cutest blonde

Percy meeting Annabeth for the first time in the lighting thief musical

I work at a beauty supply store, and one of the items we keep at the register hoping to get people to buy them is a little massager-glove type thing, for giving other people massages.

The other day, a couple comes in- dyed hair, covered in tattoos, with the chubbiest, cutest blonde-haired toddler I’ve ever seen. They buy some color protectant shampoo and check out, and the little girl goes “daddy, daddy, mommy always says her back hurts, lets get her this! I want to get her this!” And picks up the massager. Her dad says that they can’t get it today and they leave, with her pouting.

Three days later the dad and the little girl come back in again, and he tells her they’re “going to get it for mommy now as a surprise.” I think I was smiling as hard as the little girl during this interaction.