy and apparently is the only thing that makes someone worth liking”