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Worth Waiting For

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Peter Parker x Reader

Worth Waiting For

Prompt: None

Note: It has been literally forever, but Hannah and I have been swamped with school and I spent a while without a laptop and I’m still super, super busy, but I had a thought while I was on Tumblr (while I was supposed to be editing my manuscript, but I digress…) so here you go. As you all know by now, I’m a ho for soulmate AU’s. So yeah. But I’ve missed you guys a TON and I hope over break maybe I can do some more writing.

Warnings: None?

You watched the numbers on your wrist tick down. Twelve hours. A glance at the clock. It was nearly midnight. Tomorrow at lunch. Tomorrow. At. Lunch.

It was so close. Too close. All your life, you had watched the numbers roll by, but it had been so far away. Now it was here. Now it was real. And God, was it scary.

You had no idea who your soulmate was, no clue until tomorrow when you would lay your eyes on them for the first time. Would they reject you? Some did. It was uncommon, sure, but it happened. Maybe it would be one of the preps that was waaaaaaaay out of your league, or a jock with a pretty girlfriend and too many college scholarships to waste his time on you. You hoped they would like you, whoever they were. Or that they would at least give you a chance.

You let out a long sigh and stared at the ceiling of your apartment. There was no way you were getting any sleep tonight.


Peter Parker was a nervous wreck. Sure, he was a superhero that could bench-press a car like it was nothing, but being a hero doesn’t make you brave. Not brave enough to face something like this. No. Today was the day he was going to meet his soulmate.

“You doing all right in here?” May pushed open the door slowly.

“Does this shirt look all right?” Peter stared at the fabric of his red sweater, stretching it out with his hands and then smoothing it into place. He fussed over his hair and examined every bit of himself. He had already spent like half an hour brushing his teeth and he knew he would be sucking on breath mints all morning just to make sure his breath was fresh enough for a kiss. Well, if his soulmate wanted one, that was. God, he was not prepared.

“You look fine, Peter. You look good. Whoever your soulmate is, they will love you. You know that, right?” She straightened the collar of his undershirt. He swallowed nervously and nodded. Her little nephew was growing up so fast. “How much time have you got?”

“Like five hours.”

“Are you okay?”


“I wasn’t either.” She reminisced. Peter couldn’t take his eyes off of his reflection. He was silent for a long time. “Don’t wanna be late, kiddo.”

“Right.” He inhaled a shaky breath before walking out the door of his bedroom and then out of the apartment.

There was no going back now.


“Who do you think it is?” Your friend Lizzie asked, looking around the cafeteria with paranoia. You were dressed up nice today, a cute lacy red dress, matching lipstick, red flats, hair on point. You stared at the numbers, instead of looking around like the others. You didn’t want to know. It was here. It was already here. And it was terrifying.

“I don’t know.”

“If you don’t look up, you’re going to crash into something.”

“I know.” You continued to watch your wrist as you walked through the cafeteria.

“We’re gonna stand over there in the corner. Give me your phone so I can record it and you two can watch it when you’re cuddling later.”

“Okay.” You reached into your pocket and handed Lizzie the phone. She went over to stand with some of your other friends as they waited and watched for fate to unwind.

You stared at your wrist, standing there in the center of the cafeteria. It was abuzz with people moving every which way, not even fazed by the person at a complete halt at the center of it all. Your heart raced, and it felt as though your stomach was in your throat. Everything was tight, and there was so much light and noise and suddenly you were falling. Someone had pushed into you, and just as quickly, another person (with remarkable reflexes) caught you and pulled you to your feet.

At that very moment, your timer chimed. And so did his. You looked up from the blank, blinking timer and met his eyes. He offered a timid smile and a shy wave. One word came to his mind: Gorgeous.

“H-hi there. Um, I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” He gulped, shaking. He reached out to shake your hand. You took it in yours and shook it timidly. “It’s, uh, nice to uh, meet you. I’m so sorry. I’m just so bad at this. I don’t even know how to, uh-”

“I’m (Y/N).” You cut off his ramble with a kind smile. The more time you spent with him, the better you felt. God, he was cute. Tousled brown locks, warm brown eyes, and the sweetest smile you had ever seen. You had gotten lucky. “(Y/N) (L/N).”

