cutest smile ever :3

4 Fresh films to watch on Netflix

1. Honeytrap (2014)

Layla moves to Brixton, U.K. to live with her mom. She gets involved with local rapper Troy who has more secrets than she thinks. I’m very bias because I love Lucien Laviscount and Jessica Sula both of which were on the show Skins. I also love this movie because the ending is wild and it’s a roller coaster ride watching Lyla grow up or at least try to. 

2. Being Charlie (2015)

Charlie is a teen drug addict with nothing to lose. He simply does not care for rehab until he meets a girl. This movie is very sad at times but makes you laugh too. Also Nick Robinson has the cutest smile i’ve ever seen.

3. King Cobra (2016)

Based on a true story King Cobra follows the tale of gay porn star Sean Paul Lockhart who tries to get away from the producer who made him famous. This movie is very interesting but worth a watch. Garrett Clayton, Christian Slater, and James Franco all star. Also, for my fellow #Spoby peeps, there is a ton of shirtless Keegan Allen. You’re welcome.

4. Teenage Cocktail (2016)

Two friends plan to runaway from home but find a scary way to make the money. This movie shocked the fuck out of me. The end was insane I still talk about it.

so i had the absolute pleasure of drawing one of my FAVORITE PEOPLE EVER @candiikismet!!! She is like the human embodiment of sunshine, sunflowers, and gold. She has an endless heart full of love & support, the best sense of style, and she just has the cutest smile ever ok?!!! I hope you like it, Candy!! <3


[The Digitalian Tour 2014]: Cute happy baby watching “Disco Star” ♥

sayyoullbemydarling  asked:

so you know how adam bought blue flowers? well i think that once he and ronan got together he wanted to get him something but ronan wouldn't necessarily want flowers so he buys him sunflower seeds instead and when he gets home to the barns for the summer from college he sees a little patch of sunflowers and smiles <3

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read… I mean, SUNFLOWERS and Ronan thinks about the gesture so often that he starts dreaming up his own seeds that he plants with Adam’s and although Adam’s are regular sunflowers, they thrive when Ronan’s dream sunflowers grow next to them, their stems winding up around each other, curling together and seeking out the sun 🌻

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It was July 6, I’ve finally got to meet Attila up close. I’ve been on fan of Attila for so long! I love these guys! Seeing them at warped was just so amazing. The first time I met them was back in 2012, it was December 9th, 2012 at the outbreak tour in best but theater NYC. I have to admit they still rock the crowd now. These guys are just amazing, funny, sweet and just so perfect. I’m so fucking glad I got a picture with the whole band and a separate picture with Chris fronz. <3 meeting them was the best part of warped tour for me! Hoping to see them again someday! Just saying fronz is the sweetest guy ever, has the cutest voice and smile! <3