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Happy Fanfic Author Appreciation Day!

So in honor of this GLORIOUS holiday, I’ve decided to rec some of my all time ALL TIME favorite fanfics, both for the bleach fandom and the fma fandom. All of these fics (both full-length and not) have impacted me as a writer and greatly improved my fandom experience and tbh what would we do without fanfiction? Check out my bleach post here!



Father Figure by Royza-Hawkstang

I only recently found this one but it quickly became an all-time fave. It has the perfect balance of adventure, angst, romance, and all the team mustang+elric brothers feels you could ever want! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and was definitely one I couldn’t put down. 

Snapshots by Royza-Hawkstang

If you have some spare time, DEFINITELY check out Snapshots. It took me a few weeks to get through almost all (currently) 268 of them, but it was well worth it. This is probably the best set of drabbles/oneshots I’ve ever read. There are so many different scenarios and situations the author puts the Mustang crew in, and I love each one. Seriously, I’m amazed the author is still churning out such awesome work, I look forward to the update every Sunday night! 

Flowers of Antimony by @ladynorbert

This story (and it’s 2 sequels) is an all time royai fave! The three parts of the trilogy keep you on the edge of your seat and I probably plowed through all of them in the span of like a day, lol. The writing is wonderful, the plot is fantastically well-rounded and interesting and the use of all the fma characters (and their excellent characterization is great) HIGHLY recommended. 

Alphabet Series by Janieshi

I can’t say enough good things about this series of oneshots! I think this author has my all time favorite royai characterization down pat. Half the oneshots don’t even feature them predominantly but I still can’t get enough. Plus there’s a fair share of team mustang, as well as elric brothers + team mustang feels. There’s even one that features some good ole Riza/Winry friendship stuff which everyone should know I absolutely die for. 

Anchor by Janieshi 

It may be a oneshot, but this one always kills me. I go back to reread it frequently because I love it so much. Protective Mama!Hawk combined with some seriously good royai feels makes this one a winner. Everything by Janieshi is gold, but this one and Alphabet Series are my faves. 

The General’s Daughter  by Antigone Rex

Like Janieshi, everything by Antigone Rex is gold, but this one in particular is my favorite. It also created one of my all time favorite headcanons which is that Roy and Riza’s only child is a daughter and OF COURSE she ends up falling for Ed and Winry’s son. I just love the idea of poor Mustang trying to come to terms with his daughter not only dating, but dating an Elric boy ;) 


It’s Not a Big Deal by @hangonsilvergirl

Seriously, if you never read any other fma fanfic, READ THIS ONE. My all time all time ALL TIME fave edwin story. This is the absolute cutest au and the majority of it is just text conversations. The fact that the author can do so much with so little words has always amazed me. It’s cute, hilarious, and a super fun read. 

Synchronicity by  jaclynkaileigh

God, I just love this fic. It’s an absolute shame that it hasn’t been updated in forever but I still ADORE this au. Ed as the angsty professor and Winry as his stubborn student makes for a lot of wonderful sexual tension. Even though it’s not complete, I still recommend a read! 

Okay, I probably have more and if I think of them, I’ll add to the list as well but I just want to give a huge shout-out to all these authors as well as any and all fanfic authors out there. Fandom would not be the same without you and your incredible work!

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Can i pls request a ten scenarios? His first kiss with his crush but in a sexy/wild way? Love your blog so much and glad that you're running it!♡

Thanks, we’re so glad you love the blog! This is an older request so we hope you’re still reading, sorry for the super long wait. 

Listen: x


“This stop is Korea University station, Korea University station. ”

Another mundane and slow day at school had ended. This was not your ideal way to go through university but what could you do? In order to get good grades at school, you had devoted the majority of your time to your studies. You hardly had any close friends in your program and the ones that you were close to were just as busy as you.

You sighed deeply before stepping onto Line 6, heading in the direction where the library you frequented was located.

Just great, no more seats.

You grumbled under your breath as you headed to the last cart of the train and rested your back against the wall in the corner.

It was just one of those days where you wondered why your life was so dull and nothing eventful ever happened to you.

You crossed your arms and glanced out the windows.

