cutest sneeze in the world

I’m feeling not great so it’s time for Victuuri sickfic headcanons!

- they’re high level athletes who have made a career out of going fast and jumping around on a slippery and very hard surface. They both have a pretty high tolerance for pain and general discomfort. Yuuri’s got a slightly higher pain tolerance than Victor, but neither of them are weenies (though Victor will definitely milk his papercuts and stubbed toes if he thinks he can get a kiss from Yuuri out of it. And of course Yuuri is always all too happy to kiss his husband’s booboos.)

- They’re both guilty of pushing themselves through more than they probably should. Yuuri will outright deny being sick even when he’s been coughing and sneezing all day, while Victor tends to downplay the hell out of anything that’s wrong with him (‘just a little cold!’ he wheezes, too feverish to stand up straight without wobbling.)

- Point is, they have to be extremely sick to willingly stay home from practice.

- Luckily, they take better care of each other than do of themselves.

- Victor will manually drag Yuuri back to bed if he thinks he’s too sick to go out. Yuuri MIGHT let a sick Victor talk him into going to practice but Yuuri is taking a thermometer and checking Victor every half hour and if that fever goes any higher, they’re going straight home, no argument, Yuuri will carry Victor back if he has to!

- Victor is less experienced than Yuuri in being cared for. For most of his life, Yuuri has had people around who will look after him when he’s sick. He had his family in Hasetsu, and Phichit and Celestino in Detroit…but when Victor’s sick at home? He was on his own for the most part.

- Of course he has Makkachin who is an excellent cuddle buddy when you don’t feel well, but there’s only so much you can do when you don’t have opposable thumbs.

- Yakov would check up on Victor now and then if he was sick enough to go home just to make sure he wasn’t actually dying because Victor is so bad at admitting when something is really wrong.

- Once he was out for two days with an apparent stomach bug and Yakov came over after Victor hadn’t answered his phone for hours (‘I was taking a nap, Yakov! I’m fine, really!’) He took one look at Victor and hauled his ass off to the hospital. Turned out Victor had a very infected appendix on the verge of rupturing. Yakov sleeps better at night knowing that idiot has Yuuri to look after him now.

- Victor gets a bit overwhelmed and emotional sometimes when he’s feeling really poorly and Yuuri is so attentive and caring and showering him with love because it’s all so new for him. Yuuri got really freaked out the first time it happened, all he did was bring Victor tea and tuck him into bed and kiss his forehead and promise to be right there if Victor needed anything! Why are you crying, Victor? What did I do wrong?!

- Yuuri tends to get mushy too about getting lots of TLC from Victor when he’s sick, but it’s more delirious gushing about how great Victor is. (‘You’re the most wonderful husband ever, Victor.’ ‘Yuuri, all I did was bring you some NyQuil and a box of tissues.’ ‘I love you so much, Vitenka.’)

- Yuuri gets really crazy awful nightmares sometimes when he’s got a fever. Victor stays close by while Yuuri’s sleeping and tries to wake him up if it looks like he’s having a bad dream (and then cuddles and soothes him for however long it takes him to calm down.)

- Yuuri calls his mom a lot when Victor’s sick for advice (‘what kind of tea should I make him? Do you have the recipe for that udon soup you used to make when me and Mari were sick?’) Eventually Victor starts calling her when Yuuri’s sick too. Mama Katsuki always knows what to do and is more than happy to share her mom wisdom with the boys.

- Of course they hate to see their husband sick…but they both think the other has the cutest sneeze in the world. Victor legitimately sneezes like a kitten while Yuuri’s are more cute because of the faces he makes when he’s gearing up to sneeze.

- They have a playful ongoing argument about what kind of tea is better when you’re sick. Yuuri believes in green tea for everything, absolutely everything. Victor loves black tea but he’s also got a stockpile of every herbal tea you could ever want and goes digging through it when Yuuri’s sick to pick out the perfect one to treat the symptoms.

- These boys love each other so much and are gonna be there for each other through the thick and thin, in sickness and in health!

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Headcanons for Naruto, Neji, Lee and Sai for when they sneeze, their s/o tells them that they find it cute?