“I, uh, do you want to like hug or something?” He asked, holding open his arms. You nodded, wrapping your arms tight around him in record time. Goodness gracious, Peter Parker, your soulmate, was more muscular than you had anticipated, and you loved it. He pulled you tight against his chest. You could tell by the way he held you that he didn’t get many hugs. Not romantic ones, anyway. His breaths calmed down, and you could hear his rapid heartbeat against your ear, slowly coming back to where it was supposed to be.

“You were worth waiting for.” You leaned up to whisper into his ear and felt him pull you tighter against him.

“So were you.” He laughed softly. There was a quiet moment. The question was burning on Peter’s tongue. God, he wanted to kiss you, but he didn’t want to force it either. So when he felt your hand wander up to his cheek. Your thumb stroked his soft skin for a few seconds. His eyes met yours. “Would it be okay if I…if we…?”

You cut him off with your lips. Your friends cheered and whistled teasingly. Peter pulled away slowly and then pressed another kiss to your forehead. His larger, warmer hand slipped into yours, fingers intertwining. You led him over to your friends.

“You two are the cutest couple ever, omg.” Lizzie held up your phone, still recording. “Have any words for us, soulmate of my best friend?”

“Well…” Peter thought for a moment. He squeezed your hand and kissed your cheek in a sudden well of confidence and affection. “I have the best soulmate on planet earth and I think I’m falling in love.”


It was a Saturday afternoon, so Peter decided to text you, his soulmate and now-girlfriend, but you were busy, unfortunately. Out of town, you claimed. Instead, he went to the Avengers Facility to train, as he sometimes did in his free time.

Once he arrived and unpacked his things for the weekend in the room Tony had assigned to him, he suited up and went to the training room. It seemed there was another member of the team there, a teenager about his own age. He had heard of this recruit, but they had never crossed paths before now.

He had his mask on, and so did the magnificent being in front of him. A white suit with red lining and a circle in the center of the chest. A long red cape hung from the back of the uniform, and she seemed to glow with power, taking out training dummies with blasts of energy. A long red wig covered her hair, and a thick red masquerade mask lined her eyes. When she noticed Peter standing there, she touched down, ending the simulation to meet her new teammate.

“Hi there. You must be Spiderman.” She held out her hand to him. Something about that voice, that smile. Peter narrowed his eyes, but shook her hand anyway.

“That I am. Who are you?”

“They call me Luminescence. I got my powers around the time videos of you started popping up in Queens. It’s crazy to get to meet you, man. You’re my hero.”

“Nice to meet you too. Your powers are insane! How did you get them?”

“Shooting Star landed in Central Park and I was too nosey to stay away from it. Boom, star powers.”

“That’s awesome!” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I just got bitten by a radioactive spider.”

“Dude are you kidding me? That’s so cool! Did it hurt?”

“A lot.”

“Where do your webs come from?”

“I engineered them myself.” He held up his arm and shot a blast of web at one of the targets. “Mr. Stark helped me perfect it though, made new web shooters for me and everything.”

“That’s so cool! Well, I’m from New York too. Maybe we’ll end up saving the world together or something.” She shrugged. He smiled under the mask, glad to have made a new friend.

“Count me in.”

“Kiddos, time for dinner,” Tony poked into the training room. “Ah, I see you’ve met. Peter, this is (Y/N) (L/N). I think she goes to your school. (Y/N), this is Peter Parker.”

Peter’s jaw hit the floor. He looked at you in awe, tearing off his mask.

“What, something wrong?” Tony checked, looking between the obviously not-okay super teenagers.

“He’s my soulmate. And boyfriend.” You stated, holding up your wrist to show off your empty timer. “Peter, oh my God.” You rushed into his arms. He held you close, still too shocked to force any words though his mouth.

“My girlfriend is a badass.” He mumbled.

“My boyfriend is Spiderman.” You murmured into his ear. He smiled and pressed a long kiss to your cheek.

