cutest team or cutest team

Things we forget about Hades

> He loved Maria di Angelo with his heart

> He had not one, but 2 children with her (unlike Zeus who returned to Thalia’s mom as Jupiter)

> He raised Nico and bianca till they were 3 and 5 years old respectively

> He defied Persephone and offered to build the 3 of them a castle in the goddamn underworld to keep them safe from Zeus.

> He was the only god of the big 3 that kept it in his pants and did not break the no-children pact, since Nico and bianca were technically born in the 1940s which was before the pact

I actually feel that hades would make a great dad to Nico and that the only reason of his absence so far was because Zeus had forbidden it.

I mean, Nico actually has memories of him from his childhood!

He’s about the only Olympian that isn’t a selfish, ignorant, annoying brat.

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