I hope you enjoy this! I am so so so sorry for making you wait! <3

Naruto’s, Neji’s, Lee’s, and Sai’s S/O Telling them that their Sneeze is Cute


- Honestly, this poor boy laughs when he hears them say that it was cute. He doesn’t think he has a cute sneeze at all, and, instead of weirding him out, it makes him laugh. They assure him that they weren’t joking, and he’s quickly a blushing mess.

- Tests them between “Sneeze or Not a Sneeze” – kinda like Sheldon Cooper’s speed round of “Flag or Not a Flag.”

- Begins subconsciously saying “Cute” instead of “Bless you/Pardon you” if they sneeze, thus proceeding to “out-sneeze” them, forcing an all out sneezing war. (Annoys the shit out of Sakura and Kakashi lmfao)


- Poor guy doesn’t know how to react. They instantly catch him off guard with the statement.

  • “Wait, what?”
  • “I said your sneeze was cute”

- Instant blushing mess, but he quickly comes to love it.

- Gets to the point where if he sneezes and they’re not there to say that it’s cute, he mumbles:

  • “Cute.”


- Honestly, this boy has the cutest sneeze. Even he finds his own sneeze a bit cute. When his s/o is there, and they call it cute, Lee’s pride kicks in, hands on his hips, standing up tall and proud, saying:

  • “I know! I have the cutest sneeze in the world!”

- (Gai in the distance, nodding his head enthusiastically, going: “Your sneezes are full of youth!!”

- However, if he’s sick, and he sneezes, it’s the least cute thing in the universe. It gets very gross very quickly.


- His s/o said it once or twice and he still has no idea what they meant. The next time he sneezes he asks them what they mean:

  • “Why do you keep saying that? Sneezes aren’t supposed to be cute.”
  • “True, but yours is. It’s a compliment, Sai.”
  • “Is it? I didn’t know my sneezes were cute.”
  • “Well, you’re cute, so your sneezes are going to be cute.”

- He still doesn’t understand, but he loves it. Can’t wake up at least once hearing them say that his sneeze was cute.

- Lowkey worried that they say that about everyone’s sneezes, but that worry is quickly swept away when someone like Naruto or Kiba sneezes as they’re passing and his s/o doesn’t say that it was cute.

Victoria probably has the cutest kitten sneeze in the world, but no one brings it up because she gets really mad and she hates it with every fiber in her body when people comment on it. Every single one of her friends, (and amost everyone in Blackwell) know not to mention it. 

One day, though, Max brings it up after Vic sneezes and says how cute it is, and how cute Vic is in general with stuff like that. Victoria, blushing like mad, weakly says “Th-thanks, you’re pretty cute too.” 

And when they started going out, whenever Victoria sneezes Max will kiss her quickly and call her a cutie-pie. (If anyone else tries calling Vic cute, though, it’s horrifying) 

Me on Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 2
  • “Dasvidanya.”
  • Viktor’s sneeze is the cutest thing ever in the whole wide world I don’t mind listening to it for the rest of my life.
  • Tha ENGRISH.
  • VIktor touching Yuuri so sensually I almost had a heart attack.
  • “Yuuri, let’s sleep together.”
  • “My heart’s pounding because of how happy I am.” (Me: NO YUURI THAT’S L-O-V-E. REALIZE IT AlREADY daMMIT)
  • We get to see Viktor ice skating again.
  • Yuri Plisetsky and his obsession with cats. (Now I’m sure he’s a softy deep, deep, 5,000 ft. deep inside.)
  • Vikturi getting to know each other stage.
  • Yuri and Viktor’s promise which the latter had forgotten. And Viktor being an ass for doing that but we ended up loving him even more because he’s just so fucking perfect.
  • Yuuri and Yuri fighting for Viktor’s affection.
  • Viktor’s adorable faces. sEnd HELp–
  • YURIO.
  • The TRIO.
  • THE THREESOME. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yuuri’s expressions while skating; I LOVE IT and Viktor probably ALSO DOES.
  • Viktor asking about his future husband behind his back. <3
  • On Love: Agape and Eros.
  • Eros.
  • EROS
  • “I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you, Viktor.” aka Yuuri’s marriage proposal.