cutest boy in the world ! :333

So I was tagged by @displeasedmarshmallow to do the “favorite photo of your bias” tag. Thank you!!!

It’s hard for me to just pick ONE favorite photo of Yoongi because I love every single photo of him ever, but I’m gonna go with this one:

It has a special place in my heart because back when I had just discovered BTS and was trying to learn their names and stuff, I googled “bts suga” or something and out of all the pictures on google images, this is the one that stood out to me. Probably because he looked so cute, but also very different than he did in the Dope MV (which was like all I had seen of them back then) and I was curious about what he was really like. I don’t know, it’s been a long time. But the picture stuck with me so much that I never forgot it. And I still love it because he’s the cutest, squishiest boy in the entire world <333

Some favorite photos of some of my other biases:

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anonymous asked:

hello!! it is random reminder anon, a very tired random reminder anon bc i just got off a plane ride and am finally chillin in my hotel room. but!! before i pass out from exhaustion, i just wanted to once again say that you are super awesome!! in fact, ive been doin some experiments and ive concluded that you are the most awesome AND cutest person there is in this world!! these are scientific facts!! ily~!

oh boy!! well i hope you got some good sleep random reminder anon <333 and that you have a good vacation (?)!!! wherever you are! 

and OMG i can’t belieb ur science!! i am SHOCKED. i thought for sure ur results would say YOU’RE the best! maybe u should test again. :)