cutesy wootsy

After Yuuri begins living with Victor, Yurio develops this habit of coming into their house uninvited and unannounced (they still don’t know how he got a key), crashing on their couch, watching their tv, eating their food, and generally just acting like he owns the place. They enjoy his company, of course (even if they never asked for it), but that doesn’t mean they don’t also love getting on his nerves. For example, when Yurio gets too moody, Victor and Yuuri start talking to each other in this disgustingly sweet sort of way that makes Yurio’s skin crawl. For example…

Victor: “Oh, sweetie poo~!”

Yuuri: “Yes, my darling sugarbuns?”

Yurio: … *glaring at them from the couch*

Victor: “Be a lamb and put on some tea for me?”

Yuuri: “Why of course, my adowable widdle chocowate covewed wovebug!”

Yurio: “… Guys.”

Victor: “I wuv you SOOOOOOOO much, my wuvey duvey cutesy wootsy shishi poopoo-”

Yurio: “Guys.

Victor: “-teensy weensy tinky winky oopsy doopsy-”

Yurio: “GUYS.

Victor: “-muffin wuffin shmoopsy googly moogly Yuuri-bear! GIMME SOME SUGAH!”

Yurio: “GOOD. BYE.

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I've missed your comics!! I love the face expressions you draw, they're amazing.

Thanks! I’m glad you like the expressions; they’re my favorite part to draw! Especially when it comes to Zim. I love how quickly he can go from cutesy-wootsy-tootsy to *SCREAMING LIZARD FACE OF DEATH*. I mean, Dib’s got some pretty good expressions, too, but no one else is quite as versatile as ‘ole Zimbo… drawing him makes me happy deep in my soul. <3

Screaming lizard face of DEEEEAAATH


  • who wakes up first in the morning

Stephanie! And Stingy wakes up immediately after, considering Steph says ‘’Bing bang diggiriggidong’’ everytime she wakes up.

  • who’s the first to fall asleep at night

Stephanie, cause Stingy has to tell all of his stuff good night, otherwise he can’t sleep.

  • what they playfully tease each other over

Stingy usually does that w/ her motto ‘’There’s always a way!’’. For example: Steph is a bit crabby cause she can’t find her hairbrush, Stingy tells her ‘’There’s always a way!’’ in the most Stephanie tone he can manage. It usually gets a chuckle out of her. Steph doesn’t really tease him as much, since she knows Stinge takes those things kinda literally.

  • what they do when the other’s having a bad day

Steph would definitely go all the way out, giving him blankets, his fav food, and asking what’s wrong and how she can help. Stingy isn’t as good with comforting as she is, but tries to be as good of a listener as possible andclaimallherbadfeelingsashis

  • how they say ‘i’m sorry’ after arguments

Both feel really bad after that happens. Stingy is very forgiving, and takes his mistakes Very Seriously and he’ll write an extremely formal and lengthy apology letter for Every Single argument they have. Stephanie is very forgiving as well, but a simple ‘’Im sorry’’ will do.

  • which one’s more ticklish

Stingy. His loud cackly laugh makes it all the more tempting for Stephanie to tickle him. Steph isn’t at all ticklish

  • their favourite rainy day activities

Cooking and watching 50/60′s movies! Also playing a game called ‘’Who-can-go-the-longest-without-blushing-while-being-called-every-cutesy-wootsy-nickname-ever’’.

  • how they surprise each other

Steph knows Stingy likes to collect old movies, so she makes sure to look around for those every now and then. She also likes to bake sweets for him. Stingy likes to surprise her by giving her a ton of gifts and taking her out to musicals and the movies. 

  • their most sickening shows of public affection

Touching their foreheads together. And Stingy listing a bunch of things he’d disclaim because he has Stephanie in the most sappy and overtly-romantic tone in the world.

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I ask you to asnwer the following questions on.... Kuki/Wally. :D

:D Ah, the old school ship of my heart! ^_^


  • When I started shipping it:
    Oh wow…..*thinks really far back* Hm….I’m about 99.99999% sure it was after watching “Operation: BEACH.”

         4:  Those creeps don’t know who they’re messin’ with!  They’ve made this personal by takin’ Numbuh 3!
        2/5: *sings* Wally and Kuki sittin’ in a tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
        4: O//o  S-shaddup!  It is NOT like that!  Numbuh 3 well…she uh…she…um…owes me a quarter?

