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Neymar visiting the Warriors’ locker room after the game [05/06/’16]

Anonymous requested: Adorable Patrick Stump fluff with him being the cutest little munchkin xo

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“What is this?” Patrick groaned, head turning as he attempted to bury himself further into his pillow. He had barely five hours to take a nap and relax before the band was off again, and he wanted to make the most of it. You, on the other hand, had other ideas.

“Open your eyes” you giggled, pressing the heel of your palms against your mouth. You didn’t want to give the game away. Tipping his hat a little, Patrick turned his head and squinted open one eye, corners of his mouth downturned in curiosity. He couldn’t see anything yet so he tipped his head more, and it was then he could see the bunny on his back.

“What is this?” he repeated, voice a little croaky from sleep, carefully shuffling a bit more upright to look at the bunny, who twitched it’s nose at him almost like a greeting. You giggled more and Patrick turned his head to look at you, smiling fondly and sleepily. “Babe, there’s a bunny” he pointed out, and you nodded.

“There’s a bunny” he repeated, ever so carefully reaching back to pick it up before he rolled over onto his back, shuffling to sit upright as he crawled up next to him, head on his shoulder as he set the bunny onto his chest. Then you reached across, gently running a palm over the Bunny’s head and ears. 

“It’s a bunny” you agreed, grinning uncontrollably. Patrick looked so soft and cuddly and sleepy. And he smelt so good. Like home and aftershave and fresh air. He lolled his head a little,smiling across at you like he couldn’t hold it back either. “Why is there a bunny?” he murmured, large hands gently stroking the fluffy mammal. You shrugged gently,  lifting your head to kiss his cheek.

“Actually…” you admitted sheepishly, rolling over and reaching into the large box on the floor, facing him again with a bunny in each hand. “There’s more bunnies” he revealed, setting one on his chest and the other on his thigh. Patrick looked absolutely blissed, lips quirked upwards as he tried to stroke them all at once, eyes shining as he looked up at you, his soft blond hair spilling from under the wide brim of his hat.

“More bunnies?” he asked, almost hopeful and you giggled again, nodding as you stooped to pick up the large box, lifting onto the bed and carefully pulling out each bunny, until all ten were on the bed. Or rather, on Patrick. “Oh my god” he grinned, hoarding them all close to his chest. “Why do we have bunnies?”

“Why not?” you asked back, head tilting as you crawled up, slotting yourself carefully next to him, chin on his shoulder. He turned his head, kissing your temple gently. “I love you” he murmured, and you gave a soft hum.

“I love you too” you responded, grinning as you felt the bunnies move to you too. “I rented them for a while. They’re for birthday parties but I thought you needed some fluffy friends” you shrugged, head lolling on his shoulder as you picked up one rogue bunny, moving it back to Patrick’s chest. He chuckled softly, picking one up and twitching his own nose back at it before he kissed it’s head and put it down.

You picked up one of your own, grinning as ever so carefully you set it on his hat, Patrick squirming a little, fighting not to laugh as he felt it move around. “God I love you so much” he beamed. Ever so carefully he moved his head, giving you a soft kiss before he reached up, taking the bunny from his hat and cuddling it to his chest, one fingertip rubbing at it’s nose sweetly.

“You’re the Bunny Lord!” you realized, laughing as you moved onto your back, sitting next to him as you stole a bunny for yourself. Patrick glanced across at you, grinning as he held up a bunny in each hand, gently wiggling them. 

“We are loyal to our master and only our master, but we also adore his gorgeous Bunny Minion very much!” he added, giving the bunnies funny voices before setting them down. “Minion?” you barked, but you were laughing still as you whacked him gently, watching him pull a face and rub his shoulder in mock hurt before he leant across, stealing a kiss.

“My very special Minion” he amended, nodding seriously and you rolled your eyes, but carefully scooted closer to hug him, watching your temporary army of furry ones as you wrapped an arm around him.

‘Bunny Army’ was the title of the next Fall Our Boy album.

EXO: finding out that they get to record an album w/ girl group crush

Just imagine being exo’s celeb crush !! ~ I own none of the gifs used. They belong to their rightful owners ~ Summary: The boys find out that they get to work with their celebrity crush for their new upcoming idol.

Xiumin: Minnie would be so nervous to even be in the same room as you. He such a sweetheart, he would help you with anything you ever need. He would go out of his way to help both you and your group. This boy would make it super obvious that he has a crush, obvious enough that everyone in both groups knows.

Lu Han: As he read through the papers about their upcoming album, he spotted your name in the lists of people that exo will be collaborating with in their upcoming album. That known grin appeared on his face and everyone knew he was excited.

Kris: As you and your group walked into the recording studio, Wu would get super nervous and start stumbling over his words. This giant titan nervous wreck of a man would embarrass himself and everyone else in exo.

Suho: Being leader means he has to keep his composer at all times, well maybe except this time. The second your group walked int he room, he started searching for you. Once his eyes landed on you a smile appeared on his face. He stood up to greet you, since you were both leaders but the second your eyes connected there were sparks. Well at least to him there were.

Yixing: Yixing would get so happy yet very, very nervous. The second you stepped in the room his face lit up and that adorable dimple appeared. Once everyone greeted each other, he offered for you to sit next to him on the couch and you agreed.

Baekhyun: Baek thought it was just a sick joke the guys were playing on him when they told him EXO was collaborating with your group. Everyone knew he had a huge crush on you and the second you waled through the doors of the SM building, he turned into a blushing, gigging idiot. He couldn’t even talk to you without blushing or stumbling on a word.

Chen: Along with Chen, a few other members had crushes on you, so when the day that you actually showed up to start recording, it turned into a challenge between all the members who had had a crush on you. Chen turned into mister showoff and attempted to win you over.

Chanyeol: Channie would be super chill about it and wouldn’t freak out like the others, that is until it actually happens. Once the day came, he would be freaking out and running around the studio asking the guys if he looked okay. Once you walked in, he pretty much screamed. But then he went chill. He was in the zone beyond stress now.

Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo didn’t know much about you, but he knew your voice. As we was working with the computer when he heard that beautiful and angelic voice of yours. He looked over the computer and was greeted by your breath-taking smile. You waved to him and he blushed slightly, but you couldn’t see it thanks to the computer screen. He gave you a cute eye smile and went back to work before you noticed the spreading blush.

Tao: As soon as he saw you walk through the studio doors, his entire life changed. He knew the new comeback was sorta a “sexy” comeback but he didn’t expect it like this; you and the rest of your members were wearing very attractive outfits and it drew all the boys’ attention. Tao started flirting the second you sat down next to him and he didn’t even care about getting warning glares from his manager.

Kai: Kai wold try to be the cutest little munchkin out there towards you yet kinda protective over you towards the other guys when they even got near you. It’d be slightly scary but very cute.

Sehun: This boy would be so pump, like super pumped. As their manager says the name of the group they’d be joining, he’d scream and scare everyone. One of the boys would question the reason he screamed and he’d just make unidentifiable sounds.