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so um hi y’all. ikram here!! i’ve never made a post like this bc i never felt the need to but i’m feeling very emotional right now and everyone on my dash is feeling emotional right now. also my cat is very emosh right now. and this all resulted in me writing a long ass speech with little notes for everyone who has ever made me smile on here. i just wanted to make this post to let you all now that im very grateful for you. some of you i have never talked to because i’m shy and you intimidate me bUT i need you to know ur the

💐 💐  these are for you, thank you for being such a beautiful soul. 

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Oh my god! I just remembered holy fuck i meant to ask a long time ago and forgot and someone's probably already asked you this but what are your thoughts on kookiemonster/namkook?? I've always wondered cause you draw everyone so well but NVM ILY 😆

UMMM I ONLY LOVE THEM LIKE TOO MUCH?!? I love namkook sm I ship them in every possible way and I cry a lot because it’s such a rare pair agsbsbsj I really love the big gay crush I mean intense admiration kook has over joon. It’s like the cutest thing???? He never fails to praise him for being such a good leader and likewise w joon over how golden jk is. They just dote on each other sm and sometimes they’re awk around one another but it’s so sweet and I’m just agdhsjsh it makes my heart do a flippity thing

You’re Annoying ( And Kinda Hot But I’d Never Dare Say It Aloud) // Chapter 2

Chapter 1 ! , Chapter 3 !, Chapter 4 !

💙 Prompt :
Jungkook didn’t expect for Jimin to tag along for their summer camp. And he most definitely did not expect for the smol squishy fluffball of sunshine to have that kind of breath taking,heart throbbing, god-like body.

Or, Jungkook “hates” Jimin but his charms are kind of seeping through to him and Jungkook’s not sure if he wants it to stop.

💎 Genre:
Fluff, Slight Angst, Summer Camp au!

Fic :

The cabin was close to the beach and so it only took them a couple of minutes to reach there.
Jimin hadn’t really thought of it earlier but he should’ve brought his money with him when he came because oh my Lord it’s so hot and that lemon popsicle looks so good.

He didn’t know he was drooling till a laughing Yoongi sat down beside Jimin on the blanket.

“ You want some?”, Yoongi asks with that gummy smile of his, Jimin smiled back and nodded sheepishly.

“Get me the lemon one!”, He shouts as Yoongi walked towards the cart and he lays back on the blanket. He was what you’d call sun-tanning while the rest ( other than Yoongi who’s at the ice cream cart) was either taking pictures, swimming or surfing.

Well, Jungkook was the only one surfing (he was the only one who could anyways) and Jimin’s not gonna lie, he’s good.

He glides through the blue waves with his red surfboard smoothly as he anchors his arms ( which Jimin is so not staring at ) to maintain balance. He even did a few tricks and earned a few whistles from Hoseok who was taking pictures of his girlfriend.

He tried not to stare at the maknae so much, but what can he do? Jungkook was just captivating .

And if it wasnt obvious already, yes, Park Jimin was and still is a little bit ( a lot) smitten over the younger boy.

Not that he’d tell anyways, he wouldn’t dare talk to the latter about anything but the silly arguments the latter brings up. He knows Jungkook hates him, and somewhere in the pit of his wishful thinking, he’d hoped and thought that maybe Jungkook didn’t.

But the daggers of glare he gives and the continuous bickers of something between “You’re annoying” and “Stay away from me”, Jimin knew that he had no chance.

And yeah, it hurts when he’s like that but no, he’s mature enough to not get too upset over it (at least he tries).

His chest ached at the thought of how Jungkook didn’t want him here,oh scratch that, he didn’t want him. Period.  

His bullet train of thoughts had set a frown on his face without him realising till Jin called out,  
“ Jimin-ah!”, he smiled a sad smile (why is he always there at his worst moments) and walked towards the boy who was lying down.

Jimin sat up and smiled widely at his hyung, trying to pass it off as him being happy ( lying down alone, thinking about his unrequited love that is)

“Why aren’t you swimming with us?” , he asks. Jimin gulped at that question, as much as he loved summer and fresh drinks and sun-tanning,

water was not his forte.

Did he forget to mention that he can’t swim? ( Yes, yes he did, and he might as well do that intentionally because no way in hell are they knowing that Jimin can’t swim)

“Nah, didn’t feel like it” Jimin says instead.

