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In light of the events of the latest episode, which I’m choosing to ignore, I thought I’d make a list of a few random Clexa facts about their life after Lexa survives the bullet, which is canon of course. So…

  • Clarke loves watching Lexa interact with the Nightbloods. Whether she is training them or teaching them or just listening to them, Clarke loves this side of Lexa, supportive and encouraging and never patronizing or aggressive, not even during the toughest training sessions. She often finds herself wondering if Lexa acts like this with them because she never experienced this type of support and kindness during her upbringing.
  • Lexa could spend hours watching Clarke draw. Eyebrows creased in concentration, tip of her tongue between her teeth, blue eyes shining with a particularly bright spark, she is both the cutest and most fascinating creature Lexa has ever laid eyes on.
  • Lexa is a lightweight. As Heda, even during special occasions or celebrations, she’s been taught that she must always keep her head clear. She almost never indulges in drinking and has never developed a tolerance for it. So when on a freezing winter day Clarke steals a bottle of wine and decides she and Lexa are spending the day in their room, eating and drinking and just relaxing, she finds out that it doesn’t take long for the Commander to get drunk. All flushed cheeks and bubbly laughs and surprisingly inclined to cuddle, she’s never been more adorable. Okay, maybe only when she’s hungover and she’s trying to look like she isn’t.
  • Clarke can’t use a sword for the life of her. She’s just terrible with it. But her aim is good, and she finds she is pretty good with a bow and arrow. After some time spent perfecting her skills, Lexa tells her even Anya would be impressed.
  • Lexa trains hard and often to keep her body strong and her reflexes sharp. First time Clarke stops by to watch her train, she finds herself completely enthralled by it. The elegance and fluidity of Lexa’s movements, the toned muscles rippling under the skin… it’s safe to say Clarke discovers a new turn-on. From that day on, whenever Lexa comes back from training, Clarke jumps on her and ravages her.
  • Clarke loves tracing Lexa’s tattoos and scars (yes she has scars) and asks the story behind each of them. Some reveal funny stories of a stubborn young Lexa climbing on a far-too-high tree just to impress Costia, and miserably falling from it. “Her laugh was worth the pain, though.” Others reveal sorrow of a young girl forced to fight and kill the kids she’d grown up with and considered brothers and sisters. Lexa doesn’t cry when she talks about her Conclave. Clarke wonders if it’s because she already spilled all the tears she had for them years ago.
  • Costia is a different story. Even if not an open wound anymore, even if Clarke knows Lexa loves her, she also knows the pain over Costia’s death will always be a part of Lexa. But she doesn’t want that to obscure any other memory of someone that was so important to Lexa. So, Clarke asks her stories about Costia. She makes Lexa talk about her, what she was like, how they met, the way her laughter sounded. She does her best to cleanse Costia’s memory for Lexa, so she can think about her and remember something other than pain and sadness.
  • Lexa doesn’t remember her parents. When she describes her family, she talks about Anya and Gustus.
  • Clarke cries when she talks about her father. Lexa holds her.
  • They both have an obsession for each other’s hands. Clarke loves how lithe and elegant Lexa’s look: how strong they are when she is gripping a sword or handling a weapon, and how delicate and gentle when she is caressing Clarke’s body. Lexa is in awe of how skilled Clarke’s are: how they turn simple lines of charcoal on paper into masterpieces and how they’re capable of healing people and literally bring life. Oh, Lexa loves kissing them a lot.
  • Sometimes they have to separate. Clarke goes back to Arkadia for a while or Lexa has to visit other Clans. They crave each other the whole time. When they’re back together, sex is always a little more desperate and passionate than usual.
  • One time a group of rebel dissidents kidnaps Clarke on her way back to Polis to use her as leverage against Lexa. It takes less than three days for Lexa to find her and rescue her. Bloodied and bruised, but alive. Lexa rushes her back to Arkadia so that Abby can heal her. Clarke has never seen Lexa cry like the moment she wakes up, but she is not surprised. She knows this is Lexa’s worst nightmare, she knows she can’t bear to lose her like she lost Costia. She knows, because she felt the same when a bullet meant for her almost killed Lexa.
  • They sleep wrapped around each other. Clarke rests her head on Lexa’s chest, finding comfort in the steady sound of her heartbeat, and Lexa holds her close with an arm.
  • They’re happy.
Reacting to Harry Styles by Harry Styles
  • Meet Me in the Hallway: HARREHHH YOU INDIE LIL FUCK
  • Sign of the Times: Above and beyond everything ever
  • Carolina: BOP BOP BOP
  • Two Ghosts: *tries not to think about Larry* *fails*
  • Sweet Creature: Cutest little song so pure i love it
  • Only Angel: Oooh this is so nice and pretty waiT WHAT THE
  • Ever Since New York: Oh yep I know this HOLY SHIT HARRY'S VOICE he sounds so angelic im in love
  • Woman: lol Robin had a point about that duck noise
  • From the Dining Table: HARRY IS WHISPERING IN MY EARS WHAT THE HECK I DID NOT NEED TO HEAR YOU TALK ABOUT PLAYING WITH YOURSELF (I TOTALLY DID) and who the hell made harry feel this way i wanna punch someone ...or cry.
  • holy shit this album is everything

