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There’s a SnK Exhibition ongoing in Japan right now, and it provides a set of audio guide by Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Levi and Hanji that we can rent and listen to at certain points in the exhibition. Most of the audios are the characters reading facts in their own style, but there are also some conversation between the characters.

There are two tracks that the rivaere/ereri fans are going crazy over:

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You can actually pinpoint the exact moment when Darren’s head exploded over meeting Bernadette Peters

Darren: I can’t believe I get to say this. Ladies and gentlemen, Bernadette Peters is here. Bernadette, I’m Darren.
Bernadette: I know!
Darren: No, you don’t.
Bernadette: You’re a commentator tonight.
Darren: I know, it’s crazy!
Bernadette: And you too!
Laura: Hello, Miss Bernadette. You look stunning.
Darren: This is exciting, I’m freaking out.


[The Digitalian Tour 2014]: Cute happy baby watching “Disco Star” ♥