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Hello !! I got tagged by @besternatexo for the lockscreen/homescreen/last song u listened to/selfie tag !!! Thank u so much !!! You’re so gorgeous !!! 😪💕

Okey so @oohsenun is my bg bc I lov her v much nd believe me it’s the cutest picture evEr bc she’s the cutest girl evr but she didn’t want me to share it so I covered her face >:((( andbabs so yeah also excUSE my selfie I don’t have any other good pic sbsbsb my septum looks super weird from that angle (y would I even take a pic from that angle sbsbdvsv????) But i didnt bother taking any new photos bsabsbbs (if u wanna see better selfies check my #myface tag dbsbbd :-))) )

anyways im tagging: @oohsenun@kittyhunnie@mochjiminnie@yifanyo@chanderp@jenoslee@hoegiwa@ilovebbhsomuch

High School AU Skysolo where Luke was super nervous about dating cool guy™ Han Solo because he thought Han would be embarrassed about dating Luke. But he turns out to be the cutest boyfriend evr, insisting to walk Luke to his classes and holding his hand and CHEEK KISSES.
making them the most sickenly adorable couple at school


im so basic.. i use this filter way 2 much….. i sent these 2 jimin n he likes the dog filter so i’ll use it agin… ..

so ive been tagged by the cutest ppl evr !!! @violetjimin, @blondejeon, @tripty-chim, @angeljin, & @angels-bby 

im gonna tag my favs n some ppl i wnt to get to know better.. :^) (i apologize if i tagged u in this already i just lov u alot n want to see ur beautiful face…) 

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