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The Fushimi fact list you made was really nice! Could you make a Misaki fact list too? ^^

Sure :D Misaki fact list time~

- Born July 20 the best day for people who love Fushimi

- Mi-sa-ki

- height: 167cm, rounded up

- actual height 166.9cm

- he doesn’t actually know his height

- Fushimi does take that as you will

- that’s what happens when you don’t drink your milk

- he can drink it now though, Misaki:1, Saru: 0

- his mom is the best, too good to not have a name

- has two adorable siblings, Minoru and Megumi

- family in general too normal and not terrible enough to belong to a character in K

- tiny angry fireball

- pure precious cinnamon roll that can also kill you

- remember that one time he almost beat a guy to death while Saru enabled him, good times

- what the fuck did you say about Mikoto-san I’ll kick your ass

- tough thug but cries sometimes

- he makes a beanie look good

- well not really but he tries so hard

- probably has a closet full of hats and sweatshirts that he never wears, only ties around his waist

- skateboarding uses up like half the animation budget, worth it

- scared of ghosts and women

- was once defeated by a picture of a half naked woman

- virgin according to Fushimi, who should know

- occasional panty delivery boy

- biggest weaknesses: Fushimi, boobs, Fushimi with boobs

- cutest big brother

- has multiple part time jobs, somehow Fushimi shows up at half of them

- likes to cook with fruit and meat

- looks good in an apron

- only thing standing between Homra Fushimi and malnutrition probably

- not the sharpest knife in the harness

- will have the worst outfits in any given piece of official art

- seriously he looked like a garbage man the jumpsuit whut

- metal pole can transcend time and space to appear in flashbacks before he actually got it

- also where the fuck does he keep that thing when he’s on his skateboard

- no seriously is it clenched between his butt cheeks or what

- thinks he’s a hardcore thug

- actually cute ray of sunshine

- who will set you on fire if you piss him off

#7 Preference - First Date

Harry: “C’mon, (Y/N)! We are almost there.” 

“Harry, you said that ten minutes ago!” you exclaimed, tired of walking. 

 ”This time I mean it.” he gave you a smile and you scoffed. This was your first date with Harry and everything was fine, until he made you walk for twenty minutes in high heels. 

“This is the worst firs-” You stopped talking once you saw you two had reached your destination. “You brought me to London Eye?” you asked, amazed at the sight. Even after being in London for two years, you still hadn’t gone there.

“Well, you mentioned during dinner that you had never been here so I thought it would be nice to bring you.” he scratched his neck, cheeks turning red and scared of your reaction.It had been always a dream to go Lodon Eye and being there with Harry made everything even more perfect. 

You had met right after you moved to London, two years ago, but it wasn’t until a few days that he asked you on a date. Nothing was strange between you two, it was natural. You felt safe and happy, you just hoped Harry felt the same. He did. 

“I love it!” you exclaimed, throwing your arms around him. “Thank you so much, Harry.” your voice sounded muffled by his coat. 

“I have to say that I like knowing that I am your first something.” he whispered and you blushed, hitting him lightly on the chest. “Besides, we can go to Soho after here. Walking!” he walked away, hands on his pocket and you stayed behind, rolling your eyes and sighing.

“Asshole.” you mumbled, smile so big that you looked like a freak. 

 Zayn: The diner was Rock and Roll themed and you were loving every minute of it. It was a bit more far from Central London, where you were used to going, but you actually liked it. It was calm and nice. 

“Thank you for bringing me here, I really like it.” you said, looking around. There were pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe on the walls, along with a shiny sign written “Rock’n’Roll”. The Mac’s Diner had won you heart over. 

“You are welcome.” he said, smiling. “The burger here is great. Is made in the American Way." 

 ”Oh, I suppose this is a good thing.” laughing lightly, you grab the menu to choose what to eat. The meal is great and dinner is all too soon finished. 

"So.. I actually wanted to take you to a place, if it’s cool for you.” he proposed, embarrassed. 


After paying the bill, Zayn took your hand and guide you through the streets. You two were almost at the Rugby Stadium when you turned right. The

Thames river cut his way through the city and there were benches following his path. It’s was a really cold night and you were freezing, hoping whatever Zayn wanted you to see was worth it. 

”(Y/N), this is the place where Rolling Stones had their first gig.“ He pointed out the plaque that explained how this place was ‘historic’. 

"Wow.” you whispered, amazed. You really liked their music, specially cause they remembered you of your dad. 


Grabbing Zayn’s hand, you turned smiling and pecked his cheek, not noticing the blush creeping on his cheek. ”Thank you.” 

Niall: “OH MY GOD!” you screamed, heart racing.

”(Y/N), are you okay?“ Niall said between laughs. 

"No! Who brings a girl to London Dungeon on the first date?” you asked, still scared. You had to be prepared for everything in this place, because people would just jump out of nowhere and scare you. 

The London Dungeon was located right next to London Eye and it was kind of a scary attraction. The intention of this place was to show the history of London through dead people. The were real actors and you had got scared so many times already that you had lost the count. You had just passed through Jack The Ripper part and you were ready to go, not waiting this anymore. 

“I didn’t think you would be so scared, I’m sorry.” Niall said, guilty creeping on him. Sighing, you turned to face Niall, at least you hoped you did, because you couldn’t see a thing. 

“It’s okay. I always wanted to come here, but I was too scared.” you confessed, blushing. You cursed yourself for getting scared so easily, now Niall probably thought you were pathetic. 

“Well, you don’t need to be. I’m here.” that was probably the most cheesy thing you had ever heard, but you couldn’t care less at that moment. You were glad he was there with you. 

