cutest sneeze in the world

Fenris sneeze is a little “meep” sound. It’s the cutest sneeze in the world. When Hawke first hears it, they though it was from Merrill, not the spiky-I’ll-rip-your-heart-out-with-my-teeth- Fenris. But then it happens again and Hawke is like, “holy Andraste, protect this cinnamon roll.”

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Headcanons for Naruto, Neji, Lee and Sai for when they sneeze, their s/o tells them that they find it cute?

I hope you enjoy this! I am so so so sorry for making you wait! <3

Naruto’s, Neji’s, Lee’s, and Sai’s S/O Telling them that their Sneeze is Cute


- Honestly, this poor boy laughs when he hears them say that it was cute. He doesn’t think he has a cute sneeze at all, and, instead of weirding him out, it makes him laugh. They assure him that they weren’t joking, and he’s quickly a blushing mess.

- Tests them between “Sneeze or Not a Sneeze” – kinda like Sheldon Cooper’s speed round of “Flag or Not a Flag.”

- Begins subconsciously saying “Cute” instead of “Bless you/Pardon you” if they sneeze, thus proceeding to “out-sneeze” them, forcing an all out sneezing war. (Annoys the shit out of Sakura and Kakashi lmfao)


- Poor guy doesn’t know how to react. They instantly catch him off guard with the statement.

  • “Wait, what?”
  • “I said your sneeze was cute”

- Instant blushing mess, but he quickly comes to love it.

- Gets to the point where if he sneezes and they’re not there to say that it’s cute, he mumbles:

  • “Cute.”


- Honestly, this boy has the cutest sneeze. Even he finds his own sneeze a bit cute. When his s/o is there, and they call it cute, Lee’s pride kicks in, hands on his hips, standing up tall and proud, saying:

  • “I know! I have the cutest sneeze in the world!”

- (Gai in the distance, nodding his head enthusiastically, going: “Your sneezes are full of youth!!”

- However, if he’s sick, and he sneezes, it’s the least cute thing in the universe. It gets very gross very quickly.


- His s/o said it once or twice and he still has no idea what they meant. The next time he sneezes he asks them what they mean:

  • “Why do you keep saying that? Sneezes aren’t supposed to be cute.”
  • “True, but yours is. It’s a compliment, Sai.”
  • “Is it? I didn’t know my sneezes were cute.”
  • “Well, you’re cute, so your sneezes are going to be cute.”

- He still doesn’t understand, but he loves it. Can’t wake up at least once hearing them say that his sneeze was cute.

- Lowkey worried that they say that about everyone’s sneezes, but that worry is quickly swept away when someone like Naruto or Kiba sneezes as they’re passing and his s/o doesn’t say that it was cute.

Victoria probably has the cutest kitten sneeze in the world, but no one brings it up because she gets really mad and she hates it with every fiber in her body when people comment on it. Every single one of her friends, (and amost everyone in Blackwell) know not to mention it. 

One day, though, Max brings it up after Vic sneezes and says how cute it is, and how cute Vic is in general with stuff like that. Victoria, blushing like mad, weakly says “Th-thanks, you’re pretty cute too.” 

And when they started going out, whenever Victoria sneezes Max will kiss her quickly and call her a cutie-pie. (If anyone else tries calling Vic cute, though, it’s horrifying) 

Me on Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 2
  • “Dasvidanya.”
  • Viktor’s sneeze is the cutest thing ever in the whole wide world I don’t mind listening to it for the rest of my life.
  • Tha ENGRISH.
  • VIktor touching Yuuri so sensually I almost had a heart attack.
  • “Yuuri, let’s sleep together.”
  • “My heart’s pounding because of how happy I am.” (Me: NO YUURI THAT’S L-O-V-E. REALIZE IT AlREADY daMMIT)
  • We get to see Viktor ice skating again.
  • Yuri Plisetsky and his obsession with cats. (Now I’m sure he’s a softy deep, deep, 5,000 ft. deep inside.)
  • Vikturi getting to know each other stage.
  • Yuri and Viktor’s promise which the latter had forgotten. And Viktor being an ass for doing that but we ended up loving him even more because he’s just so fucking perfect.
  • Yuuri and Yuri fighting for Viktor’s affection.
  • Viktor’s adorable faces. sEnd HELp–
  • YURIO.
  • The TRIO.
  • THE THREESOME. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yuuri’s expressions while skating; I LOVE IT and Viktor probably ALSO DOES.
  • Viktor asking about his future husband behind his back. <3
  • On Love: Agape and Eros.
  • Eros.
  • EROS
  • “I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you, Viktor.” aka Yuuri’s marriage proposal.