“Arriving at Anam station, Anam station.”

When the doors to the subway opened, a group of young university guys walked in with gym bags and casual wear.

Oh right, Anam station is where the gym complex to my school is.

You looked up expectantly, wondering if you would see that someone in the crowd.

You overheard him and his friends after class often setting up times after school to meet up at the gym. 

Your eyes scanned the crowd before they landed on a familiar pair of eyes that was staring back at you.

Your eyes widened slightly and you diverted your gaze elsewhere.

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he’s here!

You bit your lip, hoping that he didn’t see the eagerness that fills you whenever you bump into him.

He was the only interesting part of your university life so far. He was probably the cutest guy in your major and him being in most of your classes was pure bliss. He had a great sense of style and you simply loved it when he wore pastel caps and silverware earrings. But most of all, his bright smile and kind eyes were what you liked the most.

You were lucky enough to work on a presentation with him last year, but since it was a group project with a lot of members, you didn’t get the chance to speak to him that much.

However, you noticed that the two of you exchanged eye contact almost on a daily basis and once in a while he would even greet you with a timid ‘hi’.  

You knew you were a fool for being so giddy over a simple hi but he was probably the only reason you looked forward to attending your classes. Even now you had to suppress your smile by turning the other way.

“Hey girl,”

Oh gosh, please don’t let it be that guy…

You concluded that the saying that both good and bad news usually arrive at the same time must be true.

Although you got to see Ten, bumping into the jock that was in your elective class was definitely not what you wanted.

You tried to hide your face and pretend that you didn’t know him, but it was clearly too late. His buff frame had already appeared before you, a gym bag slung over his shoulders, a stench emitting from his body. You resisted the urge to pinch your nose.

“Let’s go out to grab drinks, it’s on me.”

How he managed to ask you out for drinks while smelling like gym socks never failed to amaze you.

“I’m okay, thanks. I gotta head to the library.”

You turned the other way trying to escape the corner, but he stood in front of you without budging, knowing you had no where to turn to.

“Oh come on. You’re always busy, let loose for once.”

Before you could look for a way to escape, you noticed someone closing in on the space between you and the jock before he could step any closer to you.

“_______! Sorry, I’m late.”

Ten placed an arm around you and pulled you closer to him.

The way your name rolled off his tongue and how you fit perfectly around his arm made your heartbeat quicken.

He turned to look at the jock with a clueless expression on his face.

“Are you going to the library too?”

The jock didn’t confront him but looked away, evidently annoyed by his interference.

Ten let out a breath of relief before he unwrapped his arm and turned to look at you with a shy smile.

“Hey.” He whispered quietly.

You smiled at him.


“Well, it wasn’t exactly the way I planned to say hi but he didn’t really look like your type. Hope I didn’t interrupt.”

Your eyes widened as you waved your two hands, maybe a bit too wildly.

“No, no! Not at all. Thanks… and you’re right he’s not my type.”

Ten seemed to smile a tad wider as you heard snickering a few seats down from the corner you were standing.

His friends made heart gestures and signalled the two of you to continue talking.

Ten shooed them away and turned to look back at you. You noticed a hint of pink in his cheeks… he couldn’t possibly have interest in you, could he?

You cleared your throat, gaining a bit of your confidence back.

“So… I didn’t know you still remembered my name.”

He lifted an eyebrow at you before giving you a sly smile.

“Now why would you think that I forgot it?”

You shrugged.

“Well, we never really talked much.”

“Since you rush off to the library after every lesson, it’s pretty hard to get a hold of you.”

Ten broke into a laugh as you smiled wider.

He notices… he notices me!

“I just never had a reason to stay.”

You looked up at him hesitantly, trying to read his expression, but before you could the announcement on the intercom signalled that the train was arriving at the next stop.

Almost immediately, a flood of people rushed in, pushing one another until they had enough space to fit in.

Oh great… Dongmyo station.

It was already the busiest station since it was the first transfer station onto the Dongdaemun line, but the amount of passengers seemed to double during rush hour.

Although he tried his best to keep a comfortable gap between the two of you, Ten was pushed closer and closer to you until you were leaning flat against the corner of the train. He had one arm up against the wall, trying his best to keep some distance between you two.

