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armadsmuses  asked:

Is poro! Is adorable. And snuggly! Yes, clearly snuggly. Don't mind him, he's just trying to sneak away with some food. Sneaky poro.

Lisanna couldn’t help but notice the small creature sneaking away with some food. As she caught up with the creature she knelt down and smiled at the little one. “ Aww aren’t you just the cutest and adorable creature. How about I make you some food instead of you sneaking away with some?” She asked slowly reaching her hand out to pet it. “ May I pet you little guy? “ She asked politely

anonymous asked:

Why are you so in love with chickens and Eridan?

Mondes dear, is that you?

Chickens are simply some of the cutest and funniest creatures on Earth. They’re like tiny floofy dinosaurs, and so much smarter and more interesting than people give them credit for.

As for Eri…
He’s a cutie patootie. (Those who’d argue “no, he’s a monster!” would be advised that this does not at all reduce the cute factor for me.)
I have a soft spot for blustery jerks in stripey trousers. They need my hugs and backtalk. (See also: the Sixth Doctor.)
There are probably other factors that I’ll think to add later.


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