cutest team in baseball


Clubhouse Confessional: The Astros continue to be the cutest team in the league as they try to decipher sabermetrics. 

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What would Dallas be doing as a career if he didn't become a Baseball player? Does he have any other hobbies?

Hmm. He’d probably study either art, or botany. But he doesn’t really have much confidence in his drawing skills, and he doesn’t think he’s smart enough for science stuff. He’d much rather sit down and listen to his friends ramble. Parker with insects, Malek with marine biology, Phoebus with astrophysics, and so on, and so forth. Poppy also paints, but she’s so talented at what she does, whenever she’d try to peer into Dallas’ notebook, he’d have to stand at his full height and lift his notebook. Seeing a girl as tall as Poppy trying to wrestle a boy as tall as Dallas is probably the funniest, simultaneously cutest thing the baseball team has seen.
Poppy: omg Dallas’ bag
Malek: *taking the bag and hiding it protectively within his arms* Poppy no he trusted you to respect his privacy
Poppy: damn you.. guilt tripping me like this..
Poppy: fine.
Malek: good kid *puts the bag down*
Poppy: *snatch* sike!!!!!!!!
Dallas: *running across the campus* stop!!!!!!!

I had to dig up my old notes for this ask. But I keep reminding everyone that Eerie Crests is like, a sister story to Phoebus and Andromede, and in Phoebus and Andromede, Dallas was a botanist. (Dallas is also Kinda dead in Phoebus and Andromede omfg poor Malek )

Botanist Dallas though? Surrounded by plants all the time, always calm and happy.


This just in: the Astros are the cutest team in the league