By now, his friends were nowhere in sight and all you could see was the backs of people facing the front of the cart, eager to reach their stop due to the packed train.

The distance between you and Ten was so close that you could hear his steady breathing. You hoped that he couldn’t hear how fast your heart was beating.

He slouched a bit so that he could keep his body further away from you, causing the two of you to come face-to-face.

He mouthed a ‘sorry’ as you answered with a smile and a shake of your head.

You studied the way his eyes were shaped; wide but slightly turned up, so that he looked like he was almost always smiling. The way his black hair fell slightly over his eyes led you to admire his tall nose bridge that was the perfect shape for his face. Your ‘studying’ brought you to look at the ways his bright coloured lips were slightly parted as if the words he wanted to stay remained lingering on his lips.

With the way the train was moving, the crowd of people continued to push and shove, trying to create space for themselves.

This made the distance between Ten and you close in.

Your faces were just inches apart now, but he had averted his gaze to the ceiling to make it less awkward for the two of you.

However, a sudden jolt from the man behind Ten threw him off guard as his lips crashed into yours.

Even though it was a large impact, his soft lips felt heavenly on yours and you felt your lips kiss back on your own.

His eyes widened and he pulled away from you, slightly taken aback.

From his expression, you knew that he felt you kiss back and you wished a black hole would just open and swallow you up.

What on earth was I thinking?

Ten’s look of surprise was no longer on his face, but now he looked at you intently, as if he was trying to figure out your feelings.

You furrowed your eyebrows and bit your lip as you looked away from him.

I am so getting off at the next stop. He probably thinks I’m a weirdo.

However, what Ten did next shocked you.

He bent down so the two of you were on the same eye level, as he brought up his hand to cup your cheek softly.

You turned to look at him.

The train had just gone out of the tunnel and rode along the outdoor track. 

The sun was just starting to set and the warm orange glow that emitted from the sun rays brought out the brown in Ten’s eyes as the rays hit his skin every now and then.

His eyes seemed to speak as he glanced at you meaningfully before turning his gaze to your lips, inching closer and closer slowly. The distance between your lips finally closed when he kissed you deeply, as if confirming his feelings for you.

You kissed him back as you closed your eyes and brought your arms up to hold onto the sides of his shirt lightly, afraid that if you embraced him the dream-like scenario would end.

When he finally pulled back, he smiled at you warmly.

“You have a reason now.”


“A reason to stay instead of rushing off after class.”

He laughed as you bit your lip hesitantly.

“Arriving at Sindang station, Sindang station.”

He held your arm lightly as he signalled for you to get off the train with him.

“Where are we going?”

He turned back to face you with a playful smile on his lips.

“Well, not to the library I hope!”

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faith lehane in every episode
↪beauty and the beasts

but you like him. and when you think about him, you get that… good, down-low tickle, right?

Seriously though Aoi has some adorable mannerism descriptors

"Santa scratched the back of his ear, and looked awkward."
"Santa was shaking like a newborn deer."
"Santa cocked his head to one side, like an inquisitive bird."

This is an extremely cute person help

A brief summary of Nine’s family

Nine: bananas, smiles, sassy, hand-holding, hand-holding with Rose more specifically, show-off for Rose, jealous of Mickey Rickey and Jack

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Rose: kind, compassionate, beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world too pure, kicks major ass, cutest accent ever, likes to make Nine jealous but totally in love with him, fashion game on point, IN LOVE with Nine

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Jack: (    ͡°   ͜ʖ   ͡° ) @ everyone/thing

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Mickey Rickey:

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basically ^

#look at her do her little head #cutest cutie that ever did cute #such showoff #she so wants to impress him #ughhhhh #it’s so easy #and she wants his encouragement because he’s the one who made her feel like she could do it #that she should do it #and she’s happy he did #and he can see she’s happy #but he can’t do anything 

#my tagging just went from “cutest cutie” to major cs angst

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Frank + kids playing soccer = heart melt. 

We’re sure you’ve already heard, but if not, welcome Mr. Frank Lampard to NYCFC