“Mm well.. come on! We’re going to play volleyball now!” , Jin says.

The rest of them came over, with Jungkook briskly wiping his hair with the towel.

“He’s gonna play too?” Jungkook asks annoyingly.

Jin only rolls his eyes and pulls Jimin up.

Of course he doesn’t want you to play,Jimin , he thought.

“Oh no it’s okay ! I’m just gonna stay here and-”, he says but Namjoon interrupts him.

“No, Jimin, as much as its our summer camp, so is it yours and I’m pretty sure you’ve been sun-tanning for a long time now so just play with us come on~”, he whines.

“Plus we need equal number of people in each group!” , Taehyung adds.

“What are we talking about here?” , Yoongi finally arrives with two popsicles in his hands.  

Jimin internally squeals at the sight of his lemon popsicle.

“Jimin doesn’t want to play volleyball with us ”, Taehyung says with a pout.

Jimin reaches for his popsicle but Yoongi pulls it farther from Jimin’s reach.

“A-a-a no popsicle for you unless you play with us mister”, Yoongi tuts.

Jimin only whines and tries to reach it again.

Curse him and his 1cm height difference.

“But I suck at volleyball.” , Jimin says, bringing out his cutest pout but massively failing as Jin says,
“It’s alright, we’re going to be in groups anyways so its okay. You’ll learn”, he pats jimin’s back and goes ahead.

“Now let’s go~ the sun’s gonna set in a while!”, Taehyung says dragging Jimin along.

Jimin chuckles and eventually gives in and follows them.

So what if Jungkook doesn’t want me to play? I can enjoy my summer however way I want!, he thinks persistently as he licks on the lemon popsicle.

We split into two groups, Hoseok hyung and Jisoo were paired up with Jin and Namjoon. Leaving us, me, Yoongi hyung, Taehyung and… Jungkook.

Well, it’s better this way or else I would’ve “accidentally” hit his face with the ball, he thinks.

He inwardly rolls his eyes when he notices Jungkook glaring at him for the umpteenth time that day.

The game started with Jin hitting the ball first, it came my way so I prepared myself to hit the ball back. But as soon as it came close, Jungkook came infront and hit it instead.

Jimin huffed, that ball was mine for the taking! But he did earn them a point as the ball hit the ground so Jimin couldn’t complain.

The rest of the game went like this, sometimes Yoongi hyung would throw the ball but Jungkook was always the one to serve and smash.

It’s not fair! Jimin was part of their team too! He wasn’t just going to stand their while Jungkook takes his serves!

So when the ball was served towards Jungkook this time, Jimin head towards it, he was going to get the ball this time!

He was this close to the ball and so was Jungkook, and so when he tried to hit it at the same time as Jungkook, they bumped into each other and fell.

The ball hit by neither. Jungkook groaned as he fell with jimin on top of him.

“What the hell?!” , Jungkook says, looking at Jimin..who was way too close for his liking.

He could see his eyes better,up this close. Golden flecks along hazel orbs, he could stare at them all da- But no, it’s jimin, and as much as his (beautiful) eyes pulled Jungkook in, he wasn’t going to be like this. He couldn’t . Jimin hates him and he hates Jimin.

What felt like hours later, jimin got up hastily. Jungkook sitting up and groaning again.

Stop looking at him Jungkook, he’s annoying , you hate him, he just made us lose a point!

“What was that Jimin?!”, He says loudly as he stands up, brushing the sand off of his trunks.

“I was just trying to get the ball!” He says as he slowly stands up as well.
Oblivious to the amused expressions of the rest.

“It was clearly served towards me! Why did you- now we lost a point!!”, he says ,exasperated.

“You never let me serve the ball! Or receive it! I’m still a part of the team you know!”

“Well, it’s not like your any good at volleyball like you said so yourself!” , Jungkook says and huffs out a breath.

Jimin gasps , “Then what’s the point of me playing?”, he grudgingly stomps on the ground.

Their fiery fight was interrupted with a loud window shield laugh .

“Can stop?” Jin says in between laughters.

“You guys are literally fighting like fucking three year olds!” Namjoon  chuckles and facepalms.

Jimin’s cheeks go red with fury at that, “It’s his fault! ”, Jimin says again and glares furiously at Jungkook, who was now smirking.

“Aw, look at you trying to be mad!”, Jungkook coos mockingly, tries to pinch his cheeks but jimin slaps his hands away.