“So I’m your hero, huh?”

“Shush, you,” you pushed him playfully. Tony stood there in shock, but also in smugness.

“So, dinner, right?” Stark jabbed a thumb out the door behind him. You nodded, shedding your mask and wig and leaving them in your locker before following Tony and Peter to where the others were eating.

“See, Stark. I told you two teenagers were too many. They met today and already they’re hooking up.” Bucky eyeballed your joint hands as you sat down for Saturday pizza night.

“Actually, we’re soulmates, and we’ve known each other for two weeks, Bucky.” You sassed, your head coming to rest on your boyfriend’s shoulder as you took a bite of pizza. “This was just a coincidence.”



“I don’t know. I think things worked out perfectly.” Peter looked down at you. “Or maybe it’s just you that’s perfect.”

Stooop!” You felt your cheeks burn at his compliment. He laughed at how cute you were when you were all shy.

“No PDA allowed in the presence of adults!” Tony pointed at you. “I mean it. Or you’ll both be grounded.”

“All right, Mom,” you rolled your eyes, pressing a kiss to Peter’s cheek and lacing your fingers through his. “We’ll play nice.”

“You better. I mean it.”

“Oh, lighten up, Tony.” Steve elbowed him in the chest. “They’re young. Young love is a precious thing.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

nct dream!siblings au

take two sighs

i’ll have the students au up soon! or sometime next week hopefully


-this chiLD

-you guys would bicker sososo much but it’d always be jokingly and over dumb things

-who can eat a full jar of peanut butter the fastest, who can stuff the most cookies in their mouth without choking or almost throwing up, etc

-you two are a literal mess, your parents can never leave you alone

-one time, your parents made the mistake of doing so

-and they came back to the couch pushed over

-they were gone for 5 minutes

-you two were also like 7 with 0 arm strength

-long story short, you two were having a contest to see who could push the couch over and one of you got confused

-so instead of one of you at a time trying to push the couch both of you TACKLED it together and knocked it over

-they havent left you alone in the house ever since

-you two are WRECKS

-you guys manage to mess everything up in 0.234234 seconds

-mark’s the type of brother to bring pads/tampons to school for you if you bleed down there once a month

-he’s such a sweetheart

-you guys probably walk to school together and walk home together too

-whenever one of you buy ice cream or coffee, you buy an extra for your sibling!!! it’s so cute and pure awh

-mark would honestly just give you the world if he could and so would you bc you two are so cute and precious you guys are sibling goals




-you guys argue SO much

-people wonder how you guys havent murdered each other yet

-you guys pretend like you dont know each other at school but everybody knows youre related bc you both have the same resting bitchface

-even tho you guys pretend to hate each other, you both care about each other a lot

-you love each other a lot even tho you dont say it out loud, it’s just a given between the two of you

-like mark, if one of you guys buy coffee or w/e, you’ll also buy one for the other

-BUT you’ll like, give it to one of their friends instead of giving it to each other directly

-tsunderes af smh

-hae caught you once tho omg

-so like, you woke up earlier than him and went to school without him but on the way you stopped for coffee

-but the line was so long, hae managed to get to school before you

-so when you got to school, you were about to give it to his friend but hae jumped out from like, behind the lockers or somethin and screamed “AH-HA” like a loser and you almost spilled the coffee on yourself

-even tho you guys tease each other a lot, you dont let anyone else do so or else they’d be like murdered


-you guys would be the siblings that hate each other but would help hide a body for the other if needed

-you two are brutally honest with each other

-”hey y/n, do you think eunbi would say yes if i asked her out”


-you guys are hella skeptical and judgy of every boyfriend/girlfriend you two have

-but only bc you two secretly care for each other <3



-it doesnt matter if youre older or younger, he’ll be SO CARING AND PROTECTIVE

-he cares about you so much please love him

-ok so if you can sing, you two would be the most talented siblings ever

-but if you cant, that’s ok, he doesnt mind, he’ll make you sing with him anyway

-if you can sing, he’ll challenge you to singing battles and high note battles 24/7

-he is BRUTAL with these things, he doesnt hold back

-singing battles with him are hardcore dude

-if you can sing, he’d be the type of person to make a yt channel for you guys to post covers on aw omg

-you two would join talent shows together too oh my godddd

-everybody would be so envious of you two

-the cutest sibling duo ever

-chen’s ALWAYS ALWAYS there for you and you are for him too!!

