Isn’t Jaehyun just the most cutest sweetest little angel ever but also the most attractive,, spiciest boi ever like wyd,,,, stop this I’m constantly confused

Baby’s first bath gone wrong ☺️😂

“It’s not too hot is it?” George asks, holding his son in his arms. “It feels perfect, love,” Damien assures him, reaching over from his spot in the bathtub to grab a washcloth. “Okay,” George says and kisses the baby’s forehead, handing him to Damien. “Oh, hello, mister,” Damien smiles and lays the baby on his chest, “What do you think of the bath?” George sits down beside the bathtub and rubs the bottom of their son’s foot gently, “He seems pretty relaxed.” “Mhm,” Damien hums and wets the washcloth, laying it carefully on the baby’s back. The baby coos in response and yawns. “He loves it,” George smiles. “Just like his daddy,” smiles Damien and kisses their son’s head, closing his eyes. “Uh oh,” George says, stifling a laugh. “What?” Damien says, opening his eyes. “I think he may be too relaxed,” George chuckles, motioning to the water. “Wha- oh, no,” Damien groans, “Please tell me that’s not really poop.” George laughs, “It’s definitely poop, love.” “I’m glad you think this is so funny,” Damien pouts, “I feel like this is a parenting milestone. ‘First Time Being Pooped On.’” George laughs harder, “I’m sorry, babe.” “Yeah, yeah,” Damien sticks his tongue out at him, “Keep laughing! This will be you at some point!” “Oh, you wouldn’t poop on daddy. Would you, buddy?” George says, kissing his son’s head. Damien rolls his eyes and kisses the baby’s head, cleaning him up and handing him to George. George wraps the baby in a towel and pecks Damien’s lips, “We’ll leave so you can get cleaned up,” he says with a chuckle. “Yeah, keep laughing!” Damien says with a playful roll of his eyes, “Wait, I need to give him a kiss.” George holds the bundled up baby down to him. Damien kisses his son’s forehead. “I love you,” he coos, “Even though you pooped on me.” George laughs and walks out of the bathroom. “Still not funny!” Damien calls after him.

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i’m meagan and i’m shoved so far up my boyfriends ass that i can taste his shampoo (thanks gossip girl). i have the cutest two year old little boy ever and the cutest little six month old boy ever. still and will forever be harry potter.

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