cutest side couple ever

Secretly Obvious (Cara/Calum Smut) A frat!Luke special

It is NOT necessary to read frat!Luke (x) before reading this, but if you want the full experience it is very advisable because they are just the cutest side couple ever OKAY. AND NO THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE. yet 

Sorry but this ship gives me feels and if anyone says anything against them I’m gonna cry. (I also need a ship name, thank you! Carum??)

AU: Cara is loud, bitchy and ecstatic, she absolutely hates serious things and all she ever wants to do is party and have casual sex. She is honest and direct, leaving no space for lies. Calum (a frat boy) is Cara’s best guy friend. He takes care of her after she gets (too) drunk, he sees through her tough chic demeanour and he absolutely adores her even though she is sometimes very hard to love. They managed to keep their relationship purely platonic for two years, but a bit too much alcohol and Cara’s sexual needs make Calum realize that there could be something more. 

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