cutest person to exist

I could totally see Bertha (elite 4 ground type member from gen 4) having a Zygarde pup. I just thought the idea of a cute old lady with a legendary neon green dog was cute.

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Your tumblr is aesthetic goals and you are like the cutest person in existence. Please just continue being your own wonderful self x

WHAT! Thank yooouu, you and your waayy to sweet message!! xx

[TRANS] 160317 He Jiong’s assistant’s account of sitting on Jackson’s lap

Wang Jia Er is truly very cute, he saw that I didn’t have anywhere to sit and insisted I sit on his lap, and there was nothing to be done, it was for sure I had to sit there for a moment since he was so ardent. But looking at the photo now it feels especially like a large pig being hugged. It doesn’t matter, if I’m able to sit I’ll quickly sit, or else it’s not for sure there will be an opportunity again in the future. The photo comes from the name on the bottom right.  

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you are the cutest sweetest adorablest person to ever exist,,thanks for your existence

no,,thanks for your existence you precious anon

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Peter Parker and Barry Allen crossover where they both like the reader and they have a “rivalry”
Peter Parker and Barry Allen
listen man, I hate this

Two very attractive guys were in love with you. Barry Allen and Peter Parker, wasn’t your life just terrible.

Barry Allen, you had met the man when you were five years old. The young Barry had tried to impress you by running laps around the play ground, go figure. In the middle of his very serious run he had taken a tumble and scraped up his knee pretty bad. You, being the most caring five year old around, ran to help him and ever sense then the poor boy has been in love with you.

Peter Parker, the cutest person to ever exist, literally. You had met the smart kid in your Ap World History class sophomore year. He helped you with homework and you got him dates, what a pair. The things was, Peter didn’t want those dates, he wanted you and there began the ever growing crush he had on you.

So here you were, Peter Parker and Barry Allen fighting over you. How fortunate. You had been friends with both men for years and you had no clue what to do and them constantly fighting did not help the situation.

“Barry you cannot just fight Peter because he wants to take me out on a date,” You said exasperated.

“I can do what ever the hell I want (Y/N).” Barry said with hard eyes.

“Listen dude, I know it upsets you but I really like Peter and I want you to be to not be an ass to him.” You pleaded with the man in front of you but he just wasn’t having it.

“Now, he’s going to be here in a couple minutes and if you could be civil that would be amazing.” You said while looking around for Peter.

“In your dreams Hun,” Barry meant to say this to himself but it came out louder than expected.

“Barry,” You said in threatening tone.

“Barry,” He mocked you while crossing his arms.

Soon Peter came walking towards your table and Barry tensed. You smiled at Peter and stood up to greet him with a hug. Barry just stared.

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter returned your hug and rested his hand on your hip.

“Barry,” Peter acknowledged Barry with a small sarcastic smile.

“Parker,” Barry returned the greeting with a deadpan look and tone.

“Anyways, you ready to go?” Peter asked turning back to you.

“Yeah, see you later Barry.” Barry didn’t answer he just watched you two walk away with a scowl on his face.

This time Parker, this time.