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ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS » day six | a child(ren) you love so much; maximoff, luna, xander, and kinney hale

Our four kids and floppy-eared basset hound stand on the hillside, a common spot because of the rope swing tied to a maple branch. Moffy raises a set of portable speakers, Bangarang by Skrillex booming. Luna, Xander, and Kinney— they wave out to us and lift up a sign together that reads: we love you! 

They were a part of this surprise all along.
I laugh and cry simultaneously again. As we watch our kids, joy coating their faces, childlike wonder in their eyes, I remember every moment I spent with Lo where we said we can’t. Where we said we shouldn’t. Not people like us. This isn’t meant for us.


Every episode of Ghost Whisperer: Lost Boys

You were the brave one, Rat. You were trying to save us. You always knew the right thing to do. I can’t tell you how many times when I was out on the road and I’d think back on all the things you taught me. And not book things. Like how to survive and laugh at yourself. And I’m still always thinking, “What would Rat do if he was here?” He wants to know if you really think that. Yes, I do. Rat, I would give all the money I have in the world to see you one more time. All of you.

Ghost!Luke being the sweetest ghost ever. Following you around to make sure you don’t fall or walk into anything. Tripping people who tease you or start eyeing you. Always opening doors for you especially when your hands are full. But he only ever actually shows himself when it’s just you two. In public you know it’s him and just smile but at home you thank him as he does the ghost equivalent of blushing. He brushes you off saying it’s just what he does when instead he should be off spooking people and haunting them. Ghost!Luke just being the cutest ever guardian ghost.


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