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never let “happy birthday my bro” die x


the struggles of waiting for 5vixx to come visit him 



anyway they’re watching kingsman, as per oikawa’s only non-scifi-related request and lbr kuroo’s enjoying it but nobody lets go of a chance to tease oikawa

anyway yeah just some quick doodle stuff while i reconcile the thought that i ship pretty much every combination of captains out there

a beginner’s guide to seventeen

a bunch of new fans have joined because of don’t wanna cry and the subsequent choreos, so here’s a short guide to seventeen!

the hip hop unit

choi seungcheol: stage name - s.coups. he’s the oldest, the leader, and basically the father. most often shipped with jeonghan or jihoon. acts cool but is really just an enormous meme. (this also applies to the rest of seventeen - except seokmin and seungkwan. they don’t even try.)

kim mingyu: stage name - also mingyu. the tallest (185 cm! how is that real!). essentially a giant puppy. he’s a visual and deserves the title (goddamn). most often shipped with wonwoo. super clumsy and super adorable.

jeon wonwoo: stage name - also wonwoo. complete tsundere - has an extreme resting bitch face and a deep as hell voice. most often shipped with mingyu. very quiet compared to the others but that might just be because they’re so loud. actually a sweetheart.

chwe hansol: stage name - vernon. most popular member and total meme. mixed race (½ korean, ½ caucasian) and used to be bullied for it even though he’s beautiful. most often shipped with seungkwan. really sweet, picked as the shyest by the members.

the vocal unit

lee jihoon: stage name - woozi. leader of the vocal unit + main composer/writer of the group. he looks cute but he’s actually the devil. short (164 cm) but definitely the most intimidating. most often shipped with soonyoung or seungcheol. hates aegyo + fanservice even though he has “”natural aegyo””.

hong jisoo: stage name - joshua. known as the gentleman of the group because he’s soft-spoken and very kind. he’s a visual. christian (hence the meme jisoos), loves food, from california and plays the guitar. most often shipped with jeonghan.

boo seungkwan: stage name - also seungkwan. really, really loud and sassy (nickname: divaboo). main vocal, has the voice of an angel. very talkative and friendly, total momma’s boy but it’s sweet. most often shipped with hansol.

yoon jeonghan: stage name - also jeonghan. nicknamed angel because of his birthday (october 4th). visual, super pretty. mom of the group (literally he calls poor chan his child all the time. all the time.) most often shipped with jisoo or seungcheol. voted as having the best personality by the other members.

lee seokmin: stage name - dk. wants to be called dokyeom but nobody calls him dokyeom. another main vocal, beautiful voice (esp high notes!!). also a giant meme. has a famous horse dance and is constantly smiley and cute. enormous softie. most often shipped with soonyoung.

the performance unit

kwon soonyoung: stage name - hoshi. leader of the performance unit and main choreographer. very energetic and caring. also extremely patient and hardworking. very affectionate but also the personification of 0-100 real quick. most often shipped with jihoon and seokmin.

wen junhui: stage name - jun. used to be a child actor in china. super super pretty and knows it. doesn’t seem super talkative but has a hyperactive side. his facial expressions are consistently memey. most often shipped with minghao.

xu minghao: stage name - the8. did bboy + martial arts in china. imo the cutest member in seventeen (esp with the rainbow hair. look up the rainbow hair.) has a very cute voice when speaking korean and often stutters. aMAZING dancer. most often shipped with junhui.

lee chan: stage name - dino. the maknae (poor kid gets pushed around by the other members so much). had a huge glo up recently. famous for his michael jackson dances (he’s a huge mj fan). likes to act tough but is actually adorable. most often shipped with - i actually don’t know most people just think of him as A Child.

if you have any other questions, you can go ahead and shoot me a message or ask because i am glad to spread my trashiness to others! i hope this was helpful!



