cutest kiss ever

  • Daichi: if u don't sit thE FUCK DOWN
  • Kuroo: ha i love my team so much my team *reads smudged writing on hand* nickleback
  • Oikawa: lol i tried kissing the cutest person ever and ended up kissing my mirror i cry
  • Ushijima: u should've joined shiratorizawa
  • Bokuto: hOOT

hi yes this is the iconic seoksol kiss i was talking about

Jim Gordon has accepted that it is literally impossible to get any of the Batkids’ attention if the K-9 unit is around.


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

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No but Yoongi loudly complaining that he’s cold in the middle of the night not because he’s actually cold but because Jungkook’s all the way on the other side of the bed and that’s not acceptable. Jungkook wakes up with a groan and turning around on his side, snuggles in closer to Yoongi.

“You’re so silly, hyung.” He mumbles blearily, still half-asleep.

“I was talking to myself.”

Humming under his breath, Jungkook throws an arm around Yoongi’s waist and rests his head against the elder’s shoulder. There’s no space between them at this point, and Yoongi happily leans into the younger’s embrace.

Jungkook falls asleep shortly afterwards, and Yoongi can’t help the small smile that forms on his face when Jungkook’s soft snores fill the silent air; the maknae always denies snoring even though Yoongi finds it the cutest thing ever.

Kissing the top of Jungkook’s head and muttering a quick “I love you,” Yoongi pulls the covers up further and let’s the sound of Jungkook’s even breathing lull him to sleep. 


Luke & Lorelai- Favourite Moments- Season 5