         4: Hey you stupid knights in stupid, stupid armor!  Give me back Numbuh 3, or else!
        Knights:  Ooh, his heart burns with love for the young maiden!
       4: O//O No it doesn’t!  She uh…she…just owes me a quarter! >//<

    ….I don’t think he ever got that “quarter,” but I just love how he went all out of his way to save her and how he didn’t want her to marry King Sandy. 

  • My thoughts:  
    They’re true-blue examples of “Opposite Attract,” but the interesting this is like, their second layer of themselves kind of resemble each other.  I mean, when angry, Kuki is a terrifying force to be reckoned with.  And Wally may act tough, but he’s really a softie deep down! ^_~

 But what I love about them is that they have a great amount of respect and love for each other.  Wally knows Kuki can scare the pants off of even him and kick his butt.  And I think Kuki knows that Wally can be really sweet (she’s not an airhead, ya know. ;-) ).  So yeah.  Opposites attract, but really they’re not so opposite.

  • What makes me happy about them:  

  • What makes me sad about them:  
    Nothing now.  But back in the day it’d sometime make me sad when Wally would TRY so hard to confess, but just couldn’t get it out.  Like, it’s one of the many things that kept me tuned in and I was always rootin’ for the little guy.

  • Things done in fanfic that annoys me:
    Hmm…nothing I can think of at the moment.  I could say “when they don’t get together,” but that doesn’t really annoy me if I’ve been sucked into the story enough that the writers’ actions enhance the fic.  Like, if sometimes its not necessary for them to be together, I respect that. …….but if they are put together I’ll get a super big smile on my face and squeal a lot. lol

  • Things I look for in fanfic:  
    In specific Wally/Kuki pairing fics, I usually look for summaries where one comforts the other. :-)  Those make way for a lot of adorable, fluffy feels-usually because Wally has to let his guard down to comfort Kuki, or to receive comfort from her.  It can lead to good character development too. <3

  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:  Hm…..I’d be comfortable if Wally ended up with Abby.  I think they have a good bond.  For Kuki, I don’t think I’ve ever really decided.  I don’t think Ace is a really good fit for her.  Also, even though she and Hoagie were “parents” to Bradley (adoptive parents really), I just don’t think there’s any chemistry.  But if I HAD to choose……probably Nigel?…..I don’t think there’s a lot of chemistry but I do think his “implied” crush on Kuki is cute.  And there are times where she seems to like being super bubbly around him to try to make him smile so…yeah.  Wally/Abby and Kuki/Nigel…I guess.

  • My happily ever after for them: They get married and have 2 kids. ^_^ A boy and a girl.  Kuki becomes an elementary-school teacher, but does a lot of art at home on the side as a hobby.  (Their kids REALLY enjoy this: arts and crafts with mommy, yay! lol).  Wally grows up to be a martial-artist.  His son loves training with his papa. :3

  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon:
    ….OMG xD Haha.  Okay so I guess when they’re kids Kuki’s OBVIOUSLY the big spoon because she can pick Wally up and cuddle him like a Rainbow Monkey. :3  Buuut…judging by Operation SATURN, I imagine when they’re older that Wally’s the big spoon and really doesn’t like to let Kuki go.

  • What is their favorite non-sexual activity:
    100% playing video games!  And Kuki never holds back.  Wally really has give his best game to try to beat her, but a lot of times she’ll still kick his butt!

Aww…looks like that’s all the questions!  (Sorry my answers were kind of long. ‘^^)  After all this time, they’re still the most Cutesy-wootsy-lootsiest-adorable ship, EVAH!  xD

Thanks alliecatkitty! :D

Copycats & Other Kinds of Despicable People

  1. 따라쟁이 = a copycat
  2. 욕심쟁이 = a greedy person
  3. 겁쟁이 = a coward
  4. 허풍쟁이 = a boaster; blowhard
  5. 욕쟁이 = someone who curses a lot
  6. 고집쟁이 = a stubborn person
  7. 고자질쟁이 = a snitch; tattletell
  8. 질투쟁이 = a jealous person
  9. 거짓말쟁이 = a liar
  10. 방귀쟁이 = a perpetual farter
  11. 심술쟁이 = a cranky/grumpy person
  12. 말썽쟁이 = a troublemaker
  13. 아부쟁이 = a butt kisser
  14. 편식쟁이 = a picky eater
  15. 개구쟁이 = a brat
  16. 변덕쟁이 = a temperamental person
  17. 수다쟁이 = someone who talks too much
  18. 애교쟁이 = a cutesy wootsy person
  19. 지각쟁이 = a person who’s often late
  20. 징징쟁이 = a whiner

Harry bonding with Arnold the Pygmy Puff, and Ginny walks in?

