cutest villain ever


♡ This is the cutest villain group ♡
Cinder Fall//xwhiterussia
Roman Torchwick //sunlitskye
Mercury Black//primalpikachu96
Sustrai Emerald//light-of-eyllwe

But in all seriousness: Think about how cute a purse-sized Ultron would be. Like, without his destructive powers. You could just put him in your purse or your backpack and leave his head sticking out while you went to work or class or shopping and just have him sit there and hang out with you throughout the day. You’d be like “where should we go for lunch?” And he’d be like “The American food industry is so corrupt did you know that fast food is considered entertainment? Also obesity is ravaging the entire country and it all points toward humans destroying themselves, rendering my powers of destruction moot. *pause* But we should go to Costa Vida.” And you’d just be like “K babe sounds good.”


that’s not something that would ever happen to a villain, is it?

65/365 Days of Outlaw Queen