cutest thing on this planet

On a nice Summer day in Hawkins, the kids decided to go to the zoo. While Dustin and Max were feeding the ducks that wandered around the picnic area, and Lucas and Will were glancing over the map to plan their next route, Mike and El strolled over to the Otter exhibit. “Mike, look, they’re holding hands!” El exclaimed as she noticed the small furry animals floating around in the water. As she leaned over the railing trying to get a closer look, Mike read over one of the signs that displayed a bunch of fun facts about the animal. “Apparently they hold hands, um paws, so that they won’t float away from each other. They also hold paws while sleeping.” As Mike walked over by El’s side to see if he could notice any more otters, El gently reached for his hand, Mike took it without hesitation and El beamed at him. “So we don’t drift away from each other,” she said. They didn’t let go for the rest of the day, and even as they slept during the car ride home, their hands remained together. 

the lightning thief musical: a review

-mrs dodds has a southern accent and it’s my favorite thing
-idk how exactly they had riptide turn from a pen to a sword onstage but they did and it was cool
-carrie compere’s voice > literally anything else
-mr. d was so fun to watch onstage and his song (another terrible day) is A BOP
- george salazar is literally made of talent
-so is kristin stokes and chris mccarrell and the entire cast
-clarisse was KILLIN IT sarah beth pfeifer’s voice slayed
-kristin stokes is literally the cutest thing on the planet
-good kid live was some good shit
-“we’re lost in the woods somewhere in new jersey and we’re never gonna make it to l.a” is a BOP
-cute lil percabeth moments all throughout
-charon is carrie compere in a gold sequin dress and i liked that more than the book charon
-ahh the cast is so talented it’s only a cast of 7 and everyone except chris and kristin play multiple characters and they do it so well and the lighting of the show was so cool and creative and it’s just so good ahhh
-i met the entire cast at the stage door and they were all so sweet and i had an actual conversation with chris and he is such a gem and he gives good hugs

Jungkook’s Perfect Imperfections

So recently my precious baby bun has been getting shit about his skin because he has acne. Which EVERYONE has dealt with at least once in their life, or still is dealing with it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just skin, it doesn’t change what an amazing person Jungkook is. And honestly I love his acne, it just makes him normal and human. Every imperfection he has, in my eyes, just makes him even more perfect so that’s why I’m making this appreciation post about his perfect imperfections which I adore with all my heart 

His facial scar 

i love it so much it just makes him even more handsome asdfghjkl 

look how cute it looks, i just wanna kiss it 

my heart hurts because of how adorable he is


w o w what a beautiful specimen

His acne


bare faced kookie is my favourite kookie 

look at this sleeping beauty 

i wanna kiss all over his face. what a fucking angel 

baby boy is the cutest thing to grace this planet i cant deal

His arm scar 

lemme kiss it pls also sweaty kook will be the death of me



^^literally me cuz i can’t handle looking at his beauty 

His knee scars 


id have a few knee scars because of him if you know what i mean *wink wink* im so sorry 

two angels istg

I love Jungkook with every fiber of my being and all I wanna do is protect him. If anyone hates on him I will fite them. He is not disgusting, he is not overrated, he is none of the things I‘ve seen these assholes call him. He is the most sweetest, talented, caring human being alive and I’m just so happy to be around at the same time as him to watch him grow and shine. ❤️

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Members and their types of smile?

Are you basically asking me analyse each member’s smile. Cause I am 100% here for this. Let’s go!


Nayeon I think is actually kind of shy about her smile/laugh because whenever she smiles or laughs too hard she covers her face a lot. She also tries really hard to keep her mouth closed when she smiles which leads to her precious cheek smile

Look at this adorableness. But when Nayeon actually opens her mouth and we can see her real smile, it’s like a goddam blessing from the gods. She has the most adorable bunny smile she’s so damn cute. LOOK AT THIS SMILE SOMEONE PLEASE TELL HER HOW PRETTY HER SMILE IS


Jeongyeon has a really soft smile, she typically doesn’t open her mouth really wide, which gives us this really cute gentle smile. She just has a really welcoming and kind smile, so pure

But then when she laughs oh my god. Jeongyeon’s mouth becomes square shaped when she laughs, she opens her mouth so wide. It’s the most precious thing, 10/10 for preciousness

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Momo has such a genuine smile, I don’t know what it is but her smile seems so natural to the point where seeing her when she doesn’t smile is really weird. She also has kind of a playful smile if you get what I mean

Something I’ve noticed is that Momo has a habit of squinting or even closing her eyes when she smiles sometimes, she smiles so big she has to close her eyes a little I love my smiley angel.


Very similar to Momo because she also just naturally smiles all the time, and it’s strange to see her when she’s not smiling. Such a gentle smile, she also kind of closes her eyes a little bit.

But oh my god, when Sana get’s really energetic and extra, she has the most amazing bright smile I’ve ever seen. She just get’s into a mood where she’s so happy and excited it’s like her whole face is smiling and her eyes get really big and she opens her mouth wide and ugh kill me she’s such a bright human.


In case you didn’t already know, Jihyo is my bias so I need a minute. I need like a full minute to compose myself enough to be able to accurately describe the beauty of Park Jihyo’s smile. Ok. Jihyo has the prettiest and softest smile I have ever seen, you can tell how much of a genuinely beautiful person she is when she smiles. She just has the warmest smile, and her cheeks get all squishy and just… no mere mortal can comprehend her beauty.

I’m not done yet though, because when Jihyo laughs, Holy Jesus you’re not ready. It is the most beautiful thing on the planet, and this is nowhere near an exaggeration. Her eyes do that half closed thing and you can just see everything representing happiness in the world just radiating from her entire body because Park Jihyo is the actual embodiment of sunshine and joy.

