cutest texts

*Caught my mother watching BTS-Fire music video*

Me: Mom what on the earth are you doing?

Mom: I’m watching my son-in-laws


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but the first time jeremy makes jean laugh jean stops for a second and marvels at himself because it’s been years since he’s laughed for real and it feels unfamiliar but good

and jeremy just stands there grinning at him and the only thought running through his head is i want to hear that sound every day for the rest of my life

one of my favorite things that happened tonight was when jinyoung asked jaebum the question he pulled: “why are you so handsome”, and jaebum said he didn’t know. jackson’s ass went on to say “jaebum doesn’t think he’s handsome.” then he got up outta his chair and yelled at jaebum “you’re handsome, honey!!!!” and i died inside my jackbum heart was so full!!!

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You and your gf are just the cutest things.

she texted me she wasn’t feeling well, told her i was gonna try to help, she was like how, and i snapped her a picture of my titties and put that shit on 10 seconds so she could screenshot it if she wanted. the cutest. lmao