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Blind Date

Pairing: Chris Pratt x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 8055

Author’s Note: So, @mf-despair-queen and I were talking about Dylan and Chris on motorcycles and decided to write something with it. Although the fics are different, the do link together in plot/ Make sure you check hers out, cause it’s amazing!

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I’ve had a history of terrible dates, so much that I haven’t gone on a proper date in almost two years. There were a few where they stood me up and a few where they were just plain awful, clearly only wanting sex from me. Living in L.A. is basically the worst place to date, because most of guys I’ve met are egotistical assholes, who only care about themselves.

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It’s finals week and in the middle of lecture you walk in in pajamas and slippers, slap the hw on the desk, salute the professor and walk out, can I buy you a congratulatory coffee- Nozoeli ^^

i wasn’t sure who would be who until it occurred to me that eli would probably die if a class saw her in just her pjs so it looks like Nozomi is the classroom’s hero lmao

sorry this fill is kind of short! I didn’t know how to make it longer without going completely off prompt, haha. I think it was pretty cute where i ended it anyways

If finals week was hell, then sitting in her economics class at eight o clock in the morning on thursday was the seventh circle. All around her, Eli could see the other students falling, each head hitting the desk sooner than the last. One courageous soul in front of her downed three whole cups of coffee in an effort to stay awake, only to leave to use the bathroom twenty minutes later and never return. The professor didn’t seem to notice, or if she did, didn’t care.

Eli tried to write down the notes, but her pen didn’t seem to be working. Upon closer inspection, she was using a mechanical pencil and just forgot to replace the led. She did that and got back to note taking.

The door bust open and everyone turned mechanically, hoping against hope that it was something that could get them out of class. One girl stood, nightgown flowing in the air-conditioned breeze. She held a stack of papers in one hand and a pillow in the other.

Eli watched with rapt attention as the girl she reconized from some previous classes - Nozomi? She ditched quite a lot, not that Eli thought about it -  marched up to the professor’s desk in those little raccoon faced slippers of hers and slammed the papers onto the desk. “It’s my homework assignment.” She said in a completely blank tone.

“I’m going to go back to my dorm and sleep for eight more hours.” Eli watched her give the professor a mocking salute and go, awake for the first time in the entire week.

She had to go give that girl a high five or something.

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Today started off horrendously with only a small two hours of sleep, too much stuff, not enough hugs … I was nauseous and stressed and ended up throwing up after which I felt a lot better. Was I hungover or just extremely anxious? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ who knows
Anyway my friends were lovely, helping me out with bags and stuff, and then mum called with sweet words, and Jo came over and got me calmed down enough to get ready properly. After that everything looked up, I got the trains to Kyoto and met up with my bro! We hugged, walked around, had food in the cutest little place with amazing coffee and took the bus to our Airbnb which is absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy he found this place! We settled in for a bit, chatted about travel, did face masks and nose strips and skin care routines together, had tea and biscuits, and then went out to find food! It turned out to be way harder than expected because everything was somehow closed ? On a Tuesday? In Japan? What? But after having found a lil place (with the weirdest waitress who insisted on speaking English even though Japanese would have been easier, and who tried to get us to take pictures with a weird samurai wig) and had some nice food, we went to the onsen and … that’s where rational thought stops. Its always great to see other women naked and remember how different everyone looks. Also the salt bath healed me I’m a believer. I’m a bit puddle of softness now, muscles relaxed and mosquito bites less itchy and face moisturised and … so incredibly sleepy :) in this beautiful place with a mountain view!

So I’m moving at the beginning of August to the cutest little place ever. It’s small, but has a lovely window seat & wooden beams across the ceiling. But the best are the built in shelving.

I’ve got a wishlist of books I plan on buying. They’re all witch craft or computer programming books and I feel this sums up a lot about my life.

I’m also working on a bunch of embroidery and cross stitch projects for decorations.

And several friends have offered me furniture, kitchen stuffs, and even a window A.C. unit!

I’m super excited for this place.

the two of us together

headcanon: sasuke and sakura don’t have an extravagant wedding, the wedding night is even less extravagant. but when the day comes to a close and she watches him sleep, she smiles because she thinks this is how she imagined it would be at least: them together, happy and in love.

a/n: quiet reminder that sasuke and sakura got married and had a cute first time. no one can convince me sasuke was a super experienced lover, nope, let’s stick to him casually falling asleep when sakura is just ready to get it on (oh and thank you for sending prompts, i will write them soon!)

There is nothing overwhelmingly special about their wedding night. Sasuke thinks this is probably how it goes for most couples, at least this is how he imagined it would be: undress and awkwardly spend their first night together as husband and wife, share shy kisses and loving looks, brief touches and then maybe something more- (sex! Naruto rudely interrupts his train of thoughts, laughing when Sasuke scowls and disowns him as a best friend).

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