-he’s such a precious angel bean how many times do i have to say this

-he always keeps your secrets and never tells a soul, he takes em to his grave

-probably lends you money too

-sometimes he has trouble standing up for himself and people take advantage of his niceness

-but youre always there for him!!!! you swoop in and save the day for him!!

-he looks up to you a lot bc of that

-he doesnt know how to make it up to you so he always just listens to your problems or anything you wanna let out anytime you want

-if you couldnt sleep, you can always go to his room and ask him to sing you to sleep

-it can be like 3am and he’d still sing you to sleep, all groggy and stuff

-he’d let you sleep on his bed too what a sweetheart oh my gosh

-he probably brings pads/tampons to school if you need them too

-you two are basically akmu


-at school, he’s all quiet and stuff but you know how insane he can be

-all the students at your school are like ”is your brother ok?? why is he so quiet all the time???” but you and his friends KNOW

-you guys wont say anything tho bc he has to keep his quiet mysterious rep man

-you guys are so loud and crazy with each other, he’s a completely different person when he’s with you

-you two are really close, you know each other better than you know yourselves

-renjun probably has a lot of crushes but are wayyy too afraid to ask them out

-but he has you!!!!!!! you help him out however you can

-like once, he had a crush on one of your close friends

-and normally, you’d be like “hELLLLLLL NO BYE” but it was renjun!! your precious bro!!! so you were like “okok i’ll ask him/her about it!!”

-and if your friend liked ren back, then great!! they would be the cutest couple ever omg

-BUT if your friend didnt like ren back then you would never EVER LET REN FIND OUT

-every time he asked you about it, you would avoid the topic and awkwardly laugh it off

-you did it so much that he eventually figured it out himself

-”y/n you dont have to hide it from me anymore, i already know”

-”ok well i have fifty tubs of ice cream and a whole playlist of old disney tv shows so take all the time ya need to heal man iM RIGHT HERE FOR YOU”

-he loves you so much for that he tears up right then and there

-which makes you hug him real tight and he starts bawling

-cute sibling moment~

-you guys exchange knowing glances a lot in the hallways and lowkey/highkey creep people out

-ren’s the type of brother to wake you up at 1am for absolutely no reason


-what a playbOY *exo music plays in the background*

-he is such a flirt you hate him for that

-have you seen that smile smh

-you two dont talk a lot but you guys are still close nonetheless

-your friends all have crushes on him ew gross what the heck!!!

-he knows how to use his looks to get you guys things it makes you feel bad but not really bc free stuff

-he always goes to you for problems

-even if theyre dumb

-you get sick of it but you help him out anyway

-one time he had a HUGE PROBLEM

-his heart was broken ;-;

-someone dumped him (for the first time ever!!) but he really liked this person ;-;-;-;

-he locked himself in his room and refused to go on any dates (which scared you even tho it usually annoyed you when he went on like 50 dates in a day)

-and you got vv worried bc!! my smol bro!!! what’s happening????!?!?!?!

-so you went to his room and found him trying to take a nap and he had his earbuds on and the music was so loud, you could hear it really clearly and it broke your heart </3

-tl;dr, the next 2 hours were filled with tears and hugs and bad puns

-he doesnt say it but he looks up to you a lot

-a lot of people say he’s only a playboy but you know how much of a sweetheart he really is

-he appreciates you a lot for that too bc you never changed your perspective on him even after he’s changed a lot

-bc even tho you two dont hang out a lot, when you do, it makes you feel like you two are little kids again




-he probably judges your fashion sense

-he’s so protective!!

