cutest blonde

littlestsnakelet replied to your post:Apologize to Tommy this instant.

“You said Myrcella was the cutest blonde you know and that as very rude and now Tommy’s upset! Apologize! Cause Tommy’s cute, too!”

“This is true.. erm…. Tommy is cute too! HE is the cutest boy Lannister boy blonde that I know! I’m very gay for him… And Myrcella is the cutest girl blonde I know! I’m very straight for her! I love the blondes!”

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Neko!trick is the cutest kitty ever. Big, blonde fluffy ears with a tail to match that is just so soft. A pretty blue little collar signaling he belongs to Pete. Always curled up in Pete's lap and mewling to be pet and purring when he is. And he's such a sweetheart. He can sense when others just need some lovin so he'll rub up against them and let them pick him up and cuddle him and pet him till they feel better. Patrick basically lives off making people happy.

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