cutest movie ever!

What if this movie was made in the past?
    — Re-Animator as a 1950s science fiction movie


John Dall as Herbert West
Farley Granger as Dan Cain
Audrey Hepburn as Megan Halsey
Boris Karloff as Dr. Carl Hill


Looking like that, why are you such a nerd? And you are, you know. A serious nerd. I had to do some computer shit to get Pathfinder talking to the rover and oh my god.


Things I love about this entire scene/number.

  •  Outfit reversal in which Giselle is the only modernly dressed person there and Robert is wearing something you would see in Andalasia. 
  • Their Beauty and the Beast twirl (nice job director) 
  • Most importantly Robert broke his rule 
You Guys.

Okay. So.

I watched this movie,

I already watched it  twice in three days because i’m a huge fucking loser. (I’ve also been writing fanfiction, because again -> huge fucking loser)

But this is. The cutest. Movie ever.

It’s about a gay man named Henry moving back to his home town to care for his ailing grandfather. When he is there he also meets  Dean, the guy he had a huge crush on while in high school, and he starts falling in love with him again. This all keeps him too occupied to notice the feelings Pike, the Native American  local store owner is harboring for him.

(Dean is on the left, Henry on the right)

This movie is so great you guys.

It has average-looking gay guys over thirty (pretty rare in lgbt movies), it has no nudity or sex because it focuses just on the (adorable, fluffy) romance, it’s all set in the kind of small town that you would expect to be very homophobic, but guess what? It isn’t! Literally the whole goddamn town is rooting for the two main characters to get together and it’s amazing (I mean, yes it’s unrealistic, but fuck that. Let people have their wish fulfillment)
And it has a Native American character! Who’s played by a Native American actor! Seriously, when’s the last time you saw a native american character outside of a period piece? (okay yes, jacob from twilight, but we both know that’s not good enough)
And he’s gay! 
Also he is the most adorable 6.2 foot tall man you have ever seen.

I mean just look at that face. I love him. I love him so very much.

So yes, if you are looking for just the biggest, fluffiest movie ever (like seriously, this is literally the movie version of sitting on the couch with a blanket and a big mug of steaming hot chocolate) please watch Big Eden. It’s just so sweet and so heartwarming and there’s a scene where the leads waltz together.

it’s amazing

Jack Black & Angelina Jolie friend(ship) appreciation post;

Do you know what this fandom like needs the most? A bit of  ‘Black & Jolie’  friendship appreciation post.
Seriously just look at these two dorks. If it wasn’t them we would’ve never seen Po & Tigress beautiful friendship blooming on the big screen.