cutest thing i have ever seen in my life


This has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life😩 #2JAE

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*Sees the baby for the first time, and can’t contain his excitement*

K: “This baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life!”


SH: “Look at him jagi, I can’t believe we get to raise him, he will be the most spoiled kid in existence!”


*Whilst you are holding the newborn he goes up to her face, to tell her how she will have a wonderful life living with the two of you*

S: “Hey little one, I just wanted you to know that everything is going to be just fine, we will take the best care of you, I promise!”


*Can’t contain his happiness, the baby is literally the cutest thing he has ever laid eyes on, and he does nothing other than a classic Chanyeol reaction*

CY: “The cuteness of our child is killing me”


*Tries to teach the newborn his catchphrase “Kkaebsong” in order for it to be his first word*

Y/N: “BH why can’t you teach her a normal word, you know like mama or Daddy?”

BH: “Because normal is boring, and this baby will not grow up to be boring”


“Jagi, we have our own little child, we are parents, I can teach her so many things, I’ve never been so happy in all my life!”


*Engulfs you in a bear hug and is squeezing you pretty tightly because he is excited*

C: “You’re going to be a fantastic mum and I’m going to be a wonderful dad!”

Y/N: “Well I don’t think I’ll be a very good mum at this rate because I can’t breathe”

*Loosens his grip but carries on hugging you*


T: “Are you sure that this is really our baby, it just seems so surreal”

Y/N: “Yes Tao she is definitely ours, so are you going to hold her now?”

*Holds the little baby girl in his arms and doesn’t really know what to say, because he has wanted this moment for a long time*

*Eventually ends up shedding tears because he is a father*


*He was running and jumping ahead of you all excited to pick up the newborn, and when he held it in his arms, he found that the empty space in his life had been filled.

L: “He is amazing baobei, we will do everything we can for this child, our child”


*He had really been looking forward to this day and when it came he couldn’t help but shed a few tears*

K: “Your part of the family now, and I promise to take the best care of you”


*He had popped to the toilet, and whilst he was in there your child had been brought to you, and you were holding him in your arms, as Luhan walked out of toilet he heard crying and literally ran over to you, and stopped*

LH: “Woah look how tiny you are, I’m your dad and this is your mum and we are gonna be one little happy family”

*Holds back the tears*


*He holds the baby and makes cute faces toward her most of the time*

XM: “People say that I can look really cute, but no one can look at adorable as you”

*Is so happy that you both have a child to raise*

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“I feel this video shows the TRUE canon relationship between Sora and Kairi. They are not adults, meaning they have a different view on love than adults may have. Some people think marriage, others think sex, but for an innocent teen couple, none of these may come to mind. They think of the little things, just spending time with each other, happy little moments, and dancing. This /is/ what the canon relationship is between Sora and Kairi, not what most adults may think of love. Sora and Kairi haven’t completely grasped it yet. So their view on love is a lot more of just having fun and doing what they want, hence the mood of the video. It isn’t slow and very romantic, it has the mood of what two teens would do if they went out one night, have a whole lot of fun. Get it? :D”

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh my gosh.

And I feel like the editor’s completely right about their description of them here (and it’s one of the many reasons I adore SoKai ^_^).