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what do you think knk would be like as youtubers?

Youjin - basically a soundcloud but with cool vids to match his music. incredibly mysterious 

Seungjun - he’d make things like arts n crafts cutesy things that you can replicate v diy v hands-on and down to earth

Inseong - vlogger that does a lot of made up & exaggerated storytimes i.e. my band members tried to poison me?!?!

Jihun - part of a youtuber group. they post videos out and about, constantly does those challenge videos like the whisper challenge. covers dances every now and again. everyone likes him for his aesthetics 

Heejun - reaction vids he’s always extra always on the floor get up pls 


Merry Meet! I just wanted to take a minute to share with my fellow tumblr witches some cheap goodies that are perfect for witches on a budget! I’m a college student and single mom, so finds like these in plain sight are GOLD!

On my plant table: the large sphere bottle, the 3 stacked square bottles, and the larger square-ish bottles next to those are all from Target in their dollar section. These babies sell fast, too, but they’re always getting in new shapes and sizes! 👌🏽 They’re meant to be painted on and used for cutesy crafts, but wouldn’t you rather use them for storing magical herbs and making spell bottles?!

On the left of the table you’ll see 3 “test tubes”. Again in the dollar section at Michael’s craft/art store you’ll find these lovelies. The price on them changes through the seasons and they tend to have more in stock around halloween. Also not pictured here, but in the same store, during halloween they have some bad ass skull candles. Some small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and others as big as your head! (No lie!) I missed out on the large skull candle last year, but I’ll be on the hunt this year!

The middle: the 3 amber colored bottles and the small one in front of them, I found these guys at a shabby local antique store that was packed floor to ceiling, wall to wall with anything and everything. They have permanent staining on them & no corks, but I just cut up a pair of old shorts I loved dearly that wore out and tied a square snippet on with hemp string to keep my herbs in. I will not, btw, use those bottles for anything to be consumed. Which brings me to food safe finds….

Tucked behind the bottles on the table is a blue chalice. I found this at walmart on sale. They’ve gotten other colors in stock since and it’s meant to be a fancy bowl for entertaining, but I thought it’d work out as a good sturdy chalice that I can actually use for offerings and such. They have them in the dish/kitchen section.

The picture on the right: I purchases these small bottles at Hobby Lobby, not the cheapest until you use the coupon they have online for 40% off. Some came in packs of the same style bottles and some were a variety pack of mini bottles. I love making spell jars more than anything, so these are a favorite of mine. You can find these bottles in multiple sections, you just have to wander and search.

I hope this helped/inspired any witches to go out and “splurge” on their witchcraft needs!


Sometimes I make disgustingly cute things, like owl plushies.

Unfortunately, it’s times like these that I happen to check the clock and realize it’s 4 in the morning. Still! It’s pretty darn cute, right?

Anyway, this is a plushie to go with the owl baby quilt I’m working on. I’m kinda rocking this baby gift thing. Here’s hoping I can channel this energy next week, when I have work-work and Otakon stuff to finish. :P

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