Here’s another picture of my girl performing on stage because LOOK HOW HAPPY SHE IS. She was born for the stage. She’s so pretty when she’s happy and doing what she loves. Give Park Jihyo the world.


Mina is a shy bean so she doesn’t smile frequently, but when she does it’s typically her small polite smile where she doesn’t open her mouth a lot. Her smile is just cute basically

But wait, when Mina actually pulls out her real proper smile, the whole meaning of cute will be refined for you. You haven’t seen anything until you seen Myoui Mina’s gummy smile. She’s so happy, and it’s honestly the cutest thing. 


Dahyun pretty much always smiles with her mouth open, typically when she smiles with her mouth closed it’s for a photoshoot or something professional. Dahyun doesn’t hold back her smiles or laughter which is honestly precious. She has such an open smile, where you can visibly see how happy she is. She almost always tilts her head slightly to one side as well when she smiles

Look at this wide smile, I love it. She gets so happy that her smile nearly becomes as big as the entire lower half of her face. She’s such a bubbly person with a big smile


Whenever she smiles she looks so tiny and soft, she has such a precious little smile. She seriously looks like a little kid when she smiles, so pure and soft.

DIMPLE DIMPLE DIMPLE. When she smiles really big you can see her little dimple on the right side of her face and it’s the cutest thing on the planet. This photo doesn’t do it justice it’s just the best one I could find on limited time. I love her dimpled smile.


Oh my god Tzuyu, Tzuyu and her tiny little soft smile. She’s so cute and pretty I can’t handle this. She just has a really precious smile, and she kind of looks like a cheeky little kid, which is basically what she is.

She has the cutest habit with her tongue, sometimes she puts her tongue between her teeth when she smiles and it’s so precious. I love Tzuyu’s cute, cheeky smile, she’s such a cutie.

Dating Rosé Would Include

Can you do what would dating Blackpink’s Rosé include please? (:

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used

In the Daytime

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  • It’s going to be hard to see Rosé because of her busy lifestyle being an idol, but she will always do her best to make it up to you, 
  • Loving to hang out with you at the dorm with the other members 
  • Her blushing when the others tease the two of you
  • “Get a room you two!”
  • “Jennie~ It’s not like that!” 
  • Her dancing for you around the apartment because she knows how much you love to see her dancing
  • Her singing for you as well - because god knows you can’t resist that voice. 
  • Her being the most supportive girlfriend in the world. 
  • “You can do it, {y/n}, fighting!” 
  • Her getting jealous when other people flirt with you or call you their “ideal type”
  • “Of course she’s an ideal type, my Jagiya is perfect.”
  • Her playing the guitar for you and writing songs for you because words can’t simply describe how she feels about you. 
  • She loves to mess around with you and have a good time
  • But she does have her serious moments where she likes to talk about things on her mind and asking you about how you are. 
  • She’s the perfect girlfriend for venting to because she just knows when to speak and when to listen
  • She’ll also run her fingers through your hair as you rant, knowing that you need to get everything off your chest.
  • Her not caring when people say that it’s wrong for her to date you, because she loves you, and to her that’s all that matters
  • Her loving to take you on dates
  • And loving it even more when you take her on a date and plan it for her
  • She loves surprises
  • And being spontaneous
  • As proved by her tendency to get a little risky in public
  • Even though she’ll be blushing at her own boldness, she’ll have a grin on face one one will be able to remove.
  • Literal five minute showers because if you’re in there any longer she’s going to complain that she needs to use it and if she can join you. 
  • You also better protect that make up with your life because if not it’ll somehow end up in Rosé’s draw.
  • “What? I don’t know how that ended up there? Maybe the make up fairy has payed a visit.” 
  • Her being the cutest thing on the planet oml
  • Lots of cuddling and giggling 
  • Her insisting that she plays with your hair
  • Then takes a picture of you sleeping in her lap because you’d drifted off as her fingers were playing with your hair. 

At Nighttime

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  • Her insisting that you cuddle her every night 
  • She loves nothing more than falling asleep in her arms
  • “It’s us against the world, Jagiya”
  • Her talking about her dreams with you, then suddenly stopping 
  • And when you look at her it’s because she’s fallen asleep mid sentence
  • You never do find out what happened after she captured the shark prince 
  • Her asking you to give her a massage before bed because of her aching body after long dance practices
  • But don’t worry, she’ll always return the favour. 
  • She likes to make sure she’s in her undergarments for this though because god knows it’s hot as hell. 
  • Her being such a goddamn tease. 
  • Kissing you all over, leaving you breathless then pretending like she’s going to bed now
  • But she’ll never leave you unsatisfied like that 
  • Because she’s amazing and would feel bad if she did suddenly leave you in such a way
  • Though she will threaten to stop if you don’t moan, she won’t stop, she just lives to hear you moan.
  • Cute nighttime dates
  • You and her driving into the night, you don’t know where, anywhere. 
  • Her sticking her arm out the window and singing at the top of her lungs because the city is empty and she just needs to scream about how much she loves you. 
  • You shaking your head and telling her she’s crazy
  • But you love her
  • And she loves you. 
YOI Week: Day Seven

Match Made By Phichit

Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Ji Guang-Hong/Leo de la Iglesia, Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola, Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin, Phichit Chulanont/Seung-gil Lee

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,116

Summary: Five times Phichit plays matchmaker for his friends and the one time they play matchmaker for him.

*Option A. I was actually just going for doing whatever I wanted on this day, but it ended up being an AU. Great how that turned out! This has been a fun seven days. I had a blast exploring so many different characters (anyone notice I focused on a different person(s) each day?) and worlds. I hope you all enjoyed them and that you enjoy this one!

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