“You are a cutesy-wootsy little Arnold, aren’t you? Yes you are! Yes you are! Oh, you’re a fluffy-wuffy ball of puffy aren’t you? Oh, little Arnold-Warnold! Let me tickle your tummy! You little–” Harry’s Auror senses tingled, and he suddenly became aware that he was not alone. “Hello, Ginny,” he said, his voice about twelve octaves lower, “I was just cleaning out the Pygmy Puff.”

“Oh, thanks!” said Ginny brightly, and Harry got back to it, relieved that he seemed to have gotten away with it. Not that Ginny was really the type to tease him too much, he just thought– 

“It’s so kind of you to do that for me,” she added, smiling. “Especially when you’re such a busy-wusy little Auror-Wauror! Yes you are! You are! Come here, let me tickle your tummy!”

Harry huffed as Ginny roared with laughter, but Arnold the Pygmy Puff, balanced on top of Harry’s head, felt rather above it all. The human female was generally alright, he liked her, especially as she was in control of the food bowl. But he had just discovered that the messy black hair of the human male made the best nest ever–and he had no intention of giving it up. Even if he did have to put up with being talked at in that ridiculous voice.

Strange Magic. ..again *SPOILERS!*

Ok saw the movie for the 3rd time today. Let me say it just keeps getting better and better. This is one of those movies that you notice more going on with each additional viewing. Here’s a few examples:

*Fingers: The fingers change for each species.

-The Faeries are the only ones to have five fingers like a human, however , their joints are much longer than what we have (though the thumbs appear to be in the correct proportion as ours). It’s such a tiny detail yet it allows us to automatically classify them as otherworldly, much like their ears do (but more on those later).

-Both Bog and the elves have four fingers while Griselda and (from what I can tell most of) the goblins have three. All of them have thicker fingers than the faries thinner, tapered ones.

*Nicknames: While Roland seems to be able to come up with some new drippy nonsense every time he opens his mouth, the ones that stood out to me were both had to do with the Bog King and the two princesses.

-First there’s his pet name for Marianne, Tough Girl .

He initially uses it to mock her during the party scene after he’s taken Dawn prisoner. It’s both in recognition of the fact that she’s really the only one who is attempting to fight back(managing to land a blow to the chin in the process) and as a belittlement because she was still unable to stop him from leaving with Dawn in tow.

Later on though after they’ve bonded over their mutual hatred of love he calls her it again as a means to coax her out into the forest with him. You can clearly hear fondness in his voice now that his opinion of her has changed. The title is now a reassurance instead of an insult.

However that quickly changes once he sees Roland’s army gathered in front of his palace. Having been burned in the past Bog is quick to jump to the wrong conclusion. Believing that Marianne used her wiles to trick him into making himself and his kingdom vulnerable. A tactic he claims will no longer work to the Clever Girl . He of course later learns that he was mistaken.

-Then theirs Dawns nickname for him; Boggy-Woggy Kingy-Wingy.

Throughout a good portion of the movie’s second half Bog is forced to deal with a portion induced love struck Dawn. Who, as soon as she is told his name, proceeds to give him the most cutesy-wootsy nickname. One that he fights from the get go. It becomes a running gag that as soon as she calls him that (or any variation there of) he immediately cuts in to correct her with his proper title. At one point when Dawn jumps between him and Roland’s fight she yells “You leave my boggy alone!”, his head instantly pops up from her wing and he shouts “Bog!” even though they were still all in the middle of a battle.