-but not like overly

-he’s like a helicopter mom but he knows his boundaries

-whenever you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, he’s always like


-”ew get away from me loser” -u 24/7

-you two are SO close

-the bff siblings

-you guys do EVERYTHING together

-you walk to school together, go to the movies together, go shopping together (he gives surprisingly good fashion advice), roast people together (it’s your specialty), etc etc

-he cares about you a lot even tho he wont ever say it out loud

-you guys get into a lot of trouble together but jeno always finds a way to dig you out of it

-he’s the kid in school that has connections with EVERYBODY

-you dont have any connections but you have jeno!!! he hooks you up man

-he annoys you so much but his eye smiles make up for it!!

-he’s the type of brother to wake you up at like 4am and ask you to make him a sandwich

-you’d be mad but you wanted a sandwich too so you just let him drag you to the kitchen

-you get busted bc jeno accidentally drops a plate (he bumped into a chair and screamed)

-jeno teases you a lot BUT YOU KNOW HIS SECRET


-HE’S TERRIFIED OF BUTTERFLIES AND MOTHS i am too jeno it’s all ok

-one time for his birthday, you gave him a real life butterfly as a gag gift

-he cried for 7 hours minutes straight

-he was 14

-you promised to never give him a butterfly/moth as a gift ever again but you still point them out when you two walk to school or somethin

-he probaby lets you put makeup on him and style his hair as long as he gets like food or something in return for it

-you guys are so close you like and hate the same food too it’s kinda creepy


-remember when i said chen was the sweetest brother ever


-jisung’s the type of brother to try to bake a cake for your birthday and end up failing

-he probably burns a few things too

-like the entire kitchen

-he gets it from mark

-the sweetest smiles ever!!!

-if youre ever sad, he dances for you to cheer you up

-he’s an awkward lil baby but he probably brings you tampons/pads if you need them too

-he’s probably really bad with relationships

-he’s like your child (even if youre younger)

-you baby him a lot even tho you know he can handle himself

-he works really hard too and when he does, he forgets to eat and take care of himself

-so youre always there to feed him and make him sleep when he goes into hardwork mode!!!

-he buys you lil gifts whenever he finds something that reminds him of you

-you have a box full of em

-you two will do anything for each other

-you will protect jisung with your LIFE

-and jisung would do the same for you!!

-you wont let him date any of your friends bc your friends are too ‘unpure’ and will ‘taint him’

-like chen, he’ll take your secrets to his grave

-you pinch his cheeks a lot!!!!

-the cutest siblings ever omg

-you guys dont argue at all omg

-jisung may seem like an angel but he can be the most devious lil shit ever

-you LOVE to ruffle his hair

-you guys go to places a lot (with chen and ren!!!)

-one of the boys probably develop a crush on you but JISUNG WILL NOT HAVE IT!!!!!!!!


-you have to hold him back

-you guys also probably bingewatch disney movies together

-and sing the songs obnoxiously loudly but it’s adorable

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Here for when you wake up...


ALL THE KITTY EMOJIS OMG THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER AHHHHH THANK YOU FRIEND OMG ILY! It’s actually almost 1 PM here ^^ how are you? I’ll DM you in a sec. <3

lmao so i jus hit 1.4k nd ily guys sm

so my dudes, under the read more i have written a tiny note to all of my mutuals. its a lot but like also i love you guys so much and like this seems like the least i can do. i also want to start another net soon (one i will actually you know participate in sorry pop punk gays ah) and maybe a promo, although if you scroll through this you’ll find some rad blogs tbh. love you guys !! you guys are probably one of the only thing keeping me alive. there is alot of you so i do hope you find the message ive written for you ah.

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So you know how if you leave your Facebook open, your friends will always write a super embarrassing status or a status about how awesome they are?

Barry and Iris’ Facebooks are always littered with statuses about how awesome the other is

Barry Allen: IRIS WEST IS THE BEST. I’M SOOOOO LUCKY TO HAVE HER AS A BEST FRIEND #iriswestmorelike #irisbest

Iris West: OMG. BARRY IS THE CUTEST NERD EVER #iheartnerds

Their Facebook acquaintances assume the other person “hacked” their Facebook, but all of their actual friends know that Barry and Iris just like to gush about each other on the daily