cutest little thing

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Young victor getting young Yuuri's scrapbook in his mail and keeping it till later adult victor shows 'his most dedicated fan' scrapbook to adult Yuuri and Yuuri is blushing like mad because that was his scrapbook from more than 10 years ago


Imagine smol 12-13 year old Yuuri working day and night, cutting out Victor’s pictures from magazines and posters and sticking it onto the pages of his self-bound scrapbook that he made with Yuuko’s help. He writes a few notes here and there and decorates it with marker pens and a few stickers and then when he’s done, he gives it to Hiroko to send to ‘Victor Nikiforov’.

And Hiroko, even though she doesn’t understand, complies and gives the scrapbook to the postman to deliver to 'Victor Nikiforov’ and the postman who always gets free food and treats from the Katsuki Family, takes the job seriously and he ACTUALLY gets it delivered via the most safest and expensive delivery method.

The scrapbook passes the gift screening and was delivered to 16-year-old Victor who thinks that the scrapbook is the most adorable gift ever and he keeps it with him in his room and brings it with him when he starts living in his apartment.

And 10 years later, in Victor’s apartment where all their friends have gathered, when someone appoints Yuuri to be Victor’s biggest fan, Victor says he’s flattered but no one can beat the fan that made him a 45 page scrapbook that was self-bound and filled with love. He proceeds to show it off and Yuuri is blushing 10 shades of red and Victor notices. He puts two and two together and then he’s blushing too and they’re just awkwardly staring at each other.

“Yuuri. Did you make me this scrapbook? More than 10 years ago?”

Yuuri quietly nods and Victor can’t believe the most precious gift he’d receive from a fan was from his own fiancé back when they were still kids and its the cutest ever omfg send help