On a nice Summer day in Hawkins, the kids decided to go to the zoo. While Dustin and Max were feeding the ducks that wandered around the picnic area, and Lucas and Will were glancing over the map to plan their next route, Mike and El strolled over to the Otter exhibit. “Mike, look, they’re holding hands!” El exclaimed as she noticed the small furry animals floating around in the water. As she leaned over the railing trying to get a closer look, Mike read over one of the signs that displayed a bunch of fun facts about the animal. “Apparently they hold hands, um paws, so that they won’t float away from each other. They also hold paws while sleeping.” As Mike walked over by El’s side to see if he could notice any more otters, El gently reached for his hand, Mike took it without hesitation and El beamed at him. “So we don’t drift away from each other,” she said. They didn’t let go for the rest of the day, and even as they slept during the car ride home, their hands remained together. 


I LOVE it how Tom Felton remains the BIGGEST fan of “Harry Potter” while the other members of the cast are sick and tired of it !! 🙀😩 let’s appreciate this gorgeous and devoted man ❤

Ten of the cutest things

1. Large, widely-spaced eyes are very cute. This is why I have placed cow eyeballs on an approximately 50cm grid all over my garden. I now have the cutest garden.

2. Small creatures falling asleep are cute. It is even cuter if they fall off something as a consequence of having fallen asleep. For example, this is what cockroaches may do if they fall asleep on the ceiling.

3. Also very cute: things that are so fluffy that it slightly impairs their ability to function, such as computing equipment that has been stored in a dusty environment.

4. Many everyday items that are not initially cute can become cute if you cut off their WD-40 supply for long enough that they start making tiny squeaky noises. Tiny squeaky noises are very cute.

5. Things that are standing on wobbly legs are cute. You can improve the world’s cuteness by always removing those napkins people stuff under the legs of wonky tables in pavement cafes.

6. Things that can fit in teacups are cute. This includes tea. Tea is only cute if it fits into the teacup, so always remember to stop pouring before it becomes not cute.

7. Things that are showing you their bellies are also cute.

8. Things that are snuggled together are cute as well. These last two items are why a room full of writhing snakes is cute, but only if the snakes are all in the same place and you happen to catch them mid-writhe in a belly-up position. At least twenty percent of people who have rooms of writhing snakes have observed this curious phenomenon and it is certainly a brick to the cutebrain when you see it.

9. Things that are smaller than you were expecting them to be are cute. This list is smaller than you were expecting because I have ground the tenth item to a messy pulp and fed it to a walrus. It also contains many other items that are cute. Therefore it is one of the cutest lists.

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Headcanons on the bros taking care of their newborn children? <3 I am OBSESSED with them being dads, idek---

As you can tell by the length of the post, I am obsessed as well. I hope it’s okay that I wrote this from a post game perspective. Yay everyone is alive and not dead and they’re happy with children.  Enjoy <3

Chocobro Dad’s Taking Care of their Newborns (Head Canons)


  • Since he is the King of Lucis, he has countless people to assist him.
  • Though, he tries to avoid asking for help from anyone but his s/o.
  • This is his child. He wants to be as much as a father as Regis was to him.
  • He is a nervous, anxious mess.
  • Oh gods, it’s crying. What do I do? What do I do?
  • He’s almost too scared to hold his own child. He doesn’t want to hurt them.
  • They’re so small and delicate. IF I TOUCH THEM THEY MIGHT BREAK.
  • Despite Noctis’s ability to sleep for days, he wakes up before his s/o just to check on the baby. If the baby is still asleep, he will pull up a chair beside their bassinet and watch them sleep.
  • His s/o has found him many times asleep, with his head against their child’s bassinet. Completely knocked out. 
  • If the baby is awake, whether they be crying or looking around, Noctis will pick them up and hold them.
  • How does this little thing poop so much? They only drink breast milk. What the heck?
  • Noctis cannot change diapers. That’s when he calls for some outside assistance.
  • He’s tried to do it himself several times, but…. it doesn’t end well. 
  • He doesn’t have a baby voice, unfortunately. He just talks to his baby in hushed whispers.
  • His work doesn’t allow him a lot of quality time with his newborn, but whenever he has a chance to sneak away he will.
  • Even if he can only sneak a quick peek at his child and press a kiss to their forehead, being late to a council meeting is totally worth it.


  • Fatherhood comes to this boy so easily. 
  • He’s always been great with kids, but now that he has his own child… wow.
  • He’s been preparing for fatherhood the second his s/o tells them their pregnant. He’s ready for all the challenges.
  • The second his child is put into his hands, he does not want to let go.
  • What does his regular voice sound like again? No one can remember…
  • Prompto has taken on diaper duty.
  • So many poop jokes.
  • Whenever Prompto goes out shopping to restock on baby supplies, he comes back with numerous stuffed animal moogles and chocobos. This baby is so spoiled by their father. It’s precious.
  • If the baby wakes up crying during the night, Prompto and his s/o both wake up.
  • It’s a team effort.
  • They take turns trying to calm the baby down by holding them close and rocking them back and forth.
  • If that doesn’t work…. Prompto breaks out the funny faces.
  • There has never been a baby that smiles so much.
  • Hates leaving the baby when he needs to go to work. Calls his s/o at least a dozen times and ask to talk to the baby over the phone.
  • When he goes to work at the citadel, he brags about how his baby is the cutest creature that’s ever lived on Eos. He brings his camera to work to just show off pictures.


