cutest moment ever omg

Request: Family Moment

Request: Omg you are writing the cutest stories ever lately! I cried happy tears reading the wedding one. <3. Maybe you next one can be one where the reader is married to Young John Winchester and is raising Sam and Dean and it’s a cute family story? No burning of the reader on any ceilings though. haha

Word Count: 611

Aww, thanks a bunch!(I almost cried writing it because I’m sappy) So, here it is! Enjoy!

“Morning, guys!” You flick on the light, waking the two boys from their peaceful slumber. “Ready to make a move?”

They both groan, turning over simultaneously. You smile at their similar mannerisms, flicking the light off and back on for good measure.

“Alright, we’re getting up!” Dean moans, and you laugh.

“Get dressed, I’m going to get breakfast. Your dad’s just outside with the car, call him if you need anything.” You flash them a grin and head outside.

You married John Winchester nearly two years ago, and even before that, you’d spent a year with him and his two sons, aged eight and twelve, now. You’d always got on with them, and treated them more like a friend where their father was a military figure to them. It’s you they come to when they were hurt or upset.

You leave the motel room and step out to where John’s packing up the car.

“Morning, sunshine.” He grins, and you smile.

“Hey.” You smile, “How’s it going?”

“Good. We’ll be on the road in an hour.” He says, kissing your cheek. “Going to get breakfast?”

“You guessed it. I’m just going to the diner over the road, I’ll be ten minutes.” You promise, and he nods.

“You should grab something for the road, we got a long haul ahead.”

You nod, patting his cheek, “On it. I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” He grins, taking your hand and kissing it. You roll your eyes.

“See you in ten.” You promise, walking off towards the diner.

You can tell he’s looking at your butt.

When you get back with a bag full of food, they’re all waiting outside.

“Sorry. There was this guy in the queue and I swear he’d mistaken the poor waitress for a psychiatrist.” You say, and all three of them laugh, “Oh, nobody loves me. I’m so alone.” You do a stupid impression of the admittedly irritating man, making them grin. You’re about to get into the car when you get an idea.

“Hey, Dean,” You say, “Want to ride shotgun?”

You know he loves the car, and especially loves it when he’s allowed to ride shotgun.

“You mean it?” He asks, obviously excited. He looks up at John, who shrugs.

“If it’s fine with Y/N.”

He looks at you and you nod, then he grins.

“Thank you!” He says, climbing into the front seat. You slide into the back, and prod Sam good-naturedly.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get a go, too.” You promise him in a whisper, and he smiles his thanks. You spend the journey chatting as a family, something you don’t do very often. Every time hunting comes up, or anything violent, you change the topic quickly.

The boys’ childhood is disrupted already and sometimes it’s nice to pretend you’re a normal family. Suddenly, one of your favourite songs comes on the radio.

“Ooh, turn it up!” You request, grinning. John looks at you through the rear view mirror, and frowns.


“Because it’ll be fun. Pleeeeeeeease?” You ask, puppy-dog-eyeing him. He sighs, and turns up the song minutely.

You roll your eyes, suddenly leaning forward and turning the dial. You grin, but he turns it back down. Pouting, you turn it back up. This continues for a few minutes, until the song ends.

“You’re a butt sometimes, you know that?” You laugh, and so does he. The boys have been laughing for the past five minutes. You sit back with your arms folded.

Happy family moments are sometimes few and far between, but it’s moments like this that become treasured memories. When you can pretend to be a normal family for a change.

so last night before sufjan played the dress looks nice on you he was talking about how they had discussed what they would wear on stage, and he said “just street clothes. look humble. whatever you were wearing that day” and dawn was wearing a really lovely/fancy dress and he was like “dawn did you wear that today!?” and she was like…maybe…and then suf goes “I WOKE UP LIKE DISSSS” complete with jazz hands 

funniest/cutest ever omg

Ok so it was so cute tonight in Bristow cause the boys were so confused about whether they were playing in DC or Virginia so they had everyone cheer for which one and then I think it was Luke said “I think they’re just as confused as we are” and it was adorable then they started saying Virginia a lot and saying how fun it was so say omg