“Ugh!”, he says and fists his hands.
“I’m done playing!” , he shoves past Jungkook .

Jungkook only snickered , “The game’s finished anyways.”, he says.

“Hyung, no I am not singing!”, Jimin says.

The sun had set and they were sitting around a bonfire near the beach. Jimin and Jungkook were avoiding each other while sending passive  glares to each other.

They were just chatting and roasting marshmallows when Jungkook brought out a brown acoustic guitar .
He started playing Spring day by BTS on guitar, pressing on certain strings while strumming some. He loved music, considered that he was in a band. He loved playing the guitar especially. The beautiful sounds brought out from the instrument was calming in the cold night.

Despite it being summer, the nights were always cold there. Each of them had a hoodie or a scarf covering them, well it was only jimin who wore a red scarf around his neck, covering his small button nose as he puts his hands out (with those sweater paws)  towards the fire to warm them.

As Jungkook was playing the guitar, Yoongi had suddenly asked Jimin to sing a song.

“Hyung, no I am not singing!” he says.

“Wait you can sing? How come you never told me!”, Taehyung says pouting .

“Well that’s because I can’t”, jimin says pointedly.

“Oh boohoo, I heard you sing in the showers Jimin, you’re real good.”, he says .

“Yeah Jimin, it’s not fair! How come we don’t get to hear you sing!”, Jin says , nudging Jimin .

“It won’t hurt to sing just a little bit”, Jimin gives in yet again.

He shyly pulls his scarf down so that it’s not covering his mouth.

“Jungkookie, play Butterfly!”  , Yoongi says.

And who’s Jungkook to deny, as much as he doesn’t want to admit, he really wants to know how Jimin’s singing voice might sound like.

Is it as soft as his normal voice, is it more melodic?

He starts playing as jimin sings,

Don’t think of anything
Don’t say anything, not even a word
Just give me a smile

I still can’t believe it
All of this seems like a dream
Don’t try to disappear

Is it true Is it true
You You
You’re so beautiful, that I’m scared
Untrue Untrue
You You You

Will you stay by my side
Will you promise me
If I let go of your hand, you’ll fly away and break
I’m scared scared scared of that,

He lets out a nervous laugh and says , “ Jungkook , you’re playing the same chord again and again.”

Jungkook stops ,“ Oh..”, he says. Jungkook was still awestruck at what he heard, his voice was beautiful … It was just like how he had imagined it to be (not that Jungkook imagines stuff about Jimin or something)

Soft, melodic, smooth and for the lack of a better word, it was ..just beautiful. Realising he spaced off, he coughs and puts his guitar down.

His eyes go back to the smaller boy, he was smiling at something Taehyung was saying. Covering his mouth when he laughed, eyes glinting as it turns into crescents when he smiles, cheeks bunching up, his brunette hair slightly covering his eyes.

And Jungkook…was losing his mind. He was feeling a bit disoriented for the things he was feeling now, was probably always there.

He slightly whimpers as he takes in all of what he realizes, that throughout this whole facade of annoying him and arguing and mocking the smaller boy,of being annoyed and hating Jimin,

he might have just fallen in love.

Well, that was it for this chapter! How was it? Did you like it? Is it too fast or too slow? Plez let me know x3 . Anyways, I wanna thank my close friend, Tay, for listening and advising me on the weirdass ideas I told her. She really helped me with this chapter ^-^

Also, I don’t think it’s going to be more than 4 chapters overall , and I have most of it planned so I hope you look forward to the next chapter! <3

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had a shit day today. some ticklish Harold will make me feel better ( also you are ungodly pretty) xx a lil blurb on ticklish harry would make my day

Omg stop thank you 😍

Ticklish Harry pretending he’s not ticklish when you poke and prod at him, so you have to get him by surprise. Come up behind him and pinch at his sides or poke your fingers into his ribs. And if you get just the right spot, he giggles and makes the cutest sound, without fail before telling you to “stooooop.”

And I bet he’s got a few unusual tickle spots. Like maybe if you scratch your nails down his back during a makeout session and you graze a certain spot on his spine, he flinches and giggles into your mouth. Or if you wiggle your fingers in a certain spot on his arm, he’ll let out an unmanly squeak. OR, sometimes, if you kiss his neck in just the right way, he makes the funniest little noises that are so endearing that you ignore his giggle-filled pleas of “nooo stop it.”