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Dating Peter Parker Headcannons

these are really long and i didnt even write down every thing that i wanted to so i might do a part two just bc i love my son :’)

  • it all started when y’all got paired up for chem to do a lab
  • because practically the whole school knows of his crush on Liz Allen, you didn’t think you had a chance with him
  • but you could NOT have been more wrong
  • he was so nervous to go to the next class because he knew that he would actually have to communicate with you… for more than three seconds  
  • as soon as he walks in and sees you staring to set everything up he kind of like *dies*
  • hE iS So NeRvoUs
  • hands shaking
  • uneven breathing
  • and u just kind of look @ him like wtf dude calm down
  • he would try and talk but it was mainly him stuttering
  • but you found him sosossoosos cute (bc he’s my son obvi he’s a qt)
  • after ( to him ) being put through the most stressful time of his life, more stressful than fighting criminals as spiderman
  • he asks you if you want to go and get a sandwich with him after school
  • and thats kind of how everything started
  • studydatesstudaydatesstudydates
  • ned either being annoyed with you two bc third wheeling or having the time of his life bc you guys are #besties
  • michelle always having something to say about u and peter
  • like; gross, ew, y/n how do u hold your breath the whole time u and peter are making out
  • “peter, baby, can you please take it down five notches”
  • (“y/n), BaBY, cAn YOU tAkE IT dOwN FiVe notCHes”
  • aLwAYs tOuChiNg YoU
  • holding hands
  • arm around your shoulders
  • standing behind u and head on your head & arms around your waist
  • never ending amount of little kisses
  • peter finding u the legit cutest thing on this planet
  • his ‘creative’ way of telling you he is spiderman was picking you up for a date by swinging into your open window and then swinging you across new york
  • you almost passed out because heights but u knew that he would never let go of you
  • and you’re the luckiest girl ever bc you’re the reason that he’s smiling all the time
  • u can bet your bottom dollar he would write love letters to u - ok maybe he wouldn’t like give them to u but he would defffinetly write them ok
  • may can always tell when peters talking to on the phone or y’all just hung out bc he’s skipping around the house with the widest smile & his eyes are sparkling
  • you beg for 4 weeks strait for him to let you try on the suit but “mr. stark said its not for anyone else baby.”
  • omg the amount of pet names for u; baby, babe, angel, darling, the first letter of your name, my love, and when he’s clingy;;babbbbyyyyyyyy
  • when you’re giving him the silent treatment he will give u puppy dog eyes, sit on you, and be super clingy
  • when he’s upset you’re the big spoon
  • but he’s not that big on pda
  • but he wants to be the big spoon 9/10 times bc he’s spiderMAN
  • asking u to homecoming
  • heart thumping so loud when y’all are slow dancing you can feel it so u put your head against his chest
  • bc you’re so angelic and look so peaceful and he cannot deal w it
  • he’s in constant awe of u if u weren’t already expecting that
  • telling happy about u all. the. time.
  • so when tony meets you, he has a proud dad attitude going on
  • ugh god peter wanted u to say the three words first
  • but one day when you were having a pillow fight or doing something else childish (idk) and it just kind of comes out when you’re laying on the sheets and your hair is all poofy and his is a little messy and you have the biggest smile and he had to close his eyes when he said it because he didn’t know what your reaction would be
  • and when he felt your hand on his cheek, he swore that he 1. never let out a bigger sigh of relief before 2. and never seen u smile so wide
  • and when u said it, he almost asked to leave the room because he was so elated
  • may absolutely adores u probs more than peter does
  • because she’s never had a daughter and she thinks you and peter should get married early ( she’s like 50/50 kidding&being dead serious ) bc she is CONVINCED that you are the best that he will eeveerrrrrrr do
  • probs the type of bf to act all tough and protective but will just stare the shit out of the asshole who steps a little to close for comfort
  • but lordy he just loves u and will protect u with his life
  • because you are his world and he is yours

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Beggin' For Thread (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Request! ❤

A/N: To the lovely anon that requested this brilliant idea!! I loved writing this because boxers in general are super comfy and look hell sexy, too. Especially on Bucky Barnes! :D Hope you guys like it!! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤

Beggin’ For Thread: Reader steals some of Bucky’s boxers during laundry day. But when he goes to her for comfort from a thunderstorm he gets a surprise.

