cutest boy in the world tbh

Idk why fans get hurt when they see their bias hold hands with another fan ? I’m low key rooting for jungkook everytime I see him initiating some skinship with his beloved army ❤❤❤ I Love seeing him holding hands with those fans 💕💕💕 They have the cutest interactions in this world 🙊🙊🙊 I’m over the “envious” phase lmao , tbh I came to terms with the fact that I can’t even meet him, so why not feel happy for everyone else instead ? ❤ K-army are the luckiest fluffy bunch of this fandom 💕💕💕 I’m happy for the girls who got to hold his hands , but I’m also happy for jungkook , because he had the time of his life, holding onto his armys cute hands 💜💜💜 I’m a fandom lover and Jungkook lover. I may love kook but I honestly love our fandom as well 💙💙💙

parallel universe!markhyuck

ok this was just supposed to be cute hyung!donghyuck and tiny bean!mark but then it turned into markhyuck and smol feelings and asdfasdbjhkndf what a mess (thnx 2 amanda for reading through it and seeing if it was ok :’))) @flawlessjeno )

  • H Y U N G D O N G H Y U C K
  • “hey kid, that’s hyung to you” “ok hyuck!”

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june 20th, 2017 // 💙

admittedly it’s been about a month and a half since my last spread 😪

i’ve been into bts lately and this boy, my sunshine and inspiration, is the cutest thing in the world i love him so much ahhhh~

PARK WOOJIN IS ACTUALLY THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST OKAY he’s like a little awkward and ungainly and surprisingly rambly and bashful aND SOSOSO s o f t but BINCH U KNOW HE FEELS HELLA GOOD ABOUT HIS FIERY RAPPING THAT BOY GOES HARD AND if he doesn’t end up in the top 11 I will be SAD tbh I’ll be sad regardless bc so many talented hardworking boys won’t get the credit they deserve bUT ANYWAYS especially park woojin I’m so soft for him he’s really dedicated to what he’s doing and he deserves nothing but all the happiness and success in the world ;c

The other day I made a some new friends including this boy who I thought was pretty cute, and I hung out with them again today along with some of their friends, including this girl who I saw and immediately was like “woah she’s also really cute” and my little bisexual heart was very happy with life until I found out that they’re dating and if that isn’t one god damn giant metaphor for my life

What is The Kpop Fan Life?

The Kpop fan Life consists of many different eye-opening and strange occurences to shape us into the fans we are today:

  • First thing first is you must know we didn’t plan on being fans, but we embraced it like a warm hug… from hell and let it consume our souls until death do us part
  • A deep, undenable love for a group (or groups) of talented asian boys and grils who sing some hella good songs, that don’t ALWAYS revolve around ‘money-making hoes’ and ‘making it rain on dem bitches’
  • Also an undenable hatred for a certain memeber who just creeps up on the bias list and ruins you forver…
  • A depressing constant reminder of how poor you are as you can’t buy their damn merchandise
  • Fan cams. Damn fan cams will kill you. I see you Jimin.
  • A connection made between people all over the world that never would of happened if it wasn’t for kpop. Unbreakable friendships.
  • You embrace your inner pervert. A life you must accept.
  • Becoming physically attracted to not only biceps, thighs and smiles but foreheads, bulges, hands, elbows, ears, the back of the knee cap and leather pants
  • Smut.
  • Knowing all idols need love. NO MATTER THEIR SKIN COLOUR. Whether they are as white as paper or as dark as the night. Oreos go well together and people love both the black and white sides. Humans should get the same love, no matter what.
  • Knowing how much you HATE WHITE WASHING.
  • That good music is good music. No matter the language.
  • Making a tumblr about them as a constant reminder of your undenable love for them.
  • The unfortunate reliasation that you may never meet them because you don’t live in a popular country they would travel too
  • Watching full reality shows to see their 2 second mention at the 56th minute.
  • Having a lover but mother relationship? You want to kiss them to death but also tell them they’re too young to even look at a camera like that? Still confuses me to this day tbh.
  • Literally crying over how perfect boys can look in makeup and knowing that you have to compete with more than just your own gender to look pretty.
  • Knowing that if your bias gets a girlfriend, not to be TOO jealous. Don’t send hate. Know that he/she is happy and that’s all that should matter…. It will fucking hurt still.
  • Feeling a sense of pride in seeing them grow as idols and humans.. Even if they are 10 years older than you.
  • Idols speaking English is the cutest thing in the world.. And can also make you feel hella hot…
  • Keeping your ears open when you hear Korean people speaking and seeing if you can translate in any way, shape or form.
  • Learning to embrace yourself for who you are and to follow your dreams. As well as embracing the fact your dreams may change and evolve as you do… And you could be scouted on the way to a public bathroom and chased for 30 minutes.
  • Not to be ashamed of liking Kpop.. It’s OKAY to like kpop. It’s OKAY if other people don’t.
  • If other fan bases fight, including yours, doesn’t mean you should join it. Try be civil with one another. Embrace the fact that both of your groups are living their dreams.
  • You grow as a person. You embrace everyone whether they speak Korean, English or Jibberish etc. You embrace those that are white, black or purple etc.
  • You realise ASIAN BOYS ARE HELLA HOT and you shouldn’t limit your taste to one culture or reject one culture cause DAAAAMNNNNN BUBS, YOU’RE MISSING OUT ON BILLIONS OF POTENTIAL AND SOOO MANY HOTTIES DSJGFIUGHISRUG.

anonymous asked:

who do u ship with ur mutuals and why? can be from any group tbh im just curious.

Ohhh good question I have like 5 mutuals so with will be short, I will try not to go with their bias.

@m1nhks - donghyuck (NCT)
(I mean rocky is cute and all) but she’s smol and extra and I feel like she would match well with the boy she abounded so long ago.

@blacklioness15 - Taehyung (BTS)
can I see her baking with him, caring for him and just being the cutest beans in the whole world together. Hell yes.

@sambashua - joshua (seventeen)
okay so she loves wonwoo, but no no, I’m sorry. The hints in her username, I ship her with Joshua. Like she’s just adorable person who’s a bit weird but so kind. Also she speaks to her cat like a overprotective mother and idk I feel like Joshua would find that really super cute.

—– now it’s mutuals I don’t talk to so I know less about them —-

@mystic-astro-trash - Sanha (Astro)
Idk Alyssa’s bias but Sanha, I see she answers asks and stuff with Purple Hearts and if that’s not something sanha (aka walking cuteness) would do then idk of a group named Astro.

@secretlymadeoutofcups - I.M (Monsta x)
I did a selca ship for Morgan and if I can remember I shipped her with Jaemin from nct but I change my mind I.M, yep that’s who, idk I just feel like they would click. I could be wrong.

@sanhasgf - Sanha (Astro)
Jana, was legit one of my first mutuals. we where in a group chat together about seventeen, it died. It’s gone but from what I saw jana is also one of the sweetest and cutest beans in the whole world, legit would suit sanha so good and be like the cutest couple to walk the earth.

(Sorry if I missed any mutuals, just tell me and I will ship you with someone. Anyway, also sorry I don’t talk to a lot of my mutuals too. I’m sort of bad at talking to people and it’s scares me so yeah)

btsarmylibrary  asked:

Okay so even after watching tons of videos I still have a problem grasping special personality traits the guys of got7 have. Could you introduce them and say something special about each of them? :)

hello dear, of course i can!!! i’ll just write some special things/facts/etc about them and i’ll do it from oldest to youngest!! (i apologize ahead of time if i get too into this and start going overboard lol)

mark (oldest member, part of rap and martial arts line of the group) :
-is a pretty quiet kid 
-although he is quiet, he does have things on his mind (he said so himself)
-cares a lot for each of the members (if you pay close attention, you can see that he just silently takes care of everyone)
-also can practically fly the in air (like how?!?)
-really cute and adorable (but can also be hot af omg no pls)
-owns a cute lil dog named coco with youngjae (he is apparently the father between the two of them lol)

jb aka jaebum (leader of the group, main vocalist, debuted back in 2012 with junior as “jj project”) :
-tries to live the chic and cool life (but is a fucking nerd)
-loves his cat nora to death
-savage af (his clapback game is too strong)
-is infatuated with the simpsons 
-ready to fight someone 10000000% of the time
-can act, sing, and dance (did bboying and was he also know as ‘defsoul’)
-got7 obviously means a lot to him
-he’s wonderful person and probably deserves an award for being able to lead this crazy group

jackson (part of rap line and martial arts line):
-“wild and sexy” → a very accurate quote by him
-extremely hardworking (and i mean EXTREMELY) !!!
-is a beautiful human being inside and out, not to mention is freaking hilarious  
-is really freaking extra for no damn reason 
-loves his own personal family and his got7 family deeply
-only fears bugs and jyp pd
-who doesn’t love jackson?!?

junior aka jinyoung (dancer, vocalist, debuted with jb as “jj project” → was a rapper back then):
-loves to read and study (he is quite the smart boy)
-is mother of the group (very motherly to the members aka his children)
-also an amazing actor (support and love actor jinyoung!!)
-is a gentleman and is just husband material overall tbh
-has a reaaaaaaaallllyyy nice butt 
-all he really wants in the world is to eat meat with jackson

youngjae (main vocalist and rapgod):
-is actual sunshine
-his laugh and smile makes flowers grow
-but his vocals makes you really emotional (has voice of an angel ;;n;;)
-should be protected by all means
-cucumbers are his worst enemy
-him speaking in english is probably one the cutest/best things ever
-only trained  for 7 months prior to debut (the boy is just so talented)
-coco = his life
-recently began his career as a rapper and has been killing it since

bambam aka kunpimook (rap line and dance line):
-is secretly the lost member of every girl group tbh 
-fanservice king
-he’s fab af but is kinda a confused child 
-his rapping should be appreciated more (like seriously)
-is such a caring sweetheart
-probably whipping his way into your bias list
-just love bambam okay

yugyeom (maknae of the group, dancer, vocalist):
-cute giant baby 
-“i’m the maknae, although I do not look like I am”
-is a dance machine and is always slaying
-the members are all practically his servants (king gyeom ftw)
-not really as innocent as he might seem … o.o
-is total chris brown trash omfg 
-living the double life “a.k.a browny” (oH MY GOSH)
-sensitive, yet things don’t scare him easily
-always thankful and grateful to be in got7

so one boy, let’s call him A, was sad about something so another boy, B, just kissed him. Like. Right there in the playground, just planted one on him. A went bright red and giggled and B was grinning so proudly for making him happy again and then A told literally everyone. Ran around the playground telling everyone B kissed him. I was standing right there the whole time and he was still all “MISS DID YOU SEE? B JUST KISSED ME DID YOU SEE????” all bright red and grinning and i swear to god it was the cutest thing i have ever seen

imagine your otp tbh