Hilariously it ends up coming full circle though at the end as Dawn ‘breaks up’ with him. Now no longer under the influence of the love potion she starts to addresses him;

“Look, Bog-“

His immediate jerk-knee reaction is still to correct her and he ends up using it instead. I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes running jokes a can get a little tedious, but this one payed off in the end.

*Ears: Like with the fingers, everyone’s got something different going on.

-Faeries have the longest ears out of the three main species. They also are the only ones whose ears are not completely straight and angular. They have this delightful little curve towards the outside edge that I absolutely love. Again, like with the fingers it helps to set them apart from the other species as well as humans, despite having the most humanoid bodies.

-The Bog King’s ears are the shortest. Not to mention they are the only ones that lay back against his head like a humans would instead of sticking out to the side like with the elves and faeries. Interesting enough his ears are what elves are traditional depicted as having.

-Goblins are a bit of a hodgepodge though. The term seems to be applied to all the inhabitants of the Dark Forest regardless of subspecies. Some have ears like Bogs, others long dangling fronds(for lack of a better word) like the one Bog had a crush on back in his youth. Then of course there are ones like Stuff and Thang who have fins on the side of their heads instead.

-Elf ears seem to fall in the middle here. They are not as long as the faeries nor are they as short as the Bog King’s or most of the goblins. Also they stick out partially while still remaining somewhat perpendicular to their heads. Also like the goblins with headfins, they tend to move according to their emotions.

These are just some things that I’ve noticed. Honestly I could probably fill up an entire side blog with all the stuff I’ve picked up on, but I wanted to get to the main point, the reason I started this post in the first place. The thing that it took me sitting through three screenings to notice.

Bog comes to Marianne’s defense even before he falls in love with her.
I’m specifically talking about the scene where he brings her to see her sister in the dungeon. As they are making their way down the stairs all of the creatures effected by the potion are singing (rather creepily, I might add) around them. And it’s not just any old tune that they’re belting out, no its the very same song that Marianne had been singing herself at the beginning of the film. It’s something that is clearly causing her distress, no doubt bringing up a myriad of bad memories of her own ill experience with false love.

What I didn’t notice until now though, is that when she wraps her arms around herself in a hug and shivers, you can see Bog behind her, watching. His face makes the most interesting expression before he turns and yells at the prisoners to all shut up. He has been clearly bothered by the singing as well, showing his annoyance multiple times already, but at this point in the movie he’s grown used to it and seems to be more or less able to block it out as they make their way to Dawn’s cell.

It’s not until it becomes an issue for Marianne that he forces them to stop. He could care less if they sang all night or not.

He put an end to it for Marianne’s sake. Not his own.

This wasn’t something that he had to do for her. At this point they were still enemies. They had just finished a rather intense duel, in which she had been this close to running him through with her sword and killing him before Dawn’s singing interrupted them. I repeat, this was not something he had to do.

And yet he did it anyway.

I sat on my bed, watching some YouTube videos of me and Justin at random events on the red carpet. I noticed that at every event when the two of us were on he carpet, Justin would turn his head and stare at me. He would have the most loving look in his eyes and then he would smile and turn back to the cameras. 

My heart swelled at the thought that he would smile because of me. At his moment, Justin walked into the room. “Hey gorgeous. Whatcha doing?” He asked, leaning down and kissing my cheek. I showed him and he sat down on the bed next to me. I looked at him. “I love you.” I said. He looked taken aback. “I love you too baby.” He said, a smile growing on his face.

“Let’s take pictures.” I said and brought up the Photo Booth app on my laptop. We took some silly ones and some cute ones and some of us kissing. “Last one.” Justin groaned and I laughed. “Fine.” I smiled straight at the camera and Justin smiled too, but at the last minute, he turned and looked at me with those loving eyes. 

The camera flashed and kept the picture. I set it as my background. “You’re perfect.” Justin sighed, smiling at me. I kissed him. We lay on the bed, cuddling. “I love you so much.” Justin murmured in my ear as he held me close. I fell asleep with the sound of his  heavy breathing in my ear and his warm arms wrapped around me.

Honestly, I could’ve sat through an entire episode of just Ethan and Vanessa living their cutesie wootsie domestic life- I didn’t need dull Dorien and boring Brona clogging up my screen… a waste of fifteen minutes- Ethan and Vanessa could’ve been picking more herbs, or making stew, in that time. fuuuuk