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My empire is in ruins. I’m a wanted man with no friends. And my mother… the one person I swore to protect is dead because of my weakness.

the dream daddy cast on halloween

• brian - competes for the best halloween lawn decorations. you hired amanda to pop one of the inflatable pumpkins. goes all out on a realistic werewolf costume (it isn’t that hard.)

• craig - absolutely ecstatic to jog all around the neighborhood…. uh…. for his kids. has hit all the houses at least 3 times. river has the cutest cat costume ever.

• mat - makes a good vampire. hooks up speakers to his yard. blasts good halloween tunes. everyone is doing the monster mash nearby. hands out full candy bars.

• hugo - tries handing out toothbrushes. spews out halloween trivia. “its NOT the devils birthday! its called hallows eve-” has stopped lucien from TPing his house at least twice.

• robert - out looking for cryptids. thats it.

• joseph - has to chase down his twins from scaring people. bakes the best halloween cookies. hosts the after party.

• damien - is terrified all night. mistook a child for an actual serial killer. just wants a break. IT IS MOST SIMPLY /NOT/ A COSTUME!“

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hey 😊 for the prompt thing: 54. “I swear, we’re not a couple!” (Jonsa maybe?)

Thanks so much for the prompt! Okay–I’m so sorry. This is literally the silliest thing I’ve ever written! ~600 (silly) words. 

“You two, that is definitely the cutest couples costume ever!” yet another partygoer squealed while walking past.

Sansa furiously shakes her head, “Oh no, we’re definitely not a couple!” before shooting Jon a glare.

Ugh, so much effort! Totally wasted.

She spent hours and hours working on the delicate stitching of probably the cutest costume of all time. Besides her favorite character Alayne from Fire and Ice also had auburn hair and as a redhead it was like Sansa’s solemn duty to represent.

“Why in the world did you have to wear that, Jon Snow,” she huffs. 

God, sure it was like the number one show on television but of all people it had to be him who decided to dress up as one of the characters. A character named Jon of all things. (Like what type of fantasy name was Jon anyways?)

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Baby's first Halloween and matching costumes - Dash Wilder

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Baby’s first Halloween and matching costumes - Dash Wilder

Word count:  378+

Warnings: none

Halloween was the first holiday you and Dash were celebrating as a family of three. You just welcomed your baby girl a few weeks ago and to say the least, it has been hectic. Being first time parents, you were discovering new things every day with a baby.  “Do you have the costume on yet, babe?” Dash questioned from the hallway. He had (Y|D|N) cradled in his arms as you were getting ready. The three of you were dressing up as the Flintstones. Dash was Fred, you were Wilma and (Y|D|N) was Bamm- Bamm.    “I just got it on.” You answered, walking out of the bathroom. “You look amazing.” Dash said as you did a twirl. “Look at my two favorites.” You smiled, walking over to Dash. 

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just imagine this: toddler Charlie in a dragon costume. cutest thing i ever imagined (yes it was an indirect submission if you have the time one day it would be the best thing thanks btw you’re like litterally the best artist who draws hp)


I wanna do it! I wanna do Baby Charlie!! As Soon as I Can I’ll do it! ♥♥♥ ( PS.thank you so much!!!!♥) 

I just saw a family in the mall dressed up for Halloween, the little girl was Moana, the baby boy was Maui, the mom was Pua and the dad was Hei-hei, all homemade, it was literally the cutest family costume I’ve ever seen. I ran up to them to tell them how great they were 😂