  • Tries to keep his cool, but is internally screaming.
  • He’s nervous to be a father but he loves his newborn more than the air he breathes.
  • Most protective dad award.
  • If anyone but he and is his s/o wish to hold the baby, he becomes very defensive.
  • What if they don’t hold them correctly?
  • Just don’t touch his kid, okay?
  • Doesn’t mind being waking up in the middle of night with the sounds of crying and screaming.
  • Only he can lull the newborn back to sleep.
  • Totally sings them to sleep.
  • Like Noct, he doesn’t have baby voice. He talks to his baby like an average person.
  • “You’re hungry? You don’t have to cry and scream. Just tell me.”
  • Gladio and his s/o take turns on diaper duty. He hates it, but he gets the job done. That’s all that matters, right?
  • Once the baby is old enough to leave the house often, Gladio puts the baby in their stroller and take them on his morning jogs. The baby loves it. Usually they doze off during the duration of the jog.
  • Gladio loves to hold his baby while he lounges on the couch after a long day of work.
  • They both fall asleep. It’s precious.
  • Can’t wait for his kid to be able to eat cup noodles


  • Ignis has always wanted to be a father.
  • He’s cared for the prince for so many years… he’s had some good practice of taking care of others.
  • Though he’s a blind man, his disability doesn’t stop him from being a great father.
  • He can change diapers perfectly. His s/o has no idea how he does it.
  • He has the cutest baby voice but lets no one hear it. Only his s/o has caught him a few times using it. When addressed about it he says, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • Makes sure the house is spotless and 100% baby proofed.
  • His s/o doesn’t allow him to get up and take care of the crying baby in the middle of the night. Ignis works too hard during the day. He needs sleep.
  • Ignis gets up anyway. 
  • He always teases his s/o by saying that the baby “Only just wants to see their father’s face.”
  • Baby will instantly stop crying once Ignis takes them in his arms.
  • “Told you, darling.”
  • Already thinking up new recipes for baby food once the child is weening off breast milk
  • Though he can’t see, he knows his baby is the cutest baby on Eos… He and Prompto get into arguments over who’s baby is cuter.

Der Wolpertinger

The Wolpertinger is a fabulous animal from Bavaria, Germany. Wolpertingers are said to be omnivores, eating small animals as well as herbs and edible roots. When they are really hungry, they turn into dangerous predators. In this case, their favorite prey is the Prussian Softhead.

Almost nobody has ever seen and successfully hunted a Wolpertinger, not only because they are quite rare and very shy, but also due to the difficult hunting conditions. It is commonly said that they can only be spotted by young, beautiful virgins if they confide to a handsome, strong young hunter who knows the right place near secluded forest edges. A Wolpertinger can be captured by simply sprinkling salt on its tail. As simple as it seems, it is indeed a complicated process because the hunter does not see the animal, so his hand has to be guided by the virgin without scaring the Wolpertinger away.

Other hunters say that they only need a haversack, a candle, a stick, and a spade to capture them. The haversack is held open by the stick, and the burning candle is placed in the opening. During the twilight hours of the day, the Wolpertinger is attracted by the light and can then be shooed into the haversack by waving the spade. A fair amount of luck is needed in this procedure as the Wolpertingers tend to run over the stick, making the haversack collapse onto the candle and burning the Wolpertinger to death.

A third method relies on the alleged fact that Wolpertingers have legs of different length on their left and right sides. This way, they can only walk properly in one direction on hilly terrain. If you manage to scare a Wolpertinger enough to make it turn around, the animal will fall on its side and can be captured with ease.

Because of their rarity, their real appearance is a matter of discussion among experts. Taxidermied examples sold to tourists from abroad look quite different to the textbook figure shown above, and also differ from source to source.

For that reason, it is believed that Wolpertingers undergo multiple stages of metamorphosis as they are ageing, gaining their wings at some point in the process. According to the famous German author Walter Moers, Wolpertinger puppies are the cutest creatures in the universe, desired as pets by everyone who can afford to buy one, but frequently being abandoned as they are becoming increasingly fickle and moody in their teenage years, when they also start growing dangerous claws and teeth.

Taxonomically, Wolpertingers are closely related to the North American Jackalope, the Australian Bunyip, and the Swedish Skvader.

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Feel like drawing some cute Star Wars animals? They had a page on their site about the six cutest aliens and creatures... I don't agree with all of that, but the loth-cats and convors definitely fit, and I want to see them in your (already cute) style.

Assuming you’re referencing this article? I respect their opinion, especially regarding lothcats (I’m not biased at all), but c’mon ewoks are objectively horrifying. Here’s my counter argument: