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Could you do a headcanon for if Beverly was dating a girl?

-Bev first met her in art class but was to scared to talk to her

-Bev told the boys about her and they were all super supportive

-After two weeks of Bev talking about her the guys took matters into there own hands and one day when she was at her locker Mike went up to her and said “My friend thinks your cute”

-After this her and Bev went on a date to the movie and held hand the entire time

-The next day when she told the boys about this Richie wrapped his arm around her shoulder and said while wiping a non existent tear “guys our little girl is growing up”

-Bevs girlfriend drew a picture of her and gave it to her and Bev hung it up in her locker

-They go into Bevs room and listen to music and snuggle for hours

-Bev loves to play with her hair and is always running her fingers through it

-When they get milkshakes they always only get one and share it with two straws

-When her girlfriend takes food off her plate Bev rolls her eyes but honestly thinks it’s the cutest thing ever

-the boys all really like her and are glad that she and Bev are dating or as Stan would say they “approve”

-Sometimes she will leave Bev cute notes in her locker and Bev keeps everyone of them

-one time Bev was cold so she gave her her sweatshirt and she Bev wore it to bed that night because she didn’t want to take it off

-They live for hand holding and Eskimo kisses

-Bev is always gibing her piggy back rides and vise versa

-they are constantly sharing and swapping clothes

That’s all I can think of right now :)


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Saw your Tsuyu - she's so cute in your style! This picture actually needs to be protected, and she's my child now. Please never listen to any antis; your art is literally the cutest thing ever! :)

Thanks a lot!! you are making me blush haha Luckly all the people I have met have been really nice~ ^^

Tsuyu is just so cute

neil puts his hand in andrew’s hair and says ‘thank you’ and andrew just glares.
‘it wasn’t for you.’
‘mhmmm’ neil smirks and andrew looks like he wants to murder him.
‘pink suits you’ neil says with the biggest puppy dog eyes. 

↳ from this amazing headcanon by @collivers