 Warnings: Sex (M/F). Hurt/Comfort. Angst. 

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On a nice Summer day in Hawkins, the kids decided to go to the zoo. While Dustin and Max were feeding the ducks that wandered around the picnic area, and Lucas and Will were glancing over the map to plan their next route, Mike and El strolled over to the Otter exhibit. “Mike, look, they’re holding hands!” El exclaimed as she noticed the small furry animals floating around in the water. As she leaned over the railing trying to get a closer look, Mike read over one of the signs that displayed a bunch of fun facts about the animal. “Apparently they hold hands, um paws, so that they won’t float away from each other. They also hold paws while sleeping.” As Mike walked over by El’s side to see if he could notice any more otters, El gently reached for his hand, Mike took it without hesitation and El beamed at him. “So we don’t drift away from each other,” she said. They didn’t let go for the rest of the day, and even as they slept during the car ride home, their hands remained together. 

Jungkook’s Perfect Imperfections

So recently my precious baby bun has been getting shit about his skin because he has acne. Which EVERYONE has dealt with at least once in their life, or still is dealing with it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just skin, it doesn’t change what an amazing person Jungkook is. And honestly I love his acne, it just makes him normal and human. Every imperfection he has, in my eyes, just makes him even more perfect so that’s why I’m making this appreciation post about his perfect imperfections which I adore with all my heart 

His facial scar 

i love it so much it just makes him even more handsome asdfghjkl 

look how cute it looks, i just wanna kiss it 

my heart hurts because of how adorable he is


w o w what a beautiful specimen

His acne


bare faced kookie is my favourite kookie 

look at this sleeping beauty 

i wanna kiss all over his face. what a fucking angel 

baby boy is the cutest thing to grace this planet i cant deal

His arm scar 

lemme kiss it pls also sweaty kook will be the death of me



^^literally me cuz i can’t handle looking at his beauty 

His knee scars 


his cute lip knee scars im so sorry 

two angels istg

I love Jungkook with every fiber of my being and all I wanna do is protect him. If anyone hates on him I will fite them. He is not disgusting, he is not overrated, he is none of the things I‘ve seen these assholes call him. He is the most sweetest, talented, caring human being alive and I’m just so happy to be around at the same time as him to watch him grow and shine. ❤️

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Hello what do you love most about yoongi and good luck choosing because I literally can not choose

Okay, so like you said, there’s no way I choose ONE thing that I love most about Yoongi. So I’m just blather on about a bunch of things I love about him instead 

  • His passion for music. I’ve talked about this a bunch of times, but I’m gonna say it again. THE BOY WROTE A SONG CALLED “FIRST LOVE” ABOUT A PIANO! Imagine loving music so much that you consider a piano to be your first love :”)) I wish I was as passionate about anything as he is about music

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  • He’s so freaking relatable. I love when he’s just in the background of a shot looking dead on the inside or something. I’m like same :)))








  • When he’s in his element on stage. Is there anything hotter? 
  • The fact that he’s admitted that he used to look down on idols:

But clearly loves his members and fans so much and goes along with all the idol-y stuff he has to do without ever seeming bitter or resentful about. He’s even said that he wants to continue being in BTS for years:

  • His savage lyrics:

Example: “If I’m the sun, you’re the moon, because when I rise, you go down”

Example: “Like your parents, my heart hurts every time I see you, I’ll put a period at the artery of your music career”

Example: “All ya fried rappers should be thankful I am an idol”

  • His sad/touching lyrics: 

Example: “The things I could only imagine became reality
My childhood dreams are now in front of me
I was a nothing that performed in front of only two people, now Tokyo Dome is right in front of me”

Example:  “ Dream, may all of creation be with you
Till the end of your life
Dream, wherever you are,
Will welcome you
Dream, may your trials
End in full bloom
Dream, though your beginnings might be humble,
May the end be prosperous”\

I’m putting a read more here, but everybody should click it

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BTS Reaction #29 - He sees you sleeping with a stuffed animal that he bought you

anon asked: May I have a BTS reaction please? He comes in and sees you sleeping with a stuffed animal he bought you? Thank you in advanced😄😄😊💕

Seokjin: To him you were already the cutest thing on the entire planet. When he saw the small fuzzy plushie squished to your chest that he had bought for you while on your he wouldn’t be able to wipe the smile off his face.

