cutest maknae ever

Dating Sehun would include

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- the cutest maknae ever

- ok let’s start

- Sehun would be the cutest boyfriend

- he would be very shy at the beginning 

- he would not say much 

- but that would change after dating him for a few months

- he would be your best friend

- simple but cute dates

- a lot of joking around with each other

- Sehun would totally laugh if you hurt yourself

- “Y/N, what was that sound?”

- “Oh God, Sehun, I slipped and fell. Can you come for a second?”

- instead of helping you right away, he would look at you and laugh

- he would prefer staying home with you than going out

- laying your head on his lap while watching movies together

- A LOT of selfies together 

- he would teach you all his angles to get you take the perfect picture

- and would probably judge your selfies

- as a revenge you would show him his pre debut pictures to tease him (chanyeol would help you)

- and you would take pictures of him while zooming the camera on his face

- he would try to take your phone away to delete all of these pictures

- after that, he would tell you that he was joking and say that “the pictures are actually not that bad”

- he would always be brutally honest if you asked him for his opinion

- “Does the food taste good?”

- “It could have been better but it’s alright”

- he would probably not follow you on instagram

- he would tell a lot of jokes

- and would be offended if you didn’t laugh about them

- but at the end of the day, he would not mind all the teasing and would even find it funny himself

- he would show you his soft side (and only to you)

Watching iron man with the maknae line would be like:

Just imagine being really close friends with the maknae line and they came over to watch iron man at your place.


would be full on fan boy mode sitting in the middle of the couch with his iron man socks on clinging to his iron man plush. Just staring at the tv with big eyes. While eating the popcorn in his lap like a little bunny.


would be laying against kookie not saying a word just watching very closely and paying attention to the movie. He would be to amazed by it that he would forget that there is popcorn and probably fall asleep near the end.

Tae tae

on the other hand would be bouncing up and down on the couch, pointing at the tv etc. Everytime something cool happens he would be saying stuff like “wowwww!! Omg (y/n) did you see that! Isn’t he so cool! I am going to be like that when i grow up!”

And you

would just be sitting next to them asking yourself “why am i friends with these Weirdo’s”

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