cutest fanboy


Astro, the cutest BTS fanboys 😃

It seems like only yesterday BTS were the ones looking up to others (they still do) but now they have rookies looking up to them and I just— 😭😭😭

Yuri on Ice Episode 6: Thoughts

- So clearly Victor forgot to tell Yuri they are dating. I suppose he will just catch on eventually, when they are, like, married or something.

- Yakov, don’t you be mean to my silver haired babu. Worry more about what the shit is keeping your skater’s hair in place. Seriously. The hair dynamics in the anime are so legit, why is Georgi wearing what is clearly a piece of brown foam

- Chris makes me feel the most uncomfortable, and that’s insane considering we have a painted Russian clown on the ice.

                 -Also, no one grabs Yuri’s butt except Victor. Back off, Swiss 1990′s Justin Timberlake.

- Phichit now has to fight Minami for title of cutest fanboy. May the odds be ever in our favor.

- As an American, I’ll be damned if our representative isn’t a special little snowflake of happiness. Shine on, Leo.

Overall, my shipping heart beats and I look forward to wherever this sparkling train of maddness takes me.

As long as it lands in Vikturi.