cutest nerds ever

I learned today from my forensics professor, who is the cutest nerd I’ve ever met, that he has to test every single sample of Methamphetamine that comes into his lab. Not because there’s any doubt it’s a drug, but whether it’s structure is levo or dextro. One is a stimulant drug, the other isn’t. But get this. Dextro methamphetamine is a ingredient in Vick’s Vapor Rub. Meaning you could stick some in a test tube and extract dextro meth from it.

Which got me thinking. It doesn’t do anything to humans, being that we’re levo, but what if it just DESTROYS dextro races in terms of functionality. I can just imagine Shepard coming down with a serious fever, and Garrus running around not knowing what to do so eventually he just calls her mom. Momma Shepard just waves him off, tells him “put some Vick’s up her nose and she’ll be fine”. The last anyone sees of Garrus for the remainder of the day is him stumbling up to Shepard’s cabin to break Chakwas’ quarantine. 

The following morning, Garrus doesn’t come to breakfast or report for duty. The scuttlebutt gets to be R-rated before anyone starts to worry. Chakwas storms up to the cabin ready to lay into Garrus for disturbing her patient, only to find him sprawled across the floor, high as a dang KITE. He’s been awake for at least 36 hours.

Shepard is breathing easier though.