This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 

a cute yet dangerous driver: Taeyomi 🚗

100 EXO Questions: send me an ask.
  1. Favorite EXO album?
  2. Favorite title song?
  3. Best Era?
  4. Favorite b-side song?
  5. Who’s your bias?
  6. Who’s your bias wrecker?
  7. Favorite choreography?
  8. Favorite MV?
  9. Favorite EXO Showtime episode?
  10. EXO K or EXO M?
  11. OT12 or OT9?
  12. Dance-line or Vocal-line?
  13. Vocal-line or Rap-line?
  14. Favorite Vocalist?
  15. Favorite Dancer?
  16. Favorite Rapper?
  17. EXO First Box or Second Box?
  18. Miracles in December or Sing For You?
  19. Wolf or Growl?
  20. Is EXO your bias group?
  21. MAMA superpowers or WOLF werewolves?
  22. Favorite Friendship?
  23. Favorite Ship?
  24. Favorite China-line member?
  25. Aegyo Xiumin or Abs Xiumin?
  26. Do you own the EXO Lightsick?
  27. Lucky One or Monster?
  28. XOXO or EXODUS?
  29. EXODUS or EX’ACT?
  30. Favorite OT12 moment?
  31. Call Me Baby or Love Me Right?
  32. Favorite EXODUS song?
  33. Favorite Beagle-line member?
  34. Favorite EXO superpower?
  35. As vocalists, Luhan or Chen?
  36. Drop That or Lightsaber?
  37. EXOLU’XION or The Lost Planet?
  38. How long did it take you to learn all their names?
  39. Favorite ballad?
  40. El Dorado or Black Pearl?
  41. Least favorite ship?
  42. Kai or Jongin?
  43. Favorite EXOMENTARY video?
  44. Favorite EXO K member?
  45. Favorite EXO M member?
  46. As vocalists, D.O. or Baekhyun?
  47. As rappers, Sehun or Tao?
  48. Do you actually like Wolf?
  49. Favorite OTP moment?
  50. Have you ever seen EXO live?
  51. Moment that made you cry?
  52. Most handsome member?
  53. Do you still watch EXO Showtime occasionally?
  54. Cutest member?
  55. First bias?
  56. Favorite XOXO song?
  57. Favorite Baekhyun era?
  58. SatanSoo or SquishySoo?
  59. Xiuhan or Hunhan?
  60. Favorite EXO photocard?
  61. Sehun’s eyebrows or Sehun’s legs?
  62. Favorite EXO pet?
  63. Hyung-line or Maknae-line?
  64. Favorite EXODUS song?
  65. Favorite movie with an EXO member in it?
  66. How did you get into EXO?
  67. Mom!Suho or Sexy!Suho?
  68. Promise or Heaven?
  69. Tao’s Z.TAO or Luhan’s Reloaded?
  70. Favorite EX’ACT song?
  71. Xiumin bun or Luhan bun?
  72. Have you ever not liked a member?
  73. Favorite Chen solo song?
  74. Baekyeol or Baekyeon?
  75. Cold city guy Kris or Dorky Kris?
  76. Favorite EXO Cover song?
  77. Did you cry when listening to Promise?
  78. EXO song that you do not like?
  79. Favorite Couple Talk (from EXO first box)?
  80. Favorite Kai era?
  81. As dancers, Kai, Sehun, or Lay?
  82. Baekhyun’s (ft. Suzy) Dream or Baekhyun’s (ft. K. Will) The Day?
  83. Favorite EXO member IG account?
  84. Favorite award performance?
  85. If you could get any of the MID gifts, what would you get?
  86. Kaisoo or TaeKai?
  87. Favorite Chanyeol gif?
  88. MAMA or History?
  89. Favorite lyrics?
  90. Favorite Suho era?
  91. Red haired D.O., yes or no?
  92. Favorite Chanyeol Rap?
  93. Favorite fanfiction?
  94. Lay’s Go, Fighting! Or Luhan’s Running Man?
  95. Pathcodes or Wolf Drama?
  96. Taohun or Taoris?
  97. EXO Showtime or EXO Next Door?
  98. Most significant song for you?
  99. Who are your top 3 members?
  100. Why do you like EXO?

GUYS OKAY WAIT imagine the dream kids all going together with ten to get their ears pierced i can just imagine them in the fluffiest clothes all lined up n im crying thanks bye

Harry: Tom how can you be tired, you’ve done literally nothing today.
Tom: Excuse you, it’s actually really tiring being the cutest member of our family.