cutest monkey ever

Who even knows

Basically I got in my head that Law and Luffy get together before Riskua and Ace. Law and Riskua flirt and fire innuendos at each other whenever they meet, and maybe have a bit more fun (because they are both each other’s types, even if they don’t like the other that way).

After Riskua realises Luffy is jealous, she tries to get Sabo’s help to set them up. Sabo is face-palming that she noticed Luffy’s crush but can’t see Ace’s for her (or her own for Ace. Sabo knows it’s there damn it!)


Luffy frowns into his meat, watching Law and Riskua talk at the bar. Law’s got that look on his face a lot of men wear when they talk to Riskua, the one with a small smile that shows a lot of teeth. Luffy doesn’t like it when men wear that smile for Riskua. Riskua is his sister, his first mate. They can’t have her. He can feel the angry-sad-worry-no feeling he normally does when this happens. Only… Luffy flicks his eyes between the pair, noticing Riskua leaning forward off her stool, Law with his elbow on the bar so Riskua is inside his arms. Normally Riskua looks distant, like she couldn’t care. If she’s trying to get information she’d be sitting in their lap. But Riskua’s full attention is on Law, listening as he describes something with his hands.

Finishing off his plate, Luffy frowns further. The angry-sad-worry-no feeling is more ugly than usual. And it’s not directed at Law. Looking at Law makes his belly do some sort of flop and his chest feels a bit like what he imagines the opposite of Gum-Gum Balloon to feel like. The ugly feeling is directed at Riskua. That’s not right. His belly should be still, his chest rubbery, and Riskua makes him happy. Luffy looks at his empty plate and back up. Their faces don’t need to be that close to talk. Maybe if he sits between them Riskua will buy him more meat.


Yesterday I had to work a bit late(it’s all good I get to clock out early today) and needed some energy to make it through 2 classes and so I got myself a Kill Cliff (aka CrossFit Koolaid) before headed to the gym. We decided to go to Body Blitz and the NW Group Exercise Queen, Janefer, was subbing. It was COMPLETELY different from the normal instructor but it was fast paced and I really enjoyed it!! I am feeling it today for sure. My arms and legs were a bit like jello by the time Zumba started but it was still a lot of fun. (Shout out to that paper towel dispenser for photo bombing my selfie!!)

Kevin’s been working close to 60 hours the past two weeks because they were down a few cooks and yesterday it caught up to him cause he’s not feeling too good. If you could send some good vibes/energy his way he could use it for the rest of this week until the new employees he hired start.

Woke up to constant lightning, rain and a big thunder boom right before my alarm went off! Thankfully it’s supposed to stop soon and the sun is going to come out to play. I’m hoping the forecast is correct because Sarah and I plan to do some water classes tonight!!

I was kinda worried about getting back into work after vacation but I’ve been very productive and doing work on my to do lists. I always surprise myself with how much responsibility I can handle.

AND THAT SWEET BABY ANGEL FORREST. He’s just becoming the cutest ever chunky monkey.