He’d probably flail around, dancing the happy energy out, then taking thousands of pictures of you until he accidentally woke you up with one of his squeals.

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Namjoon: He’d smile down fondly at you asleep on the couch with the teddy stuffed animal smashed against your face.

/What a cute dork. They almost look like they’re suffocating though…/

He’d step closer cautiously only to jump back with a start when you let out a loud snore. Unfortunately he’d land on the coffee table and break the glass top, waking you up from your peaceful sleep and probably cutting his foot a little.

“Well you looked super cute before I woke you up. Just to let you know. I’m glad I bought that for you…”

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the other members are below the cut due to length~

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GOT7: how they cuddle

@sugaspiano is this how you feel when I screw with your drabble prompts jfc

also: why are all gifs of people cuddling in black and white?? and super intense saturation ?? answers, i need answers


Mark is down to cuddle, ok. He’d love being able to be close to you and just be content to feel you beside him, especially after a long day. If you asked him to cuddle with you, he’d get all smiley and blush before pulling you into a hug and falling onto the nearest soft surface. He seems like the type to just sort of sneak up on you and pull you into a cuddle session while you were watching tv or reading a book because he missed you lmfao. Mark would love to see your face while cuddling, I think, and would listen to you talk about your day, your worries, or whatever crossed your mind. He’d just love to hear you talk when you were close to him he’s a fluffy baby


I get the feeling Jaebum wouldn’t really ask for cuddles, he’d just sort of pull you into his arms if you were both on the couch watching something and that’d be as close as you got. But if you asked him to cuddle you, he’d practically melt. He’d like it if you laid on his chest so he could see your face and play with your hair, a small smile on his face. He would like silence while cuddling so he could just bask in the fact that he loves you so much and you’re right there with him and wow it’s so unbelievable he’s so lucky. Also, silence is good for watching movies, and he seems like the type to like watching movies with you in his arms aww


Okay but let’s be honest, he’d be the one always wanted to cuddle with you. He’d constantly ask and follow you around like a lost puppy, but when you finally give in, he’d act like you were the one that had come onto him for cuddles, shooting you a wink and doing that eyebrow thing he does- you know the thing. That said, he would love cuddling with you on top of him so he could feel like he was protecting you. He’d also love spooning, but only if he was the big spoon, otherwise he’s out. Jackson’s one to trace circles on your back, stomach, wherever his hands happened to land and would love talking to you about anything that happened to come up in conversation. 


Jinyoung wouldn’t really like to cuddle all the time, to be honest. But at night before you went to sleep or when you two were sitting on the couch talking about your days, he’d be happy to just lie next to you, hold your hand, play with your hair, and trace your features. He’d listen to you talk and voice his reactions or opinions where necessary, but he wouldn’t really do much of the talking unless you asked him questions about his life. Unless something was really bothering him, he wouldn’t want to burden you with his problems while cuddling, so he’d try to make you smile or laugh with his stories. 


Youngjae would love cuddling, which is good considering he’s the cutest thing on the planet. He’d smile brightly if you asked him to cuddle and would just sort of wrap himself around you- he’d be really clingy when cuddling, awwww. He’d have his face on your chest, his arms around you, his legs just sort of enveloping yours. If you ran your fingers through his hair or down his back, he’d be in heaven. Youngjae seems like the type to joke around with you a bit while cuddling, too, because he loves it when he makes you smile or laugh


BamBam wouldn’t really cuddle that often outside of when you two were drifting off to sleep, actually. The way he sees it, there’s a million other fun things you guys could be doing, so why would you waste time inside? If you asked, though, he would probably give in. At first, it’d be nice, normal cuddling- you two would be facing with your arms around each other as you talked about whatever came to mind, but Bam would get bored and start tickling you or play fighting and everything would sort of stop making sense from that point on


First things first, Yugyeom loves cuddling with you because he can express how much he cares for you through simple actions rather than through words. And he likes the way you smell, but he would never admit it. He’d melt if you asked him to cuddle, a smile bursting forth with a little laugh. He wouldn’t really have a certain position he preferred over others, so you two would just sort of flop anywhere on the bed/couch/whatever and make it work. It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to change positions in the middle of cuddling, suddenly throwing himself on a different part of the bed and tugging your hand to follow him