cutest squishy!


Conor smiles😄💖


Actual Human Sunbeam.

Yvonne Strahovski takes us on a ‘The Handmaids Tale’ set tour with The Hollywood Reporter


…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.


Amber; popularity sim with a bit of a bitchy side. Will probably spend more time in Romara Coffee Shop than the library.

Dipti; cutest little squishy, loves to cook (even if she does sometimes cheat), and has already started following Cosima around like a lovestruck lost sheep.

Margo; don’t let her evil witch pretensions fool you. Big ol’ scaredy pants, loves animals, and listens to 70s disco classics when the other girls are out at class.

(Dipti and Margo are by the awesome @simhow)