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Luke & Lorelai- Favourite Moments- Season 5

uhhh i don’t watch the flash but i’ve seen probably ten episodes collectively plus the crossovers with supergirl and idk WHAT is goin on with barry not knowing who he is but him and iris literally falling in love again is giving me mad feels and it’s major cute so it got bumped up a few notches on the to watch list

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Usually, it's always "will you marry me" or "will you make me the happiest person alive and marry me" but god, oh god, "will you let me love you forever" is the most beautiful and cutest proposal I've ever seen. It's so Newt. So precious.

:D Newt’s a precious guy that I adore so much. I’m glad you liked the proposal :) I think it may be the fluffiest thing I’ve written for this blog lol. Thank you so much for the kind message :)

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-SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED FRIENDS- Do you remember that they played the song Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton when Chandler proposing Monica? It maybe sounds cliche but I NEVER COULD GET OVER IT, I LOVE THAT SCENE SO MUCH AND I WANT TO MARRY WITH HARRY WHILE THAT SONG'S PLAYING



Wow, yeah, so my expectations at life have just been raised ridiculously high. Forever Alone. 


So worth the 27 minutes. 

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Who was the one to propose: rei was the one to propose and LITERALLY HE SPENT LIKE A MONTH AND A HALF JUST STRAIGHT PLANNING HOW IT WOULD BE DONE because he wanted it to be perfect and beautiful and he wanted nagisa to blush like crazy and with some help from friends but mostly his own romantic brain power, rei ryugazaki formulates the corniest yet cutest proposal nagisa could ever imagine and it’s perfect

Who stressed more over wedding planning: so once rei is done with the proposal hes EXHAUSTED because wow that took so much effort to plan and hes thinking it’s all smooth sailing from here on out like “yes im gonna marry the love of my life this is so relieving” and nagisas like “rei chan we have a wedding to plan!” and just gets like crazy stressed out and reis like “…oh” because sorry buddy but your works not done yet. long story short nagisa gets very stressed out and rei helps out by buying him binders and stuff where he can keep all of his stuff for planning

Who decorated the house: rei has always had a knack for interior design and nagisa is more than happy to let him have at it

Who does the cooking: again…rei. What can I say he makes sure their diets are well balanced

Who is more organized: rei hahaha is this even a question

Who’s the cuddler: nagisa “the nuzzler” hazuki is constantly looking for a snuggle even if it’s in public like god he just loves how warm rei is he cant even help it half the time. hes just so warm.

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:nagisa is the little spoon and rei is the big spoon and they both love it that way

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: they love jogging together and after their high school swimming days are over rei gets back into running and nagisa is surprised by how easily he himself gets into it as well. they go running really early in the morning together sometimes, like when the sun is rising and ah it’s so romantic

Who comes home drunk at 3am: nagisa has to call rei all the time to pick him up because oops he had about 7 shots of smirnoff and doesn’t know his name anymore. rei begrudgingly agrees to get him even though hes exhausted but then seeing how cute and touchy and cuddly and giggly nagisa is when hes drunk makes the whole ordeal worth it

Who kills the spiders: nagisa like rei is in the corning SCREAMING like you all know the kind of rei screaming im talking about and nagisas like “jfc rei chan it’s a spider” and then he squishes it with a napkin, balls it up and throws it at reis face

Who falls asleep first: nagisa usually falls asleep and obviously hes clinging to rei and rei just kinda lays there stiff as a board until eventually his breathing matches up with nagisas and he relaxes his shoulders and smells nagisas hair and finally he falls asleep

A headcanon: nagisa gets hit on by other guys a lot because hes such an adorable twink and rei gets super pissed and drags him away and half the time nagisa doesn’t even know hes being flirted with

Who has the most patience? rei has more patience. rei has more self control in general haha

Their relationship summed up in a gif: 


This is the cutest thing ever! Proposing done right!