cutest mutts

I drew jock!dean being a soft cutie (◕‿◕✿)


You’re waiting by the door and begin yelling for Sam.

“C’mon let’s go! I’ve got the keys and everything, c’mon.”

Sam walks in holding papers from the pound, and he laughs at your enthusiasm. 

Sam: Don’t worry Y/N, the dogs will still be there when we go.

He hands you the rest of the papers and you turn around going through the front door. You drive to the pound with Sam.


“They’re all so cute, oh my goodness..Sam.” You knell down and see the cutest little baby mutt. 

“Hi buddy, holy crap you’re so adorable.”

Sam watches you and can’t help but smile. He loves seeing you happy and he knows with a little puppy around everyone will be a bit happier. You look up at Sam.

“Sam, he’s the one.” You smile wide as you stand up holding the little puppy. You hand over the pup to Sam.

“You wanna meet one your daddies? Ugh, I can’t wait to show Cas and Dean.”

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