Sigh, Victor....CHILL!

Yuuri: Talking about flexibility

Victor: Who the hell is Chihoko? Is he better than me?

Yuuri: Talking about sunglasses

Victor: Who is Ray Ban? Is he as handsome as me?

Yuuri: Talking about cars

Victor: Damnit Yuuri, who is Ferrari. I’m cooler, right?

Yuuri: Talking about his favorite alcohol

Victor: Yuuurrriii, who is Absinthe? Do they look good naked?

Yuuri: Talking about dogs

Victor: Wait, who is this Jack Russell? I’m more interesting.

Yuuri: Talking about food

Victor: Oh no, who is Dulce? Is he cuter than me?

Yuuri: Talking about clothing

Victor: Ok, what kind of name is Ralph Lauren?

Yuuri talking about his favorite ice skater

Victor: Who is this Victor? Can he really beat me?

Yuuri: Grinning at Victor, while watching him figure it out

Victor: Yuuuuuri, I LOVE YOU! (tackles Yuuri to the ground in a hug)

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Reaction to you wanting to have sex in the first date, how would it be when you start teasing them?


“Are you okay?? you seem fidgety” *You tell him you want to have sex* “We haven’t even gotten to the dinner yet ..”

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*Is completely oblivious to your obvious touchiness* “What’re you doing ??” *You tell him you want sex* “Oh .. “ *feels just the slightest bit awkward*

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“You want to go see a movie in theater or order one at home” *Waits for your answer but instead you move closer to kiss him* “I think I like this choice better” 

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“So what do you want to do next, we’ve eaten..” *You cut him off saying you want sex* “Well what’re we waiting for??” 

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*You guys are sitting watching a movie* *You start touching his thigh, eventually tell him you want to* “Well we’re not doing anything why not” “I’m not sure though, it’s our first date”

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“What’s the matter you keep touching and squeezing me” *you shyly confess you want to have sex* *He giggles slightly before bring you onto his lap* “Ok but you have to cooperate”

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“Stop doing that,, Stop seriously it’s annoying” *you keep provoking him, keeping your intentions secret* “Seriously , gonna have to fuck the obedience into you and it’s only our first date”

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Leans into Acute and kisses them on the lips, he looks a bit flustered afterwards. ".... I... I love you."

“ L o v e … ? “