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Sung Hoon is a South Korean actor. He swam on a team for 14 years but had to quit because of an injury. 

Sung Hoon debuted as an actor in 2011 with New Tales of Gisaeng.
He’s been in:
Noble my Love
OH My Venus
and is emerging as a popular new face in acting.

This is him and SUJU’s Henry in Oh my Venus.

He is also a Model

He has the cutest smile, it just transforms his whole face<3

Bonus factoid:

Sung Hoon”s voice is as deep as the ocean, seriously its so deep!

And his singing isnt bad either!  He contributed to Noble My Love’s soundtrack by singing a solo version of the title track..Found Here:

So after bigbang’s Running Man episode, we have established a few things:

1. The Goat-Dragon has surprisingly weak legs.

2. Taeyang is king of B-Ball and trick-cup-flipping.

3. Despite his protests, Daesung has not changed. At all.

4. Seungri sleeping on Daesung’s shoulder is about the cutest thing ever to be aired on Korean television.

5. TOP transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

6. GD’s automatic reaction after downing a cup of water is to flip the cup - which suggests something about his experience in downing shots something else entirely.

7. TOP is an old man because the only other person who was as exhausted as he was by the end of the race was Sukjin.