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Sometimes the EXO hate really gets to me. It’s sad because people tend to talk so much shit about them without knowing of the difficult times they have been through. So many people jump on the EXO hate train because everyone else does and that, as a fan, frustrates me and makes me angry. I say this everytime: Instead of judging them based on what other people say, get to know them, don’t listen to others and have your OWN opinion of them. They are not just a group based on looks how everyone else think they are. These guys are so talented and so hard working. Their love for their fans is so genuine. You really need to watch how they interact with their fans, it’s seriously the cutest thing ever. They give their everything in each performance and I am glad I stan them. They lost three members, they get hate for no reason, and I am sure there were time when they felt like giving everything up, yet they’re still here, no matter what bullshit the haters throw at them, they always manage to stand up and I admire that. They showed me what happiness means and they showed me that I can do it despite what others say about me. So thank you EXO, for everything you’ve done for me, you’ve done for us.

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can you recommend me some nice tumblrs?

ohhh this is quite random but i will anyways lowkey promote my fave mutuals cause they deserve everything 💘

@baechyu (cara is the cutest person ever also her gfx are awesome,we don’t deserve her) 
@minchims (my soulmate santa,you can fangirl about anything with her ,even about fruits) 
@yulkwo (coleen’s editing skills: level beyond god + such sweet person who mainly posts about ggroups) 
@sicameow (sophhhh ily,posts a lot about snsd and rv,mainly gg as well+she is adorable) 
@taendelion (best hd quality gifs out there,avid taeyeon fangirl + an incredible person) 
@r-velvets  (vivian is the funniest person ever i swear,mayor shitposter-i love for that tbh- and the ultimate rv blog)
@maerinah martine’s edits and gifs are always goals,the colouring,the aesthetics,the scenes everything is flawless,stan talent stan martine + a lot of pastel stuff!!
@rudelovin becka’s blog is my life aesthetic follow her
@wandyson zee!! i love your blog plus you are so funny i can’t ,i love scrolling down your blog 24/7
 @taenuts  mari’s colouring save this world,i mean they are so vibrant they raise my lifespam by 13 years each time,truly goals
@ireone a lovely blog full of gg stuff!!her gifs are so gorg as well
 @waltzsofa okay i swear you colourings are so distinctive i can see from miles away they are yours,goals
 @jellyvelvets abby,the cutest rv stan,she is a sunshine pls follow her for cute rv and pastel posts
@milkseulgi lilli is my loyal penpal,a down-to-earth rv fan,ily + pastel posts ftw
@rougedelice i seriously have been in love with your url since i first saw it+ rv stuff+ an extraordinary person =full package
@sshinhye  best aus ever,her gifsets can cure your eyes everyday
 @hyejonqs jessica!!i love your gifs and you know it,another person worth to fangirl with ily
  @kamikoy my first friend here alex huhu,btw i am going to italy next week for my school’s trip ahhhh ,also prettiest pastel gfx ever