“Okay.” grabbing his hand, you two headed to the next part. All you hoped was that you were close to the exit, this way you could grab an Ice Cream and talk. 

Liam: It was snowing and Liam thought it would be nice to take you to the park, even if you two were pretty much freezing. 

“Maybe I should have thought about a warm place.” he mumbled and you giggled.

“Maybe you should have, but then we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the view. I mean, frozen trees do look beautiful.” you were trying to make light of the situation and you both knew. But it was also true. The view was breathtaking. 

“I guess.” he said, shrugging. “Besides, I am feeling like Elsa from Frozen here.” laughing, you started to sing Let it go, while moving your arms in a weird way. 

“Oh God.” Liam muttered, laughing a lot. “You are embarrassing me!” he exclaimed, joking. 

“Oh my!” you put your hand over your mouth, pretending to get offended. “I should just leave after this, Liam! But I won’t, because you would freeze to death." 

"Or I would just walk out of Hyde Park and go home.” he raised his brows and you narrowed your eyes. 

“You wouldn’t!" 

 ”You think so?” turning around, he started to walk to the exit as you just stood there, confused. You were ready to scream and curse at him when Liam turned again and threw a snow ball at you. 

"You are so screwed!” you yell led, grabbing the snow from the floor and throwing. 

“Do you want to build a snowman, babe?” he singed, laughing and running with you on his trail. 

 Louis: The garden of the Hampton Castle was huge and beautiful, Louis couldn’t have chosen a better place to a date. 

“This place is amazing.” You said, eating the strawberry. 

“Just like you.” he remarked and you laughed out loud. 

“You are so cheesy!” you exclaimed. "First, you bring me to a castle. Then you tell me you prepared a picnic and now this!“ 

"I wanted this to be a nice date.” He defended himself. “I mean, we rescheduled this so many times that it had to be perfect when it happened.”

You knew Louis for over a year now and he had actually asked you on a date on the day you met, but tour and school got in your way and you two never got around to going on a date.

“Aren’t you the cutest?” you squeezed his cheeks and he showed you his tongue.

A part of you was really happy that the date took so much time to happen, because it gave you time to know each other and get comfortable with him. But, at the same, you couldn’t help but wonder if you two wouldn’t be dating by now if had happened before.

“Stop talking and eat, (Y/N).” he grumbled. Laughing, you put another strawberry in your mouth. Looking around, you sighed happily. 

The day was warm and the garden looked so gorgeous, you couldn’t believe. The fact that you were there with Louis made everything better. 

You couldn’t have chosen a better place yourself. It was magical. 

“You are amazing, Louis Tomlinson.” You said, squeezing his hand and smiling.

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*OH MY GOD I AM SO SO SORRY! I AM SO LATE WITH EVERYTHING AND UGH SORRY! I am in London right now and this place is so beautiful and amazing that I had to do a First Date preference. I am in love. I promise to get back to requests as soon as possible! Love you xx

Moving in with Dylan

“I can’t believe you already bought the house, moved everything in and I’ve never even seen it.” (Y/N) says as Dylan leads her up the walk way.

“You’re going to love it.” He said, his hands covering (Y/N)’s eyes.

“Can I just see it already!?” She asked. “I’ve waited so long and had no say in what house we got. Please let me see it.”

Dylan removed his hands and (Y/N) saw her new house for the first time.

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30 and yoongi plsss

Suga, 30: I put “send your cutest delivery driver” in the special instructions every time and your manager always picks you. at first you were annoyed but now you’re concerned that my diet is pretty much 70% pizza and offer (threaten) to make me real dinner AU

This is probably the fifth time this week, but hey, you’re basically broke and pizza’s cheap and the boy with dyed blond hair and an eternally bored expression is undeniably attractive.

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so y’all know how luke got a new snapback? well funny story turns out that was all thanks to my friend gabbi (@uhmgabriellewho on twitter)

in DC in april she wore her hat and he said he thought it was cool, so she bought him one and gave it to him on sunday before derpcon!

the cutest part was that he showed it off to calum and told gabbi it was a good fit , god bless


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Didn't d + p get #exposed. Like they were sleeping on the same bed in the bus? It was so cute in the documentary when Phil was sleeping and dan was filming him and they were just chilling on the bed

Yeah i guess but it was under their own control (they helped edit the documentary) so it’s all good …(i say this because “#exposed” implies it wasn’t out of their own choice - not good). 

Honestly it was one of the cutest part of the documentary it just goes to show how comfortable they are with each other :’))) and how ok they are with showing that on camera now?????? I mean the whole sharing-a-bed-thing, is still up for someone’s own interpretation i guess??? but pfft my demon phannie ass is living for this. i can’t read that whole bit as anything other than hella lovey dovey and soft ahaha.

I’m so conflicted because Noah and Audrey clearly love each other but not in “that” way and their friendship is the cutest thing ever and the best part of the show and I like how they actually aren’t romantically interested in each other (unlike most shows where the two best friends fall in love) but a small part of me wants them to actually fall in love and be a couple but I just don’t know ffshjkd

Miscellaneous Shiny Things re: "Monarch Douglas Bank"

Fair warning: This is an exercise in over-thinking and blocks of text. No, really.

  • Beginning of episode: Mr. Kaplan has just comforted Red when she notices one of his victims hasn’t quite finished dying. As Red takes out his gun to finish the task, what does Mr. Kaplan do? She shields her face with her hand. She can’t watch this man be killed. Her expression, by the way, looks equal parts concerned and nauseous.
  • Delicious lip-glances during dialogue! Red is briefing Liz on the bank assault in Warsaw, and tells her that according to the official statement, nothing was actually stolen. Liz asks, “And according to you?” Cue liplook.

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