cutest dog

So I’m taking Apollo to puppy classes. Our first class was on Sunday without our puppies because the instructor likes to discuss what we’re all in for and how she trains. The first class is 2 hours long. The classes with our puppies are an hour long.

Well anyways, she has a 2 year old female schipperke named Furby. And she is the cutest most hyperactive dog I’ve ever seen. The instructor had her ride on a Power Wheels. It was cute. :3 

Please signal boost this! This is Leela, a very loving pitbull who may have to be put down soon. She has been a part of this family for two years with another rescued pitbull named Annie. Leela has been growing more and more violent towards Annie and we might have to put her down because it is too dangerous of a situation for everyone involved. She is 3 years old and needs a home with a backyard and no other dogs. Please, if you know anyone in Southern California or near it who wants to take in one of the cutest, cuddliest, lickiest dogs ever, message me. She loves to play catch and give kisses and has been crate trained and potty trained. Please please please someone help. I can’t let them put her down. She is a great companion, she just doesn’t get on too well with other dogs. Please. I am begging the universe for help here. The plan was to take Annie in a few months because she is quite lazy and would do okay in an apartment but after the outburst today the owners are not going to wait. Please.